Intro:  Joe Bob Briggs is practically legendary in B-Movie circles as he blazed a trail into genres that most movie critics looked down upon and avoided.  This started back in the early-’80s, when he began writing a syndicated newspaper column called Joe Bob Goes to the Drive-In that first brought many people into the disappearing world of the Drive-In Movie Theater and the B-Movies featured there (and in these B-Movies, the “B” mostly stands for “Blood, Breasts and Beasts”), and he continued to write this column through the ’90s.  In addition to the column, Joe Bob also hosted his own weekly TV shows featuring B-Movies, first on The Movie Channel (Joe Bob’s Drive-In Theater) and then on TNT (MonsterVision), from 1987 until 2000.  And, on the side, he also appeared on The Daily Show (as his alter-ego John Bloom) for a few years with a segment called God Stuff that, after he left, later evolved into the popular This Week In God segment that’s still on the show.  Now he write books and runs a website called The Joe Bob Report  that features his writings and reviews.  So as a brother-in-arms on the B-Movie front, get ready for a dose of Interview-Fu with Joe Bob Briggs!

An Interview with Joe Bob Briggs


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