18 January 2006
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Advertising 0845 and 087 numbers

The ASA has recently adjudicated on complaints about the advertising of 084 and 087 numbers.  CAP is aware that the cost of calling non-geographic numbers starting with 084 and 087 numbers is variable for non-BT customers and that calls to those numbers are unlikely to be charged at the traditional ‘local’ or ‘national’ rates that previously applied. To avoid misleading consumers, marketers should not describe calls to those numbers as ‘local’ or ‘national’ respectively.

Marketers should include pricing information in their advertisements, stating the maximum cost of a call or the maximum price per minute (ppm) to BT customers. They should also make clear that the price of calls on non-BT phone lines will vary and, if space allows, state that callers can check the cost with their phone company.

Marketers who feature several 084 or 087 numbers in their advertisements should not mislead customers if the cost of calling the numbers differs. They should state a maximum cost, either per minute or total call, to BT customers.

Please consult the CAP Copy Advice team if you are in any doubt about how ads should refer to the cost of 084 or 087 numbers or about the requirements of the CAP Code.

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