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Thursday December 29, 2005


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2005 celeb rating!

2005 saw our celebrities get up to a lot of good and bad… Some saw their careers scale to dizzying heights, while others got up to all sorts of crazy shenanigans. Caroline Nyanga sums up the year that was


For the young Jaluo lady Conjestina Achieng, this year will go down as one of her best ever, despite a few false starts.

Having begun her career as a footballer and later switching to boxing, she has since emerged as the hot new thing from Africa.

This year, the 24-year-old continues to tear through the middleweight ranks, earning a World Boxing Championship belt in less than two minutes.

Rating *****



He started off the year well.

He went solo and became a born-again Christian. His song ‘Compe’ scooped two Chaguo La Teeniez awards for ‘Favourite Song’ and ‘Favourite Video.’

It was around this time that the singer’s actions started raising eyebrows. He was seen drinking wine at the award show after saying alcohol was the ‘devil’s way’.

Thereafter, he released a dis-track aimed at Kleptomaniax after accusing the group on a local radio station, of copying his style.

At the Kisima Awards, he taunted Nyashinski, shouting as he passed "Nyash Boo, Nyash Boo, Nyash Boo!" (In the radio interview he had suggested that the Kleptos should add ‘boo’ to the end of their names since they were trying to be like him).

The sightings of Bamboo drinking alcohol continued at various clubs, including the MTV base launch at the Carnivore. That night, he was caught pants down in the Sohos washrooms with an unidentified girl (Pulse August 12).

Thereafter, his year degenerated into mayhem. Another story about him and a girl seeking accommodation in Bruce Odhiambo’s house was followed by reports of him and four provocatively dressed ladies leaving a club in Westlands.

All his escapades were well documented by Pulse and it made him blow his cool at the Nameless-Wahu wedding. He used Fundi Frank, who played ze Iscariot, to lure the Smitta into a trap, so that Bamboo could thump him.

The Smitten escaped unscathed when he was warned of the plot by an eavesdropper.

Rating 1/2*

Nameless and Wahu:

For the newly wedded Mr and Mrs Kamonski, the month of September 2005, will remain etched in their minds.

This was when they declared their love for one another and walked down the aisle in a fairy tale wedding that was dubbed the ‘Wedding of the Year’.

The couple, who had dated since their campus days, are an example of how a celebrity relationship can withstand constant media scrutiny.

There were many bumps along the way that aroused speculation as to whether or not they would last.

A certain radio presenter had created a rift between them and was alleged to have become obsessed with Nameless.

She would allegedly call him up at all hours and send him cryptic messages on the airwaves after playing his songs.

This happened day in and day out. The two would spend a lot of time together and tongues started wagging. The ‘friendship’ put a strain on his relationship with Wahu.

Things went from bad to worse for the couple and when they went on tour in the US, they were barely on speaking terms. During their two- month 11-state tour, the two would do shows together and then retreat to sleep in separate quarters.

It was in Las Vegas, a city that has messed many a couple with its sinful and gambling ways, that saved the two.

They sat up all night talking and decided that they had come too far to just give up on their relationship. Nameless made a point of staying away from female company, especially the said radio presenter, to avoid reigniting the bad blood between him and Wahu.

By January, the Nameless – Wahu romance train was back on track. A few months later, he popped the question and Wahu said "yes".

Dennis Oliech:

21-year-old Dennis Oliech now dubbed the ‘Bad Doy of Kenyan Football’ has no doubt grown into an accomplished football player.

After three years with Al-Arabi in Qatar, the controversial striker and former Mathare United striker has signed with France’s Nantes Club a four-year contract.

The French club is reported to have paid a transfer fee of Sh290 million to Al- Arabi.

Love him or hate him, Oliech says he is proud to be Kenyan and that he’s keeping it real.

The player has had his run-ins with the press, attacking two photographers who attempted to take his picture in Nairobi and Mombasa respectively.

The Mombasa incident saw the footballer charged in court for assault. The footballer is now allegedly facing arrest for jumping bond.

The hot-tempered player, who has been described by KFF as having developed an attitude, earlier refused to play at certain crucial matches that limited Kenya’s chances of qualifying for the African Cup of Nations. Oliech became the first player to spill the beans about the federation, saying that he was speaking on behalf of the other players whom he deemed afraid of being sacked or victimised by KFF.


Rating ***


For the 21-year-old twin brothers, Christian and Lovi Longomba, it’s been an exciting year.

The duo, whose infectious music and stagecraft makes even the iciest of audiences, shake off their inhibitions, scooped the Kora award for ‘Best Group from East Africa’.

Their first time entry beat MTV EMA nominees, Kleptomaniax, internationally renowned K’naan and Uganda’s Blue 3.

The duo, whose song is about two months old, said they knew the song would work for everyone else, the moment they conceptualised it.

The song ‘Vuta Pumz,’ took them only two hours to write. It’s a track aimed at creating Aids/HIV awareness.

It describes the complicated relationships between young men and women.

After the introduction of breathalyser kits, more people are associating the song with alcohol, instead of it’s intended message.


