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  Friday, January 27th
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  02:31 pm
4 Arctic Monkeys mistakenly snub Bowie
  08:43 am
4 Grandaddy disband after 14 years
  08:43 am
4 Nada Surf, Rogue Wave tour together
  08:42 am
4 Chin Up Chin Up sign to Suicide Squeeze
  08:42 am
4 Floetry singer works on solo album with Dre, may work with 50 Cent
  08:40 am
4 Polysics ready tour of U.S., new album
  08:39 am
4 Nettwerk joins fight versus RIAA, pre-loaded iPods causing a stir, Pearls and Brass tour, P.O.S. releases album on Rhymesayers
  08:37 am
4 New BBC musical film retelling last hours of Jesus to feature tracks by Buzzcocks, New Order
  08:32 am
4 Boondocks MLK episode stirs controversy, Cartoon Network stands behind the show
  08:30 am
4 Arctic Monkeys likely to shatter UK chart records
  08:29 am
4 Devo discuss children's group Devo 2.0
  08:27 am
4 Futureheads finish album recorded on farm
  08:26 am
4 Pete Doherty arrested twice in one day
  08:26 am
4 New Vines album out in April
  08:22 am
4 New Pantheon Awards pushed back to March
 Be Your Own Pet
  Let's Get Sandy (Video)

  Pony Part One (Video)

 Arctic Monkeys
  Love Machine (Girls Aloud Cover)

 Graham Coxon
  Standing On My Own Again (Video)

  Slipping Away (Video)

  Live (Video Trailer)

  Waters of Nazareth (Audio)

  Lolita (MP3)

  Sound Mirrors (Album Stream)

 The Subways
  Rock & Roll Queen (Live Video)

 People in Planes
  If You Talk Too Much (MP3)

 Big Tuck
  Tussle (Audio)

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4 !!!: Louden Up Now
4 !!!: Take Ecstacy With Me/Get Up
4 !!!: Me and Giuliani Down By The School Yard (A True Story)
4 !!!/Outhud: Lab Remix Series Vol. 2 Split EP
4 The (International) Noise Conspiracy: Bigger Cages, Longer Chains
4 +/-: You Are Here
4 The 101ers: Elgin Avenue Breakdown (Revisited)
4 1208: Turn of the Screw
4 13 And God: 13 And God
4 2 Many DJ's: As Heard on Radio Soulwax Pt. 2
4 22-20s: 22-20s
4 2Mex: Live in Los Angeles
4 2Mex: Sweat Lodge Infinite
4 310: Recessional
4 4 Way Street: Pretzel Park
4 4th Avenue Jones: Stereo: The Evolution of HipRockSoul
4 50 Cent: Get Rich Or Die Tryin'
