0 ZynAddSubFX for Mac OS X


This is a mac .app package for ZynAddSubFX, the most excellent soft synth written by the most excellent Mr. Paul Octavian Nasca.

ZynAddSubFX is ready for your mac! Are you ready for ZynAddSubFX?

Please don't email him with mac specific questions, email me instead:

b e n n y p - a t - r o g e r s - d o t - c o m

This package has been tested with 10.3 only. I'm working on 10.4, I'll post it here if/when it's ready

Download Binary (2005/03/25)

Download Source (2005/03/25)

this binary requires Jack OSX

you may need to use this newer version of JackPilot which adresses a bug that prevented ZynAddSubFX from showing up on the connections list

NOTE: in order to access the instrument banks, you'll have to tell Zyn Where to find the bank files. Open the settings window, and in the banks pane, add a new bank dir.. browse to /path/to/ZynAddSubFX/Contents/Resources/banks. This will be fixed in a future version