Kenya’s King of Dancehall, Redsan, walked home with four trophies under his belt this year.

At Chaguo, he won the award for ‘Best Male Artiste’, ‘Hottest Looking Couple’ (together with his girlfriend Delilah) and the ‘Hottest Looking Male’, while at Kisima won in the reggae and ragga category.

The artiste, who recorded his latest single ‘Energy’ in Miami, has spent the better part of this year touring Europe and the US.

He has also performed in major Jamaican shows where he met his dancehall hero Beanie Man, Sean Paul, Wayne Wonder, Akon and Daddy Yankee.


2005, has all about been ‘beat ya Clemo’...!

The dude surely rogad mafans and made ‘Genge’ a must-listen.

With various hits from ‘Kiasi’, ‘Nyundo’, ‘Under 18’, ‘Ukimwona’, ‘Morale’, ‘Kamata Dame’…., he becomes Producer of the Moment.

He picked a Kisima award in June. It was also the year that saw him spill the beans about his antagonistic relationship with rapper Circuite and controversial rapper Nonini.


They became the first musicians to do a dis track directed at Pulse.

Their ‘Mi Bado Niko’ hit says it all. It’s been a good year for the group who became the first Kenyan musicians to be nominated for the MTV EMA’s.

They were unable to make it to Lisbon due to high costs despite previous reports that the Government had sponsored them for the trip.

They have also made the news for the wrong reasons. Controversial rapper Bamboo accused Nyash and Collo of attacking him "with no good reason".

But worse still, for Collo, besides having enjoyed enormous publicity unlike the other two, surprised mafans when he was thumped by former Kiss FM presenter Kwach, who accused him of stealing his wallet.

As for Nyash, rumour had it that he and Amani were an item at one point, something they both denied.

Roba, on the other hand, has been on the down low.

His girlfriend Rosina, caught the bridal bouquet from Wahu.

Perhaps our next celeb wedding in 2006?

Tuendelee ama tusiendelee?


This gangsta rapper, whose single hit ‘Kantai’ is a must play, has rubbed many the wrong way, from the Kisima organisers, who accused him of being unprofessional for showing up at rehearsals late and drunk, to an assembled cast at his video shoot ‘Ma-Haters’ when he stormed off in the middle of the shoot.

A few months ago, he was caught up in a tug-of-war with the management of the Safari Park Hotel and the organisers of the Miss Augustana pageant who accused him of uncouth behaviour.

During the incident, the musician reportedly lost his cell phone, silver stud and two unreleased CD’s after being roughed up by bouncers.

And what do you know, he and singer Brenda probably had the shortest-lived relationship ever.

All the same, he is currently billed as one of the industry’s best lyricists.

Rating **


A few months ago, his ‘Air Force One’ van, BMW and Mercedes Benz were impounded by police allegedly after businesslady Rose Wahito, with whom the musician’s family has been involved in business rivalry, had complained to the police that they were stolen.

This took the business war between Prezzo and Rose, who is also Redsan’s executive producer, to another level.

Police officers arrived at his home on February 7 and ordered the musician and his mother to take all his vehicles to the Kilimani Police Station.

He says the cars were returned after investigations established that the vehicles were legally theirs.

This led to a war of words with Redsan, culminating in the release of a dis track, ‘Prezzo’, in which he makes references to Redsan and Rose Wahito.

Prezzo spent close to Sh500,000 to shoot the video. (Disclaimer: That’s what he says!)

It was a controversial video where majority of the cast were odieros.

The King of Bling, known for theatrics, closed off the year on a low note.

He showed up at the East Africa Motor Show in a borrowed Lexus that he claimed was his (Pulse December 2).

Apart from that, he ended the year by calling it quits with singer Nikki.


Rating **


Singer Pilipili has definitely carved a niche for himself in music.

The new talent scooped three awards at Kisima, being the biggest winner of the night.

He won in three categories, ‘Best Male Artiste’, beating seasoned artistes like Bamboo, Harry Kimani and Jua Cali.

Other awards included ‘Best Boomba Pop Rap’ and ‘Best Collaboration’ for chartbuster ‘Morale’.

His songs also managed to gain enormous popularity this year with many shows coming his way almost weekly.

Rating ****


World record holder Paul Tergat did Kenya proud by winning his first ever New York Marathon.

He has had greater victories but this one, into its exciting final sprint, caps his reign as one of the best long distance runners of all time.

Huyu ndiye celeb mnoma (this is the real celeb).

Edward Kwach:

He has been through a lot this year.

First, it was his love life, then the near brush with death. Then there was the thumping of Klepto’s Collo, for allegedly stealing from him.

Rumours were rife that his job was on the line and the axe eventually came down.




Conjestina: For the young Jaluo lady Conjestina Achieng, this year will go down as one of her best ever, despite a few false starts.

Bamboo: He started off the year well. He went solo and became a born-again Christian. His song ‘Compe’ scooped two Chaguo La Teeniez awards for ‘Favourite Song’ and ‘Favourite Video.’

Nameless and Wahu: For the newly wedded Mr and Mrs Kamonski, the month of September 2005, will remain etched in their minds.

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