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This first group of stories are set during the first five-year mission. But be warned: I don't always pay attention to canon timelines.

Dereliction of Duty (2000)-- My first K&S; story. Following the "Journey to Babel," Spock questions whether Kirk took too great a risk because of their friendship.

Errand of Deception (2000)-- A spackle of "Errand of Mercy," Spock distracts both himself and Kor from what they really want. This is part of the Spock Fuhq Fest in which we were required to write Spock fucking a randomly assigned person. Yeah, it's Spock/Kor, but it's also definitely pre-K/S. Approach with caution.
**** 2000 Golden Orgasm Award Winner - 3rd place for S/m ****

Sex on the Beach (2000)-- A PWP retelling of the events of "Best Laid Plans." This is Kirk's and Spock's first time making love told from Kirk's POV.

"The Opening Door"(1999)-- After the events of "The Tholian Web," Kirk and Spock realize that their friendship has become something more. They become lovers and, after a few months, bondmates.
Chapter 1 - Heart's Desire
Chapter 2 - Best Laid Plans
Chapter 3 - Enlightenment
Chapter 4 - Static Electricity
Chapter 5 - Revelations
Chapter 6 - Manipulation
Chapter 7 - The Dohlman's Tears

Jim Reached Into The Box written w/ T'Aaneli (1999)-- Answer to the "Mistletoe Challenge." Kirk and Spock spend a romantic evening together. This takes place during the time period covered by "The Opening Door."

The Dohlman's Alternative (1999)-- Kirk has a bad dream inspired by his discussion with McCoy in "Manipulation."
***1999 Golden Orgasm Award: 2nd Place for K/f***

The Same Mistake (2000)-- Kirk receives a strange message just before his best friend is about to enter his final rites as a Kolinahr. Part of the Kirk/Spock Online Festival and available in the KSOF zine.

Jim Kirk's Workout (2000)-- Spock wants to try something...different...sexually, and Kirk is happy to oblige.

The Tree of Knowledge: A chapter from "Serpents in the Garden" (2000)-- Spock discovers how sweet forbidden fruit can be Well, Jim slept w/ Tyree first, so...

These stories take place during the first five-year mission. The order relates more to when I wrote them rather than chronology

Ice Cream (1999)

The Incident (1999)

The Undesirable Birthday Gift (1999)

No Mistletoe Required written w/ T'Aaneli (1999)

Inappropriate Conversation (2000)

For the Friends they Bring Us (1999)-- A spackle of "Trouble with Tribbles" and DS9's "Trials and Tribbleations." Wrote this as a parody. Didn't think it belonged in my "saga," but I wrote two sequels to it, so it must be true. Kirk beds Benjamin Sisko. Spock walks in and joins them.

DRABBLE: Melts in Your Mouth (2000)-- A side-trip to a chocolate factory during a tour of computer facilities. This is a drabble, which is a vignette of exactly 100 words.

DRABBLE: Sundae School by TThrill-- TThrill's version of a trip to a chocolate factory - she inspired me to write "Melts in Your Mouth" and then she wrote her own response to our mini-challnge. Yummy!

**** The Janice Lester series won a 2000 Golden Orgasm Award: 3rd place for TOS Series/Suite ****
Desire, Ownership, and Feelings (2000)-- After a stressful mission, a woman comes to visit Spock in his quarters. Although he is initially reluctant, Spock goes to bed with this woman. Continued below in "Adaptation" and "Hand to Hand."

The Measure of a Man by Francesca (2000)-- Kirk struggles with being imprisoned in Janice Lester's body.

DRABBLE: The Makeover (2000) written w/ T'Aaneli-- A far-from-serious look at Kirk adjusting to being trapped in Janice Lester's body.

Adaptation (2000)-- Kirk is still trapped in Janice Lester's body. Does this make, her...Starfleet's first female starship captain?

Hand to Hand (2000)-- Kirk is still in Lester's body and it is firmly in command of the Enterprise, but Kirk and Spock are both experiencing some frustration with the situation.

Hooked on You (2000)-- While giving Spock a massage, Kirk starts to fantasize. Spock takes the fantasy to its logical conclusion.

This next group occurs after the first five-year mission.

I Left My Heart (2000)-- Kirk and Spock spend an evening together in San Francisco.

Kirk With A Headache And A Hard-On In A Lift With Sarek And A Vulcan Female (1999)-- Well...the title says it all. No, it's not what you're thinking.
***1999 Golden Orgasm Award Winner; 1st Place for TOS Humor***

The Calm You Seek (1999)-- Kirk and Spock formalize their bond, but due to a misunderstanding, Spock goes to Gol shortly after. He rejoins the Enterprise for their run-in w/V-ger. Kirk has a surprise for him when they return to Earth after V-ger.

No Regrets (2000)-- While Spock is in Gol, McCoy is with Kirk to see him through some tough times. But, eventually, McCoy leaves, too.
**** 2000 Golden Orgasm Award: 2nd place K/Mc ****

The Second Shift (2000)-- Kirk is on his way to Vulcan to take Spock's and Leila's son Selek to meet his grandparents. Kirk thinks about what it means to be a parent. This was written as part of the SmutBaby Shower for Pamela.

The Second First Officer (2000)-- When Sulu questions what his loyalty to Kirk is costing him career-wise, Spock surprises both Sulu and Kirk with a suggestion for advancing Sulu's career.
**** 2000 Golden Orgasm Award: 2nd place TOS Misc. Het ****

DRABBLE: One Night on Golden Gate Bridge (2000)-- Kirk has a run-in with the law. An answer to JWinter's challenge to use "Don't f*ck on my bridge" in a story.

