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The use of the names in this directory may not be used for marketing or sales purposes or to establish independent data files or information without AAMFT’s express written permission. If you wish to market your product or service to the members listed in this Directory, please call (800) 708-LIST to order an AAMFT mailing list.
How to be listed on TherapistLocator.net
Only those professionals who have met the requirements for AAMFT Clinical Membership will be listed on this locator service.  If you are an AAMFT Clinical Member, click here to expand or update your listing.  If you would like to become an AAMFT Clinical Member, click here for membership requirements and application information. 
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I find a therapist?
This Directory will assist you in locating a marriage and family therapist in your area. The listed therapists are Clinical Members of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. The directory provides information on the therapist's office locations and availability, practice description, education, professional licenses, health plan participation, achievements and awards and languages spoken. Once you have obtained a list of therapists in your local area, call and interview several over the phone to determine which one is the best match for you. For more information about how to conduct such an interview consult AAMFT's Consumer Guide on Marriage and Family Therapists: The Family Friendly Mental Health Professionals.
Who is included in TherapistLocator.net?
Over 15,000 marriage and family therapists are listed in TherapistLocator.net. The therapists you will find here are a highly educated group with everyone in possession of at least a Master's degree. Over one-fourth hold a doctorate or M.D. They also are a very experienced group, averaging 14 to 16 years of experience in practice. Most are in private sole practice, but many work in group practices, clinics, hospitals, and other community organizations. All therapists are clinical members of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, and as such must meet stringent training and education requirements established by the AAMFT. All AAMFT Clinical Members have agreed to abide by the AAMFT Code of Ethics. Look for this emblem:

What problems do they treat?
The therapists listed in TherapistLocator.net see individuals, couples and families with a range of presenting problems. The major ones are marital/couple difficulties, depression, parent/adolescent conflict and anxiety. Also are disruptive behavior disorders, sexual disorders, and substance abuse along with many others too numerous to list. Adult therapy, couples therapy, family therapy, child therapy, and group therapy are all administered by Marriage and Family Therapists. Therapists in private practice spend most of their time in individual counseling (46%), followed by joint or family counseling (28%).

When can I schedule an appointment?
Therapists schedule clients not only during regular weekday hours, but also during evenings and weekends. Ask for times convenient for you.

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