4 50 Cent: The Massacre
4 60 Channels: Open
4 60 Channels: Covert Movements
4 7 Year Rabbit Cycle: Animal People
4 7L and Esoteric: DC2: Bars of Death
4 808 State: Prebuild
4 9 Lazy 9: Sweet Jones
4 90 Day Men: Panda Park
4 A Band of Bees: Free the Bees
4 A Day in Black and White: My Heroes Have Always Killed Cowboys
4 A Frames: Black Forest
4 A Gun Called Tension: A Gun Called Tension
4 A Hawk and a Hacksaw: Darkness at Noon
4 A Tribute to the Ramones: We're a Happy Family
4 A.C. Newman: The Slow Wonder
4 A.D.O.R.: Classic Bangerz Vol. 1
4 A.R.E.Weapons: A.R.E.Weapons
4 Aceyalone: Love and Hate
4 Acid House Kings: Sing Along With Acid House Kings
4 Acid Mothers Temple and the Cosmic Inferno: IAO Chant from the Cosmic Inferno
4 Adam Green: Gemstones
4 Adem: Homesongs
4 Adult: Anxiety Always
4 Adult.: Gimme Trouble
4 The Advantage: The Advantage
4 The Adventures of Jet: Muscle
4 Aereogramme: Sleep and Release
4 Aereogramme: Pre Release
4 Aeroc: Viscous Solid
4 Aesop Rock: Fast Cars, Danger, Fire and Knives EP
4 Aesop Rock: Daylight EP
4 Aesop Rock: Bazooka Tooth
4 AIDS Wolf: Lovvers LP
4 Aimee Mann: Lost In Space
4 Aimee Mann: The Forgotten Arm
4 Air: Surfing on a Rocket
4 Air: Talkie Walkie
4 Air Conditioning: Weakness
4 Airborn Audio: Good Fortune
4 Airborn Audio: Coming Soon: A Prelude to 'Good Fortune' Mixtape
4 AK-Momo: Return to N.Y.
4 Akrobatik: Balance
4 Akron/Family: Akron/Family
4 Akron/Family & Angels of Light: Akron/Family & Angels of Light
4 Akufen, Freeform, and the Rip-Off Artist: Blu TribunL
4 Alarm Will Sound: Alarm Will Sound Performs Aphex Twin: Acoustica
4 Alaska!: Rescue Through Tomahawk
4 Albert King: Talkin' Blues
4 The Album Leaf: In A Safe Place
4 The Alchemist: 1st Infantry
4 All Girl Summer Fun Band: 2
4 All Night Radio: Spirit Stereo Frequency
4 All-American Rejects: Move Along
4 The Allman Brothers Band: One Way Out
4 Aloha: Here Comes Everyone
4 Alpinestars: White Noise
4 Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto: Insen
4 Amanda Woodward: La Decadence de la Decadence
4 Ambulance Ltd.: Ambulance Ltd. EP
4 Ambulance Ltd.: LP
4 American Analog Set: Set Free
4 American Music Club: Love Songs for Patriots
4 AmmonContact: OneinanInfinityofWays
4 AmmonContact: New Birth
4 Amon Tobin: Chaos Theory: Splinter Cell 3 Soundtrack
4 Amon Tobin: Solid Steel Presents Amon Tobin: Recorded Live
4 Amon Tobin: Out From Out Where
4 Amp Fiddler: Waltz of a Ghetto Fly
4 Amusement Parks on Fire: Amusement Parks on Fire
4 An Albatross: We Are the Lazer Viking EP
4 And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead: Worlds Apart
4 Andrew Bird: Andrew Bird and the Mysterious Production of Eggs
4 Andy Summers: Earth and Sky
4 The Angels of Light: The Angels of Light Sing 'Other People'
4 The Angels of Light: Everything is Good Now/Please Come Home
4 Ani DiFranco: Educated Guess
4 Ani DiFranco: Knuckle Down
4 Animal Collective: Feels
4 Animal Collective feat. Vashti Bunyan: Prospect Hummer
4 Annie: Anniemal
4 Annie: DJ Kicks
4 The Anomoanon: Asleep Many Years in the Wood
4 Antioch Arrow: Gems of Masochism; reissue
4 Antipop Consortium vs. Matthew Shipp: Antipop Consortium vs. Matthew Shipp
4 Antony and the Johnsons: I Am a Bird Now
4 The Apes: Baba's Mountain
4 Apollo Sunshine: Katonah
4 Apostle of Hustle: Folkloric Feel
4 Applied Communications: Uhhh Sort Of
4 Applied Communications: Africa Baby, Yeak Yeah Yeah
4 April March: Triggers
4 Arab on Radar: Queene Hygiene II / Rough Day at the Orifice
4 Arab on Radar: The Stolen Singles
4 Arab Strap: Monday at the Hug and Pint
4 The Arcade Fire: Funeral
4 Architecture in Helsinki: Fingers Crossed
4 Architecture in Helsinki: In Case We Die
4 Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti: The Doldrums
4 Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti: Worn Copy
4 Arthur Russell: World of Echo (reissue)
4 Arto Lindsay: Salt
4 Asheru and Blue Black: Insomnia Vol. 1
4 Asheru and Blue Black: 48 Months
4 Asterisk*: Dogma
4 Asva: Futurists Against the Ocean
4 At A Loss: A Falling Away From
4 At the Drive-In: Anthology: This Station Is Non-Operational
4 Athlete: Vehicles and Animals
4 Athlete: Tourist
4 Atmosphere: You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having
4 Atmosphere: Seven's Travels
4 Atom and His Package: Attention! Blah Blah Blah
4 Atom and His Package: Hair: Debatable
4 The Atomic Missiles: Are Real
4 Audio Bullys: Generation
4 Audio Out Send: ... Or Does It Explode?
4 Auf der Maur: Auf der Maur
4 Augie March: Strange Bird
4 Autolux: Future Perfect
4 The Autumn Defense: Circles
4 Aveo: Battery
4 The Away Team: National Anthem
4 AZ: A.W.O.L.
4 B.J. Nilsen: Fade to White
4 Babbletron: Mechanical Royalty
4 Babu: Duck Season
4 Baby Blak: Just Begun
4 Bad Brains: Banned in DC: Bad Brains Greatest Riffs
4 The Bad Plus: Give
4 Badly Drawn Boy: One Plus One Is One
4 Badly Drawn Boy: Have You Fed the Fish?
4 Balanescu Quartet: Maria T
4 Bang on a Can: In C
4 The Bangs: Call and Response
4 The Banner: Each Breath Haunted
4 Baptist Generals: No Silver/No Gold
4 Barbez: Insignificance
4 Bardo Pond: On the Ellipse
4 Bardo Pond: Selections Volumes I-IV
4 BARR: Beyond Reinforced Jewel Case
4 Barry Adamson: The King of Nothing Hill
4 Basement Jaxx: Kish Kash
4 Baskervilles: Baskervilles
4 Battles: B EP
4 Beanie Sigel: The B. Coming
4 Beans: Shock City Maverick
4 Beans: Now, Soon, Someday EP
4 Bear vs. Shark: Terrorhawk
4 Bearsuit: Cat Spectacular!
4 Beastie Boys: To the Five Boroughs
4 Beat Assailant: Hard Twelve
4 The Beat Kids: Open Rhythm System
4 The Beatnuts: Milk Me
4 The Beautiful New Born Children: Hey People!
4 Bebel Gilberto: Bebel Gilberto Remixed
4 Beck: Guerolito
4 Beck: Hell Yes EP
4 Beck: Sea Change
4 Beck: Guero
4 Beckett and Taylor/Spandex: Lies 12"
4 Beep Beep: Business Casual
4 Bell: Rhythm Machine
4 Bell Orchestre: Recording a Tape the Colour of the Light
4 Belle and Sebastian: Dear Catastrophe Waitress
4 Belle and Sebastian: Push Barman to Open Old Wounds
4 Bellini: Small Stones
4 Ben Harper and the Blind Boys of Alabama: There Will Be A Light
4 Ben Kweller: On My Way
4 Ben Lee: Awake Is the New Sleep
4 Ben Lee: Hey You. Yes You.
4 The Benevento-Russo Duo: Best Reason to Buy the Sun
4 Benjamin Diamond: Out of Myself
4 The Beta Band: The Best of Beta Band
4 The Beta Band: Heroes to Zeros
4 Beth Gibbons and Rustin Man: Out of Season
4 Bettye Swann: Bettye Swann
4 Beulah: Yoko
4 Bibio: Fi
4 Big Noyd: On the Grind
4 Big Noyd: Only the Strong
4 Big Satan: Souls Saved Hear
4 Big Star: #1 Record/ Radio City
4 Bigg Jus: Black Mamba Serums v2.0
4 Bill Wells: Pick Up Sticks
4 Billy Brush: Lair
4 Bitter Bitter Weeks: Revenge
4 Bizzy Bone: Speaking In Tongues
4 Bjork: Medulla
4 Bjork: Drawing Restraint 9
4 Black Cat Music: October November
4 Black Cross: Art Offensive
4 Black Dice: Miles of Smiles EP
4 Black Dice: Creature Comforts
4 Black Dice: Broken Ear Record
4 Black Eyed Peas: Elephunk
4 Black Eyes: Cough
4 The Black Keys: Rubber Factory
4 Black Lips: Let It Bloom
4 Black Mountain: Black Mountain
4 Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: Howl
4 Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: Take Them On, On Your Own
