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Thursday, January 05, 2006
Another Photo-Op

Another Photo-Op

Colin Powell said nothing - a silence that spoke volumes to many in the White House today. His predecessor, Madeleine Albright, was a bit riled after hearing an exceedingly upbeat 40-minute briefing to 13 living former secretaries of state and defense about how well things are going in Iraq. Saying the war in Iraq was "taking up all the energy" of President Bush's foreign policy team, she asked Mr. t Bush whether he had let nuclear programs in Iran and North Korea spin out of control, and Latin America and China policy suffer by benign neglect.

"I can't let this comment stand," Mr. Bush shot back, telling Ms. Albright and the rare assembly of her colleagues, who reached back to the Kennedy White House, that his administration "can do more than one thing at a time.-- But if it was a bipartisan consultation, as advertised by the White House, it was a brief one. Mr. Bush allowed 5 to 10 minutes this morning for interchange with the group - on


   "Unless there were gift bags given out to the attendees, they just got used like a Hinderaker kleenex during Miss Universe week"

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WaPo on Walmart, C&L and FDL

WaPo on Walmart, C&L and FDL

WaPo: "...The blog Firedoglake, run by Jane Hamsher in Oregon, posted news of the combination yesterday afternoon under the heading "So Wrong." The incident illustrated how quickly a firestorm can build on the Internet. Two minutes after the post appeared on Hamsher's blog, it was up on the Crooks and Liars site. Within hours, more than 100 comments were posted to that site, questioning such things as Wal-Mart's agenda and the technicalities of mapping-- 

As Jane says:  Boy that "mapping" program sure does have a low-rent cracker sense of humor.

Steve Gilliard: " I don't agree with John{Aravosis}, and here's why. This is no mistake. The programmer did this on purpose. Wal-Mart has a bad record on race as is. When I watched Planet of the Apes, it was sci-fi to me, and not marketed to blacks on"

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Walmart's statement on Planet of the Apes

Walmart's statement on "Planet of the Apes"

Jane  and I have stirred up a bit of a hornet's nest. I never suggested a racist, corporate conspiracy of any kind about Walmart in my original post. Since then-the AP and Forbes have picked up the story which carries Walmart's statement: Wal-Mart Halts Web Site's Movie References

Jane received some technical information from one of her readers here.

I talked to a Walmart representative tonight after they emailed me and they will let us know what they find out, but he didn't sound too happy and really couldn't explain what happened. Since Walmart is responding to the story-I figured I would search a few movies of my own on their site and see what results came up.

The Godfather:

Gangs Of New York (Widescreen)-Band Of Brothers-Scarface (Full Frame, Anniversary Edition)

Passion of The Christ:

ABC Primetime: Mel Gibson's Passion - Interview With Mel Gibson By Diane Sawyer (Full Frame)-Passion of the Christ: Photography from the Movie the Passion of Christ-The Passion Of The Christ Soundtrack.

Sound of Music

Mary Poppins 40th Anniversary Edition (Anniversary Edition)-My Fair Lady (Widescreen, Special Edition)

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New Bush Domestic Spying Ad

New Bush Domestic Spying Ad

                                                New DNC Bush/Nixon ad.   

                                                Video-WMP Video-QT

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Pat Robertson is at it again

Pat Robertson is at it again

God has enmity against those who, quote, 'divide my land.'

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Walmart: Continuing to bring Cheap...

Walmart: Continuing to bring Cheap...

FireDogLake alerted me to this, "So Wrong": can anyone explain how listing biographies of Martin Luther King, Jack Johnson and Dorothy Dandridge under the "similar products" category with Planet of the Apes looks anything but awful? on

Continuing their fine tradition of bringing products together to make your shopping experience easier, Walmart's "Planet of the Apes" The Complete TV series, has a few recommendations that they feel are very similar to what you should associate Planet of the Apes with. How about Martin Luther King or Tina Turner? I 'm wondering if the folks at Stormfront are secretly the webmasters of this site.

Wouldn't similar items like "V" the Original Miniseries, or Battlestar Gallactica be better choices? Not for the good people running Walmart. We hope you enjoy your shopping experience at Walmart where the prices are always low.

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Former director of Mine Academy blames Bush admin. over mine disaster

Former director of National Mine Academy blames Bush admin. over the Sago Mine disaster

(I'm working on the video, but my file seems corrupted so here's the transcript) Appearing on the H&C show last night, Jack Spadaro, former Director, NATIONAL MINE ACADEMY went after the Bush administration over the mining disaster in Sago and tied Sean Hannity's usually vitriolic tongue in knots.

ALAN COLMES, CO-HOST:  Joining us now on the phone is the former director of the National Mine Safety and Health Academy, Jack Spadaro.  In terms of safety, Jack, what do we know about this mine and its relative safety in how it should have been operating?  

JACK SPADARO, FORMER DIRECTOR, NATIONAL MINE ACADEMY:  We know from the record that the mine, in particular in the past year, has been cited over 180 times for violations of federal mine health and safety law and regulations.  And about 90 of those violations were called serious and substantial violations of the law.  So we know that it was a very unsafe mine and that there were serious problems with mine ventilation and roof control. 