The Ermine Violin (2000)-- Spock is cat-sitting. Kirk discovers that a cat can be a formidable rival.

The Pick Up (2000)-- Kirk and Spock meet in a bar and go home together.

Autumn Break (2000)-- Kirk's and Spock's son (see "The Calm You Seek") is now a teenager, and he wants a change in the custody arrangement.

Birthday Wishes (2000)-- Kirk and Spock celebrate Kirk's 50th birthday.

Transparency (2000)-- McCoy tells Kirk something he didn't know about Kirk's and Spock's son, Selek.

Arrogant Presumption & Standing Down written w/ T'Aaneli (1999)-- An interpretation of the events of ST:TUC. Lack of communication between Kirk and Spock leads to misunderstandings as Kirk contemplates his retirement from Starfleet, and Spock becomes more involved in his father's work.

Climbing Mount Sileya (2000)-- An alternative sequel to "Arrogant Presumption & Standing Down." This was written in response to Jat's "Under Water," which I've included below. Spock looks back with acceptance and gratitude on his life with Kirk. Some people found this to be a sad story, but I see it as hopeful and full of love.
**** 2000 Golden Orgasm Award: 2nd place, TOS Challenge ****

Under Water by Jat Sapphire-- Jat's response to Istannor's Challenge: The boys lead lonely lives. This inspired me to write "Climbing Mount Sileya. I find this story far sadder than mine. For more of Jat's wonderful stories, please visit her website. I have a link to it down below.

DRABBLE: Climbing El Capitan (2000)-- Spock visits Yosemite again and climbs El Capitan without the gravity boots this time. This is a sequel to "Climbing Mt. Sileya" in the form of a drabble. A drabble is a short, short story with exactly 100 words.
**** 2000 Golden Orgasm Award: 1st place TOS Drabble ****

Punishment written w/ T'Aaneli (2000)-- Sequel to Arrogant Presumption & Standing Down. A retelling of the events of ST:TUC. This one ends with a reaffirmation of Kirk and Spock's love, followed by a tragedy. Be warned. Many people found the ending upsetting. I thought it was hopelessly romantic.

Champagne written w/ T'Aaneli (2000) -- Of course, this could not exist if the events of "Punishment" are true, but I can't resist. I love this period of Kirk and Spock's life together. Kirk gives a party. Spock shows up late.

Orange Juice written with T'Aaneli (2000)-- Post-retirement shameless romance between Kirk and Spock turns into an argument over Selek's choice of career. T'Aaneli and I have to write this sequel eventually. This story ends with an ex-lover of Kirk's popping up in the most unexpected place.

Tea for Three written with T'Aaneli (2000)-- Sequel to our "Champagne" and "Orange Juice." Following their retirement from Starfleet, Spock is serving as Dean of the VSA, but during a sabbatical, Kirk and Spock travel to Terra so that Spock can appear at a seminar as a favor for their son's t'hy'la.

The Chess Game (2000)-- Kirk finds a way to keep Spock warm on a cold, rainy day in San Francisco.

Diplomatic Mission (2000)-- Sequel to "For the Friends they Bring Us." Kirk is trapped in the Nexus, and Spock returns from Romulus to visit Benjamin Sisko on DS9.

The Emissary (2000)-- Sequel to "Diplomatic Mission." Picard has reported Kirk's death on Verdian. Sisko visits Spock to offere condolences... or hope.

Miscellaneous Stories

These stories are outside of my original timeline. Some were written as Lillian Martin, and some include a very different version of Kirk's and Spock's relationship.

Why Spock Attends Scientific Conferences (2000)-- Spock returns to the Enterprise after a scientific conference. Kirk is glad to have him back. Response to kira's ABC challenge: write a story where the first words of the sentences follow the alphabet.

Winter Wonderland (2000)-- Kirk is suffering from the "holiday blues." It's up to Spock to get him over it.

Not Exactly Room Service (2000)-- This is something that I believe they call "revenge fic" at TSU. Spock visits in Isla to discuss some of the choices that she's made in her K/S writing. Hmm, maybe he'll be back. This was written when I was *still* writing basically just K/S.

The Discipline of the Service (2000)-- Spock is angry after Kirk risks himself to destroy the cloud creature in "Obsession."

Diplomatic Relations (2000)-- Set during "A Journey to Babel," this is mostly a love scene between Sarek and Amanda, but it's also a pre-K/S story.
**** 2000 Golden Orgasm Award: 1st place Sarek/Amanda ****

Too Dear for Possessing (2000)-- A spackle of the events in "Miri." Kirk and Spock share a private moment, but afterwards, Kirk questions Spock's motivations.

A Stretch of Mortal Time (2000)-- In this A.U, after Spock returns from Gol and after Amanda dies, Sarek and Kirk work together on a diplomatic mission. Sarek is startled to discover that Kirk and Spock are not lovers. After Spock announces his engagement to a Vulcan female, Sarek and Kirk turn to each other. Yeah, I know. It's hard to believe that I wrote a Sarek/Kirk, but it's all Animasola's fault for challenging me to do it.
**** 2000 Golden Orgasm Award: 1st Place, TOS Misc. Slash ****

Another Stretch (2001)-- A sequel to A Stretch of Mortal Time. When McCoy finds out about Kirk's affair with Sarek, he goes to Spock to "talk" to him about the situation and they find something else to do besides talk.