4 Black Strobe: Chemical Sweet Girl EP
4 Blackalicious: The Craft
4 Blackout Beach: Light Flows the Putrid Dawn
4 The Blam: The Blam
4 The Blam: Caveat Emptor
4 Bleu: Redhead
4 blink-182: blink-182
4 Bloc Party: Silent Alarm
4 Bloc Party: Bloc Party EP
4 Blockhead: Sunday Seance
4 Blockhead: Downtown Science
4 Blonde Redhead: Misery Is a Butterfly
4 The Blood Brothers: Crimes
4 The Blood Brothers: Burn Piano Island, Burn!
4 Bloodthirsty Lovers: The Delicate Seam
4 The Blow: Bonus Album
4 Blue Man Group: The Complex
4 Blue Merle: Burning in the Sun
4 The Blue Series Continuum: The GoodandEvil Sessions
4 The Blue Series Continuum: Sorcerer Sessions
4 Blue States: The Soundings
4 The Blue Van: The Art of Rolling
4 The Blue Van: Tour Promo EP
4 Blueprint: Chamber Music
4 Blueprint: 1988
4 Blues Explosion: Damage
4 Boards of Canada: The Campfire Headphase
4 Bob Mould: Body of Song
4 Bobby Valentino: Bobby Valentino
4 Boduf Songs: Boduf Songs
4 Bonk: Western Soul
4 Bonnie "Prince" Billy: Master and Everyone
4 Bonnie "Prince" Billy and Matt Sweeney: Superwolf
4 Bonobo: Dial 'M' for Monkey
4 The Books: The Lemon of Pink
4 The Books: Lost and Safe
4 Books Lie: Hall of Fame Fire
4 Boom Bip: Blue Eyed in the Red Room
4 Boredoms: Seadrum/House of Sun
4 Boris with Merzbow: Sun Baked Snow Cave
4 Bottom of the Hudson: Holiday Machine EP
4 The Bouncing Souls: Anchors Aweigh
4 The Bouncing Souls: Bouncing Souls Live
4 Brakes: Give Blood
4 Brand Nubian: Fire in the Hole
4 Brassy: Gettin' Wise
4 The Bravery: The Bravery
4 Brendan Benson and the Wellfed Boys: Metarie
4 Brian Eno: Music for Films; Apollo; Thursday Afternoon (reissues)
4 The Brian Jonestown Massacre: Tepid Peppermint Wonderland
4 Brian Wilson: Smile
4 Brides of Destruction: Here Come the Brides
4 Bright Calm Blue: A Direct Approach for Casual Conversation
4 Bright Eyes: I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning/Digital Ash in a Digital Urn
4 Bright Eyes Lua/Take It Easy: Lua/Take It Easy (Love Nothing)
4 Bright Eyes/Neva Dinova: One Jug of Wine, Two Vessels
4 British Sea Power: Open Season
4 British Sea Power: Decline of British Sea Power
4 Britta Phillips and Dean Wareham: Sonic Souvenirs
4 Broadcast: Pendulum
4 Broadcast: Tender Buttons
4 Broadzilla: Lady Luck
4 Broken Social Scene: You Forgot It In People
4 Broken Social Scene: Bee Hives
4 Broken Social Scene: Broken Social Scene
4 Broken Spindles: Fulfilled: Complete
4 The Bronx: Bats! EP
4 Brookville: Wonderfully Nothing
4 Brother Ali: Shadows on the Sun
4 Brother Ali: Champion EP
4 The Brunettes: Mars Loves Venus
4 Buck 65: Talkin' Honky Blues
4 Buck 65: This Right Here Is Buck 65
4 Bucket Full of Teeth: IV
4 Buckshot and 9th Wonder: Chemistry
4 Budapest: Necessary Measures
4 Budapest: Too Blind To Hear
4 Buddahead: Crossing the Invisible Line
4 The Bug: Pressure
4 Build An Ark: Peace With Every Step
4 Bullet for My Valentine: Hand of Blood EP
4 Bumblebeez 81: The Printz
4 Burn the Priest: Burn the Priest
4 Busdriver: Fear of a Black Tangent
4 Busdriver: Cosmic Cleavage
4 The Buzzcocks: The Buzzcocks
4 By Divine Right: Sweet Confusion
4 C-Rayz Walz: Ravipops
4 C-Rayz Walz: We Live (The Black Samurai EP)
4 C-Rayz Walz: The Year of the Beast
4 C.O.B.: Moyshe McStiff and the Tartan Lancers of the Sacred Heart (reissue)
4 Cadence Weapon: �Is the Black Hand
4 Caesars: Paper Tigers
4 Cafe Tacuba: Cuatro Caminos
4 Cage: Hell's Winter
4 Cage: Movies for the Blind
4 Calexico: Feast of Wire
4 Calico System: They Live
4 Califone: Heron King Blues
4 Calla: Collisions
4 Calla: Televise
4 Calliope: Sounds Like Circles Feel
4 Cam'ron: Purple Haze
4 Camera Obscura: Underachievers Please Try Harder
4 Camper Van Beethoven: Reissue Sampler
4 Can: Future Days; Soon Over Babaluma; Landed; Unlimited Edition
4 Canyon: Live in NYC
4 Canyon: Empty Rooms
4 Capillary Action: Fragments
4 The Capitol Years: Pussyfootin'