      COLMES:  Are you saying that these men should not have been allowed to go down there?  

      SPADARO:  Yes, sir. 

      COLMES:  You're saying this mine should not have been open?

      SPADARO:  This mine should have been closed.  And there were too many serious violations.  And the record is very clear. 

      COLMES:  Why was it open then?  If you, as a safety expert, feels it should not have been, why was it open? 

      SPADARO:  I think it's because of the current Bush administration's policies toward mine operators and their reluctance to take the strong enforcement action that's sometimes necessary.   And that often involves closing a mine. 

      SEAN HANNITY, CO-HOST:  Jack, let's not politicize this!  I mean, already, what do you want, to blame George Bush with this?  Is that where you're headed with this political question?  I don't think this is the time to go into that. 

      There certainly are issues.  This mine was cited for over 200 violations, 46 during an 11-week period late in the year.  They've been fined thousands of dollars.  But I can't see an instance where it was recommended that they close it. 

      SPADARO:  Well, actually, there were three orders to close portions of the mine that were issued in the October to the December period.  And there has been a significant change since the Bush administration took over, the enforcement of mine safety and health. 

      And I can speak to that, because I worked in the agency, and I talk with people every day who tell me that, in recent years, and particularly in recent months, there's been a reluctance on the part of the top management at the Mine Safety and Health Administration...

      HANNITY:  All right, you've got a political...

      SPADARO:  ... to enforce the law.

      HANNITY:  We don't have time tonight to get into this, nor do I think it's appropriate.  But you clearly have a political agenda that, if I had enough time, I'm sure I...

      SPADARO:  No.  You called me and asked me to make a comment.

      HANNITY:  I know, but I'm sure...

      SPADARO:  And I'm telling you what's...

      HANNITY:  You want to turn this into a political thing...

      SPADARO:  No, I'm telling you what the truth is.

      HANNITY:  ... and we have families that are suffering tonight, sir. 

      SPADARO:  And that's the truth is that there were 180 violations...

      HANNITY:  You want to blame George Bush...

      SPADARO:  ... that were serious.  

      HANNITY:  ... like a lot of extreme left-wingers.  All right.  Go ahead.  You got your point out. 

      COLMES:  Mr. Spadaro, I'm not sure that you have a political point of view, but I do thank you very much for coming on the show tonight.  Thank you for your time.    

MyDD has a response to a smear campagin against them: The Sago Mines: Negligence by the Republicans

Think Progress has more on Spadaro.

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Myths v. Realities

Myths v. Realities

The Left Coaster has a handy fact and fiction guide posted about the domestic spying program.

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Sean Hannity Lies about FISA. Anyone surprised?

Sean Hannity Lies about FISA.  Anyone surprised?

  Emailer William: Yesterday at approximity 3:25 Central, one of Sean Hannity's listeners asked him if the Democrats would make up something to get Bush impeached.  After some almost true statements about Conyer's resolutions, Hannity made a totally false mischaracterization of the FISA regulations.

I haven't been posting much about him lately because I was suffering from a slight case of wingnuttia, but Hannity out-right lies on the air about the process of getting a FISA warrant. He must be very nervous about what will be revealed after we actually find out who is being monitored.  I'm surprised they brought OBL into the talking point discussion at all, but I guess when in doubt-any reference to 9/11 is a good thing in Hannity's mind.

Hannity: If Osama Bin Laden calls the United States, they're saying we need to go spend 76 hours and get a court order before we can record that phone conversation-that's how asinine their logic is.


As emailer William further states:  "he had the audacity to do this while making statements that "Democrats" would lie and endanger our nation to bring down the president.

Everyone knows that they can record a call and wait up until 72 hours until they get the warrant, but I've heard many wingnuts lie about the law before, although they usually get the 72 hours part right. The "attack Bush" theme is in full force with O'Reilly threatening the NY Times and Frank Rich. It's never about what Bush does.

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Mike's Blog Round Up

Mike's Blog Round Up

Attytood: The WV coal mine tragedy and the Abramoff scandal--their roots connect them...over at Hullabaloo, Julia (filling in for Digby) reminds us that Alito is on record as deciding that the Federal Mine safety and Health Act should protect miners less than it does. Facing South says the backdrop to this disaster is the assault on organized labor, OSHA, and worker health and safety laws over the last 25 years. Labor Blog's "Top Ten Workplace Health and Safety Stories of 2005" includes the identities of more of the same kind of grotesquely unqualified cronies President George W. Bush always puts in charge of keeping Americans safe. Looks like the mining industry got exactly what they paid forAnd, continuing their pattern of piss-poor-performance, our pathological press corpse blew this story, too.

Find Law's Writ: How much authority does the president possess when he is acting as "Commander in Chief"?

Talk To Action:
Religious Right leaders implicated in widening DC corruption probe

Dispatches from the Culture Wars: More Bush hypocrisy

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