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In the early days of the 20th Century when electricity was produced primarily from the power of moving water, Georgia Power built its first power plants along the waterways of the northeast Georgia mountains. These plants were developed to meet the state's growing demand for electricity. Couple in swing

After these projects were completed, Georgia Power began a land management program to preserve the natural beauty of the area surrounding the lakes. Later, Georgia Power gave the public access to these mountain lakes and forests by opening many recreation areas. The company maintains these facilities for the enjoyment of the public.

Today, the hydroelectric plants provide a relatively small percentage of Georgia Power's total electricity production, but continue to be an important part of the company's generation mix. Georgia Power's six north Georgia lakes are Lake Burton, Lake Seed, Lake Rabun, Tallulah Lake, Lake Tugalo and Lake Yonah. These lakes, different in size and recreational opportunities, draw thousands of visitors each year. No matter what the season, the North Georgia lakes and mountains provide a splendid backdrop for boating, biking, camping, fishing and hiking.

Lake Burton
At 2,775 acres, Lake Burton is the largest of Georgia Power's North Georgia lakes. Lake Burton, with 62 miles of shoreline, has facilities suitable for boating, camping, picnicking, swimming and fishing. Timpson Cove Beach with its white sand beach, is just one of the areas where you can enjoy swimming and picnicking on Lake Burton.

Lake Seed
Lake Seed, with its 13 miles of shoreline, has many recreational opportunities to offer. The 240-acre lake features swimming, boating and camping. Seed Campground provides an area for primitive camping, just one way to spend your weekend on Lake Seed.

Admiring Nature Lake Rabun
Lake Rabun, like Lake Burton and Lake Seed, is just a short drive from historic Clayton, Ga. The 835-acre lake has facilities for boating and fishing as well as camping and lodging. Nacoochee Park is just one of the recreation areas along Lake Rabun's 25 miles of shoreline. Located on the north end of the lake, Nacoochee Park is a great place to picnic or just relax.

Tallulah Falls Lake
Covering only 63 acres, Tallulah Falls Lake is the smallest of Georgia Power's reservoirs. Impounded in 1912, it is also one of the oldest. Tallulah Falls Lake, which has 3.6 miles of shoreline, is part of the new Tallulah Gorge State Park.

Lake Tugalo
Lake Tugalo, near Tallulah Falls, is a 597-acre reservoir with 18 miles of shoreline. Visitors to the lake can enjoy boating and fishing. Lake Tugalo, with no development, remains one of the most serene lakes in the state.

Lake Yonah
Lake Yonah, near Toccoa, Ga., has more than nine miles of shoreline. Covering 325 acres, Lake Yonah offers such varied outdoor activities as boating, fishing, picnicking and camping. Tugalo Park, a primitive camping area, features camping along the lake, with a boat launch area for small to medium boats. Located at the upper end of Lake Yonah, Tugalo Park is just a short drive from Tallulah Falls.

The Tallulah Gorge State Park
Discover the beauty. Discover the fun. Discover the serenity of the woods, the lakes and the mountains of Georgia's Appalachian region. A great beginning for your visit to the mountains is the Tallulah Gorge State Park.

Located on the north rim of the Tallulah Gorge, the interpretive center is a great focal point for your mountain venture. The exhibits in the center explain many intriguing facts about the production of electricity, the plants and wildlife of the region and the history and culture of the early settlers.

The park has picnic tables, restrooms and a white sand beach. A well-equipped playground provides fun for young visitors while lighted tennis courts and a big playing field attract all age groups.

The covered pavilion with a stage and dressing rooms is a perfect place for a gathering of family and friends or for performances and crafts to share with others. A small fee reserves the pavilion for your activities. The park, with it's many native trees and shrubs, has three trails. One circles a small pond where ducks and other water fowl often can be seen.

The Terrora Trail starts at the Old Tallulah Falls Jail and meanders around the edges of the Tallulah Lake. The North Rim Trail is the most visited of all. With its breathtaking views of the Tallulah Gorge and its water falls, this trail helps you to understand the unique beauty of this area.

The Terrora Campground, located on the north side of the Gorge, has 50 campsites that are fully equipped with electricity and water hook ups, tables and grills, with hot showers available in the comfort station. There is a playground and a pavilion for camper's use. A resident camp host oversees the campground during the summer.

Other recreation areas provided by Georgia Power are shown on the map. Trips to these areas and to other nearby scenic attractions add to your mountain fun.

The park's breathtaking views of the surrounding gorge and mountain area and the new interpretive center make it an excellent choice as a family vacation destination.


Accommodations and Activities

1. Lake Burton                
  Jones Bridge Park           *       *                  
  Murray Cove                                 *    
  Timpson Cove           *   *               *      
  Tallulah River Ramp                             *   *    
2. Lake Seed
  Seed Campground   *       *   *           *   *      
  Seed Ramp                                 *    
3. Lake Rabun
  Nacoochee Park           *               *   *      
  Hall's Boat Ramp                             * * * *  
4. Tallulah Falls
  Tallulah Gorge State Park * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *      
5. LAKE Tugalo
  Tugalo Park   *                       * * * *    
  Tugalo Ramp                                 *    
6. LAKE Yonah
  Yonah Park           *                          
  Yonah Ramp                             *   *    

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