4 The Capitol Years: Let Them Drink
4 Cappadonna: The Struggle
4 The Cardigans: Long Gone Before Daylight
4 Caribou: The Milk of Human Kindness
4 Carl Craig: Fabric 25
4 Carl Hancock Rux: Apothecary RX
4 Cass McCombs: Prefection
4 Cast King: Saw Mill Man
4 Castanets: First Light�s Freeze
4 Castanets: Cathedral
4 Casual: Presents Smash Rockwell
4 The Casual Dots: The Casual Dots
4 Cat Power: The Greatest
4 Cat Power: You Are Free
4 The Catheters: Howling ... It Grows and Grows!!!
4 Cave In: Antenna
4 Cave In: Perfect Pitch Black
4 Celebration: Celebration
4 Celso Fonseca: Natural
4 Chad VanGaalen: Infiniheart
4 Charlie Hunter and Bobby Previte: Longitude
4 Cheeseburger: Gang's All Here
4 Chemical Brothers: Push the Button
4 Chester Copperpot: The Kings of Kirby
4 Chin Up Chin Up: We Should Have Never Lived Like We Were Skyscrapers
4 Chin Up Chin Up: Chin Up Chin Up
4 The Chinese Stars: A Rare Sensation
4 Chixdiggit: Pink Razors
4 Chris Clark: Empty the Bones of You
4 Chris Murphy: Noir
4 The Chris Stamey Experience: A Question of Temperature
4 Christiansen: Stylish Nihilists
4 Christopher O'Riley: Hold Me to This: Christopher O'Riley Plays Radiohead
4 Chromatics: Plaster Hounds
4 Chuck Prophet: Age of Miracles
4 The Church: El Momento Descuidado
4 Cibelle: Cibelle
4 The Cinema Eye: A Complete Arsenal EP
4 Cinematic Orchestra: Man with the Movie Camera
4 Cipher: Children of God�s Fire
4 Circus vs. Andre Afram Asmar: Gawd Bless the Faceless Cowards
4 Clap Your Hands Say Yeah: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
4 Clearlake: Cedars
4 Clearlake: Amber
4 Clearlake: Wonder If the Snow Will Settle
4 Clem Snide: End of Love
4 The Clientele: The Violet Hour
4 The Clientele: Strange Geometry
4 Clinic: Winchester Cathedral
4 The Cloud Room: The Cloud Room
4 Coachwhips: Peanut Butter and Live at the Ginger Minge
4 Coachwhips: Bangers vs. Fuckers
4 Coachwhips: Get Yer Body Next Ta Mine
4 CoCoRosie: Noah's Ark
4 Cody ChestnuTT: The Headphone Masterpiece
4 Coheed and Cambria: In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3
4 Colder: Again
4 Coldplay: X and Y
4 Coldplay: A Rush of Blood to the Head
4 Colleen: Everyone Alive Wants Answers
4 Colleen: The Golden Morning Breaks
4 Collin Herring: The Other Side of Kindness
4 Coloma: Dovetail
4 Comets on Fire: Blue Cathedral
4 Common: Be
4 Common: Electric Circus
4 Communique: Poison Arrows
4 The Concretes: The Concretes
4 Condor: A Big One
4 Consequence: Take 'em to the Cleaners
4 The Constantines: The Constantines
4 Constantines: Shine a Light
4 The Constantines: Tournament of Hearts
4 Converge: Petitioning the Empty Sky/When Forever Comes Crashing (Reissues; originally released in 1997 and 1998)
4 The Cooper Temple Clause: Kick Up the Fire and Let the Flames Break Loose
4 Copeland: Beneath Medicine Tree
4 The Cops: Get Good or Stay Bad
4 Copywrite: The High Exhaulted
4 Cordero: Lamb Lost in the City
4 Cornelius: Point
4 Cougars: Nice, Nice
4 Coyote: Insides EP
4 Craig Taborn: Junk Magic
4 The Creatures: Hai
4 Crippled Pilgrims: Down Here: Collected Recordings 1983-1985
4 Cristina: Doll in the Box
4 Cristina: Sleep it Off (reissue)
4 Criteria: When We Break
4 Crooked Fingers: Red Devil Dawn
4 Crooked Fingers: Dignity and Shame
4 The Crystal Method: Community Service II
4 Crystal Skulls: Blocked Numbers
4 The Cure: The Cure
4 Cursive: The Ugly Organ
4 Cursive: The Difference Between Houses and Homes (Lost Songs and Loose Ends 1995-2001)
4 Curumin: Achados e Perdidos
4 Cyann and Ben: Happy Like an Autumn Tree
4 Cyne: Evolution Fight
4 Cynthia G. Mason: S/T
4 Cyro Baptista: Beat the Donkey
4 The D4: 6Twenty
4 Da Lata: Serious
4 Daedelus: Exquisite Corpse
4 Daft Punk: Human After All
4 Dakah Hip-Hop Orchestra: San Francisco Debut [Live]
4 Dalek: Absence
4 Damian "Jr Gong" Marley: Welcome To Jamrock
4 Damien Jurado: On My Way to Absence
4 Damien Rice: O
4 Damon Aaron: Ballast
