Cast & Crew

Kristopher Hugh Martin Schau

[appliances (oven, dishwasher, washing machine, boiler, deep freezer, refrigerator) and no singing] His father was a Norwegian game show host. Kristopher does not sing. Kristopher is 2 Meters (6'7" tall) and would like to thank Bonnie Tyler for her music.

Egil Hegerberg

[Bass, Guitar, Vocals on English cover songs] Egil has a beard. His favorite new American word is 'Awesome'. He also likes 'Shenanigans'.

Aslag Guttormsgaard

[Appliances (toaster, oven, industrial table leg with wheel) and vocals on Norwegian originals] Aslag was born in a small cottage in the forest. That is all he remembers.

Pip Simon

[Writer, Producer, Director, Director of Photography, First Camera, Editor, Tour manager, First Driver] Pip holds an associate's degree in applied film studies from Jejune Community College. Her previous documentaries include The Making of This Movie, and The Making of the Making of This Movie. She's the founder and President of Kankakee's 'In the Kan' Film Festival where her documentary Squatters' Rights, about a pair of dangerously unsanitary public restrooms won the audience award in 2004 and 2005.

Peter Hoopes

[Asst. Camera, Assist D.P. Asst. Editor, Second Best Boy, Asst. Driver] Peter holds an associate's degree in applied film studies from Jejune Community College. He worked as Asst. Camera on Pip Simon's award winning documentary Squatters' Rights. He wrote and directed the horror short Haunted Paradise about a paradise that is haunted.

Alex Sullivan

[Boom, Sound Mixer, Security] Alex holds a Ph. D in English Literature from Chaumee State College in Gitmore, Utah. He mixed sound for Pip Simon's The Making of the Making of this Movie, and his original screenplay The Bromide Solution has been optioned by a major Hollywood studio.

Krunk “The Funk” Duncan

[Cube Truck Driver] The Funk earned his name working as a roadie for psycho-soul pioneer Porkchopolis. He's also toured with Skeezbox, Tough Jacket, and The Insolubles.

Boots Wooten

[Cube Truck Driver] Boots has spent the majority of his professional career as a bouncer at the Zoom Zoom Room in Kankakee.


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