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See Aaron's post for special AG lapel pin donation offer!

Comic for January 17, 2006
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Posted On: January 14, 2006

I don't have much to say...

As many of you have noticed (hopefully), a new tower has appeared on the left side on the comic. If you havn't yet seen it, go now... ... ...Okay, have you read it yet? Starting this month, Abstract Gender will be offering a 1 1/4 enamel Rachel pin to anyone who donates $10 or more during the course of the month! Along with the pin you would still receive the bonus wallpaper as well. Thanks a lot of Robin Ericson from The Wotch for helping us set this up. If there is any questions about what the pins look like, here is a picture of The Wotch's first pin and also, here is the image that will be on OUR pin!

NOTE: If you have already donated this month and would like to add to it to receive the pin, just donate the amount to add up to $10 with your previous offer, so if you already donated $2.50 to get the bonus wallpaper, we would only require $7.50 for the pin. A shipping address would be highly appreciated to those wishing to get the pin, if you do not attach one with your donation, we will e-mail you later in the month to attempt to get it.


Posted On: January 17, 2006

So classes start up again today for my last semester of college... which is really weird to think about. Now if I only had something to do after college.

Also I should mention that I did get to see my Dad before I came back to school. They actually let him go Saturday morning, and he was doing well.

And finally I've been meaning to plug this online tea place, its called Adagio. See as a new year's resolution I've decided to drink less soda, but I'm replacing it with tea. Why tea? Well its good for you, and the caffine works better. See soda caffine hits you instantly, and then stops working and you crash again. While caffine in tea is more time released, so some kicks in, but overtime it continues to release caffine. Thus you don't crash. I recommend getting the Diggnation set they have, thats what I got its pretty sweet for $20.