4 The Dandy Warhols: Welcome to the Monkey House
4 Danger Doom: The Mouse and the Mask
4 Danger Mouse: The Grey Album
4 Danger Mouse and Jemini: Ghetto Pop Life
4 Dani Siciliano: Likes ...
4 Daniel Carter and Reuben Radding: Luminescence
4 Daniel Johnston: The Late Great Daniel Johnston: Discovered Covered
4 The Darkness: One Way Ticket to Hell � And Back
4 The Darkness: Permission to Land
4 Daughter: Skin
4 David Axelrod: The Edge: David Axelrod at Capitol Records 1966-1970
4 David Bowie: Stage
4 David Bowie: David Live (Reissue; originally released 1974)
4 David Cross: It's Not Funny
4 David Dondero: Live at the Hemlock
4 David Dondero: The Transient
4 David S. Ware Quartet: Freedom Suite
4 David S. Ware String Ensemble: Threads
4 De La Soul: The Grind Date
4 Dead Kennedys: Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables: 25th Anniversary Edition
4 Dead Meadow: Shivering King and Others
4 Dead Meadow: Feathers
4 Dead Prez: RBG: Revolutionary but Gangsta
4 Dead Prez: Get Free or Die Tryin'
4 The Dead Science: Frost Giant
4 The Deadly Snakes: Porcella
4 Deadman: Our Eternal Ghosts
4 The Dears: Protest EP
4 The Dears: No Cities Left
4 Death By Stereo: Into the Valley of Death
4 Death Cab for Cutie: Plans
4 Death Cab for Cutie: Transatlanticism
4 Death Comet Crew: This Is Riphop
4 Death From Above 1979: Romance Bloody Romance
4 Death from Above 1979: You're a Woman, I'm a Machine
4 The Deathray Davies: The Kick and the Snare
4 Decahedron: Disconnection_Imminent
4 The Decemberists: 5 Songs
4 The Decemberists: Picaresque
4 The Decemberists: Her Majesty, the Decemberists
4 Decibully: City of Festivals
4 Deep Thinkers: Necks Move
4 Deerhoof: Milk Man
4 Deerhoof: Green Cosmos EP
4 Deerhoof: Apple O'
4 Delays: Faded Seaside Glamour
4 The Delgados: Universal Audio
4 Delia Gonzalez & Gavin Russom: The Days of Mars
4 Denali: The Instinct
4 Dennis Driscoll: Voices in the Fog
4 Dennis Young: Old Dog: New Tricks
4 Desert Sessions: Desert Sessions 9 and 10
4 Despistado: The Emergency Response
4 Destroyer: Your Blues
4 Destroyer: Big City Sin and Small Town Redemption
4 Destroyer: This Night
4 Destroyer: Notorious Lightning and Other Works
4 Destruction Made Simple: Terror Stricken Youth
4 Devendra Banhart: Cripple Crow
4 Devendra Banhart: Nino Rojo
4 Devendra Banhart: Rejoicing in the Hands
4 Devin Davis: Lonely People of the World, Unite!
4 Devin the Dude: To tha X-Treme
4 Diamond Nights: Popsicle
4 Diffuser: Making the Grade
4 Dillinger Escape Plan: Miss Machine
4 Dinosaur Jr.: Dinosaur; You're Living All Over Me; Bug (reissues)
4 Dios (Malos): Dios (Malos)
4 Diplo: Florida
4 Diplo: FabricLive 24
4 The Diplomats: Diplomatic Immunity 2
4 Dipset: More Than Music Vol. 1
4 The Dirty Dozen Brass Band: Funeral for a Friend
4 Dirty Lucy: Dark Green
4 Dirty on Purpose: Sleep Late for a Better Tomorrow
4 Dirty Projectors: The Getty Address
4 Dirty Vegas Sound System: A Night at the Tables
4 The Dismemberment Plan: A People's History of the Dismemberment Plan
4 Diverse: One A.M.
4 Dizzee Rascal: Boy in da Corner
4 Dizzee Rascal: Showtime
4 DJ Brokenwindow: Parallel Universe #2
4 DJ Cappel & Smitty: Blue Eyes Meets Bed-Stuy
4 DJ Frane: Electric Garden of Delights
4 DJ Jazzy Jeff: Hip-hop Forever Vol. II
4 DJ Krush: Jaku
4 DJ Krush: The Message at the Depths
4 DJ Mutamassik: High Alert
4 DJ Nobody: And Everything Else
4 DJ Nu-Mark and Pomo: Blend Crafters
4 DJ Rels: Theme for a Broken Soul
4 DJ Rhettmatic: Exclusive Collection
4 DJ Shadow: Endtroducing ... [Deluxe Edition]
4 DJ Spair: Hip-Hop's Best Kept Secret (The Old Skool) Vol. 1
4 DJ Spooky: Celestial Mechanix: The Blue Series Mastermix
4 DJ Spooky: Dubtometry
4 DJ Spooky vs. Dave Lombardo: Drums of Death
4 DJ Spooky vs. Twilight Circus: Riddim Clash
4 DJ Vadim: U.S.S.R.: The Art of Listening
4 DJ Wally: Nothing Stays the Same
4 Djinji Brown: The Rest Is History
