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Sunday September 11, 2005

Lifted by Hopelandic : Sigur Rós Live (podcast)

As the world melts like the Wicked Witch of the West, chilly things and creatures — icey, arctic places and the products of them — take on the tones of hope. In the case of Iceland’s astonishing Sigur Rós, they actually sing Hopelandic.


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Sunday August 14, 2005

Upgrade Quandries: My Ptolemaic Code

In the interests of having a fresh platform to post from, I did a slap dash site upgrade last spring, switching from Blogger-Zope to WordPress & MediaWiki. But I’m not giving up on Zope! No, I’ve still got a Zope/Plone umbrella in place here for the site to expand into. Now that I’m actually getting underway, though, I’m realizing what I’ve done — created a platform whose complexity is postiviely Ptolemaic!


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Saturday August 13, 2005

Like Our Lives Depended On It

Maybe someone was plowing, mowing, cutting firewood with farm equipment nearby. But to me it sounded like the forest itself was being razed. A sesshin vision.


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Sunday August 07, 2005

from one day to the next

An interview with actor Tony Leung and the release of Wong Kar-wai’s 2046 prompts a reflection on narrative, this weblog, and not knowing.


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Saturday August 06, 2005

Flickr Photos: a cure for perfectionism?

While still stand-off-ish about blogging, I’ve been busy posting photos and organizing photo sets at Flickr, thereby receiving subtle training in letting go.


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