4 Djinji Brown: Uncle Junior's Friday Fish Fry
4 DMBQ: Essential Sounds From the Far East
4 DMX: Grand Champ
4 Dogs Die in Hot Cars: Please Describe Yourself
4 Dollhouse: The Rock and Soul Circus
4 The Double: Loose in the Air
4 Doveman: The Acrobat
4 Doves: Some Cities
4 Dr. Dog: Easy Beat
4 Drake: Equation Dirty
4 Drake: Mid-Life Compression EP
4 Draw Tippy: Draw Tippy
4 The Dreadful Yawns: The Dreadful Yawns
4 Dressy Bessy: Electrified
4 Dropkick Murphys: Blackout
4 Drugmoney: Mtn Cty Junk
4 Dub Narcotic Sound System: Degenerate Introduction
4 Dub Pistols: Six Million Ways to Live
4 Dudley Perkins: A 'Lil Light
4 Dungen: Ta Det Lugnt
4 Duvall: Volume and Density
4 Dwele: Some Kinda
4 Dykehouse: Midrange
4 Dykehouse: Chain Smoking
4 Earlimart: Treble and Tremble
4 Early Day Miners: The Sonograph EP
4 Early Man: Closing In
4 Earth: Living in the Gleam of an Unsheathed Sword
4 East New York Ensemble De Music: At the Helm (reissue)
4 East River Pipe: Garbageheads on Endless Stun
4 Echo and the Bunnymen: Siberia
4 Ed Harcourt: Strangers
4 Edan: Beauty and the Beat
4 Editors: The Back Room
4 Eels: Blinking Lights and Other Revelations
4 Efterklang: Springer EP
4 El Buzzard: Tranquilizante del Elefante
4 El-P: High Water
4 El-P: Collecting the Kid
4 Elbow: Cast of Thousands
4 The Elected: Me First
4 The Elected: Sun, Sun, Sun
4 Electrelane: Axes
4 Electrelane: The Power Out
4 Electric Six: Fire
4 Elefant: Sunlight Makes Me Paranoid
4 Eleni Mandell: Afternoon
4 Elf Power: Walking With the Beggar Boys
4 Ellen Allien: Berlinette
4 Ellen Allien: Thrills
4 Elliott Smith: From a Basement on the Hill
4 Eluvium: Talk Amongst the Trees
4 Eluvium: Lambent Material
4 Elvis Costello: Cruel Smile
4 Elvis Costello and the Imposters: The Delivery Man
4 Embrace: Out of Nothing
4 Emiliana Torrini: Fisherman's Woman
4 Eminem: Curtain Call
4 Eminem: Encore
4 Emperor X: Central Hug/Friendarmy/Fractaldunes
4 Emperor X: Tectonic Membrane/Thin Strip on an Edgeless Platform
4 Encore: Layover
4 Endless Struggle: 'Till the End
4 Engine Down: Engine Down
4 Enon: Lost Marbles and Exploded Evidence
4 Enon: Hocus Pocus
4 Envy: A Dead Sinking Story
4 Erase Errata: At Crystal Palace
4 Erasure: Other People's Songs
4 Eric Roberson: The Vault: Vol. 1.5
4 Erland Oye: Unrest
4 Erlend Oye: DJ Kicks
4 Error: Error EP
4 Essential Logic: Fanfare in the Garden: An Essential Logic Collection
4 Essex Green: The Long Goodbye
4 Ester Drang: Infinite Keys
4 Esthero: Wikkid Lil' Grrrls
4 Eszter Balint: Mud
4 Europa 51: Abstractions
4 The Evens: The Evens
4 Evergreen: Evergreen
4 The Ex: Singles. Period. The Vinyl Years: 1980-1990
4 Ex Models: Zoo Psychology
4 The Explosion: Black Tape
4 Explosions in the Sky: How Strange, Innocence
4 The Exposures: Lost Recordings 2000-2004
4 Eyeball Skeleton: No. 1
4 Eyedea and Abilities: E and A
4 Eyvind Kang: Virginal Co-Ordinates
4 F-Minus: Wake Up Screaming
4 F.o.N.: Adventures in Boredom
4 The Faint: Wet from Birth
4 The Fall: 50,000 Fall Fans Can't Be Wrong ... 39 Golden Greats
4 The Fall: The Real New Fall LP (Formerly 'Country on the Click')
4 The Fall of Troy: Doppelganger
4 Fancey: Fancey
4 Fannypack: So Stylistic
4 Farm Fresh: Time Is Running Out
4 Fat Joe: All or Nothing
4 Fatboy Slim: Palookaville
4 Fatlip: TheLoneliest Punk
4 Faust vs. Dalek: Derbe Respect, Alder
4 The Faux: The Faux EP
4 Federation X: Rally Day
4 Federico Aubele: Grand Hotel Buenos Aires
4 Feeder: Comfort in Sound
4 Feist: Let It Die
4 Felix da Housecat: Devin Dazzle and the Neon Fever
4 Felt: Felt 2: A Tribute to Lisa Bonet
4 The Fever: Pink on Pink EP
4 The Fiction: I Told Her That I Like Living in a Box
4 The Fictions: Le Traitor
4 The Fiery Furnaces: Rehearsing My Choir
4 Fiery Furnaces: Blueberry Boat
4 Fiery Furnaces: EP
4 Figurine: The Heartfelt (reissue)
4 Fiona Apple: Extraordinary Machine (with Mike Elizondo), Extraordinary Machine (with Jon Brion)
4 Firewater: Songs We Should Have Written
4 Fischerspooner: #1
4 Fischerspooner: Odyssey
4 Fixer: Bend
4 The Flaming Lips: Zaireeka
4 The Flaming Lips: The Fight Test EP
4 The Flaming Lips: Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots
4 The Flash Express: Introducing the Dynamite Sounds Of
4 The Flesh: Death Connection
4 The Flesh: The Flesh
4 Floetry: Flo'Ology
4 Flogging Molly: Within a Mile of Home
4 Fly Pan Am: N'Ecoutez Pas
4 The Flying Luttenbachers: The Void
4 Foetus: Love
4 Fog: 10th Avenue Freakout
4 Foo Fighters: In Your Honor
4 Forcefield: Roggaboggas
4 Foreign Exchange: Connected
4 Fountains of Wayne: Welcome Interstate Managers
4 Four Tet: Rounds
4 Four Tet: Everything Ecstatic
4 Four Tet: My Angel Rocks Back and Forth
4 Frank Black: Honeycomb
4 Frank Black: Frankblackfrancis
4 Franz Ferdinand: Franz Ferdinand
4 Franz Ferdinand: You Could Have It So Much Better
4 Freakwater: Thinking of You
4 The French: Local Information
4 French Kicks: The Trial of the Century
4 Friends of Dean Martinez: Lost Horizon (2.5), Live At Club 2 (3.0)
4 Friends of Dean Martinez: Random Harvest
4 Frog Eyes: The Folded Palm
4 From First to Last: Dear Diary, My Teen Angst Has a Body Count
4 The Frontline: Now You Know
4 Fruit Bats: Mouthfuls
4 Fruit Bats: Spelled In Bones
4 Fuck: Those Are Not My Bongos
4 Fuck: Singles Club 4
4 Fun Loving Criminals: Welcome to Poppy's
4 Funkstorung: Disconnected
4 The Futureheads: The Futureheads
4 Galactic: Ruckus
4 The Game: The Documentary
4 Gameface: Four to Go
4 Gang of Four: Entertainment! [Remastered and Expanded]
4 Gang Starr: The Ownerz
4 Garbage: Bleed Like Me
4 Gary Jules: Trading Snakeoil for Wolftickets
4 Gary Wilson: Forgotten Lovers
4 GB: Soundtrack for Sunrise
4 Gemma Hayes: Night on My Side
4 General Elektriks: Cliquety Kliqk
4 Get Fucked: Get Fucked
4 Geto Boys: The Foundation
4 Ghislain Poirier: Breakupdown
4 Giant Drag: Hearts and Unicorns
4 Giardini di Miro: Hits for Broken Hearts and Asses
4 Gift of Gab: 4th Dimensional Rocketships Going Up
4 Gillian Welch: Soul Journey
4 The Giraffes: Tje Giraffes
4 Githead: Profile
4 Give Up the Ghost: We're Down 'Til We're Underground
4 Glass Candy: Glass Candy and The Shattered Theatre
4 The Go Find: Miami
4 The Go! Team: Thunder, Lightning, Strike
4 Goblin Cock: Bagged and Boarded
4 God Lives Underwater: Up off the Floor
4 Gogogo Airheart: Rats! Sing! Sing!
4 Gold Chains: Young Miss America
4 Gold Chains and Sue Cie: When the World Was Our Friend
4 Goldfrapp: Black Cherry
4 Goldmund: Corduroy Road
4 Goldrush: Ozona
4 Gomez: Out West [Live]
4 The Good Life: Album of the Year
4 The Goodie Mob: One Monkey Don't Stop No Show
4 Gorillaz: Demon Days
4 Gospel: The Moon Is a Dead World
4 The Gossip: Undead in NYC
4 The Gossip: Movement
4 Gotan Project: La Revancha del Tango
4 Graham Coxon: Happiness in Magazines
4 Grand Buffet: Five Years of Fireworks
4 Grandaddy: Artist's Choice: Below the Radio
4 Grandaddy: Excerpts from the Diary of Todd Zilla
4 Grandpaboy: Dead Man Shake
4 Gravy Train!!!!: Hello Doctor
4 Grayskul: Deadlivers
4 Great Lake Swimmers: Bodies and Minds
4 The Great Redneck Hope: Behold the Fuck Thunder
4 Green Day: 1,039 Smoothed-Out Slappy Hours (reissue; originally issued 1991)
4 Green Day: American Idiot
4 The Greenhornes: East Grand Blues EP
4 Greenhouse Effect: Columbus or Bust
4 Greg Davis and Sebastien Roux: Paquet Surprise
4 The Gris Gris: For the Season
4 Grizzly Bear: Horn of Plenty (The Remixes)
4 Grizzly Bear: Horn of Plenty
4 Group Sounds: Shadows and Substance
4 Gruff Rhys: Yr Atal Genhedlaeth
4 Guerilla Black: Hearts of Fire Mixtape
4 Guided By Voices: Human Amusement at Hourly Rates: The Best of Guided by Voices
4 Guided By Voices: Half Smiles of the Decomposed
4 Guided By Voices: Earthquake Glue
4 Guitar Wolf: Golden Black
4 Guitar Wolf: Loverock
4 GZA vs. Muggs: Grandmasters
4 Gza/Genius: Legend of the Liquid Sword
4 Haiku D'Etat: Coup de Theatre
4 Hail Social: Hail Social
4 Hall and Oates: Do It For Love
4 Handsome Boy Modeling School: White People
4 Hangar 8: The Multi-Platinum Debut Album
4 Hannah Marcus: Desert Farmers
4 Hanne Hukkelberg: Cast Anchor EP
4 Har Mar Superstar: The Handler
4 Hatebreed: Rise of Brutality
4 Haven: Between the Senses
4 Haymarket Riot: Mog
4 Head of Femur: Hysterical Stars
4 Headphones: Headphones
4 Heartless Bastards: Stairs and Elevators
4 Heat Sensor: Touch
4 The Heavenly States: The Heavenly States
4 Heavy Trash: Heavy Trash
4 Hella: Total Bugs Bunny on Wild Bass
4 Hella: Homeboy EP/Concentration Face DVD
4 Hella: Church Gone Wild/Chirpin' Hard
4 Helmet: Size Matters
4 Helmet: Unsung: The Best of Helmet (1991-1997)
4 Her Space Holiday: The Young Machines Remixed
4 Her Space Holiday: The Past Presents the Future
4 Hexstatic: Listen and Learn
4 Hexstatic: Salvador [DVD Single]
4 Hexstatic: Master View
4 Hey Mercedes: The Weekend EP
4 The Hidden Cameras: Mississauga Goddam
4 The High and Mighty: The Highlite Zone
4 High Contrast: High Society
4 High Priest: Book of Keys
4 High School Mustache: Things That Were Blue
4 The High Speed Scene: The High Speed Scene
4 Hint: Portakabin Fever
4 Hint Hint: Young Days
4 The Hives: Tyrannosaurus Hives
4 Hockey Night: Keep Guessin'
4 Hollertronix: Never Scared
4 Holly Golightly: Truly She is None Other
4 Holly Golightly: Slowly But Surely
4 Holopaw: Quit +/or Fight
4 The Holy Shroud: Ghost Repeaters
4 Home Video: That You Might 10"
4 Homelife: Guru Man Hubcap Lady
4 The Hong Kong: Rock the Faces
4 The Honorary Title: Anything Else but the Truth
4 Hood: Outside Closer
4 Hot Chip: Coming on Strong
4 Hot Cross: Cryonics
4 Hot Hot Heat: Elevator
4 Hot Rod Circuit: Reality's Coming Through
4 Hot Snakes: Audit in Progress
4 Hot Snakes: Suicide Invoice
4 Hot Water Music: The New What Next
4 Howard Hello: Don't Drink His Blood
4 Hrvatski: Swarm and Dither
4 Human Eye: Human Eye
4 Hurry-Up Offense: Labor Day EP
4 I Am Kloot: I Am Kloot
4 I Am the World Trade Center: The Cover Up
4 The Icarus Line: Penance Soiree
4 Icebird: Magnitude
4 ID and Sleeper: Displacement
4 Iggy Pop: A Million in Prizes: The Iggy Pop Anthology
4 Ill Ease: The Exorcist
4 Illogic: Celestial Clockwork
4 Ima Robot: Ima Robot
4 Immortal Lee County Killers: Love is a Powerful Charm of Trouble
4 The Immortal Lee County Killers: These Bones Will Rise to Love You Again
4 Immortal Lee County Killers: Upwards
4 Inara George: All Rise
4 Incubus: A Crow Left of the Murder
4 Induce: Cycle
4 Infinite Livez: Center of Attention
4 Infinite Livez: Bush Meat
4 The Inflatablemen: Primitive Instinct
4 Innaway: Innaway
4 Inouk: No Danger
4 Interpol: Antics
4 Interpol: Turn on the Bright Lights
4 Intro5pect: Intro5pect
4 Invisible: Invisible
4 Iron and Wine: Woman King EP
4 Iron and Wine: The Creek Drank the Cradle
4 Iron and Wine: The Sea and Rhythm EP
4 Iron and Wine: Our Endless Numbered Days
4 Iron and Wine / Calexico: In the Reins
4 Isobel Campbell: Amorino
4 Ivy: In the Clear
4 The Izzys: Fast and Out of Control Wins the Race
4 J-Live: Always Will Be
4 J-Live: The Hear After
4 J-Zone: A Job Ain't Nuthin But Work
4 Jack Johnson: In Between Dreams
4 Jackie-O Motherfucker: Fig. 5; Liberation (Reissues)
4 Jadakiss: Kiss of Death
4 Jae Millz: 2005 Is Mine (mixtape)
4 James Lavelle: Global Underground No. 26: Romania
4 James T. Cotton: The Dancing Box
4 James Taylor: Carthage Milk
4 James Yorkston: Someplace Simple EP
4 James Zabiela: Renaissance Presents Utilities
4 Jamie Foxx: Unpredictable
4 Jamie Lidell: Multiply
4 Jamie McLean: This Time Around
4 Jane: Berserker
4 Jane's Addiction: Strays
4 Japanther: Dump the Body in Rikki Lake
4 Jason Forrest: Shamelessly Exciting
4 Jason Molina: Pyramid Electric Co.
4 Jawbreaker: Dear You [Expanded]
4 Jay Farrar: Stone, Steel, and Bright Lights
4 Jay-Z: The Black Album
4 Jaylib: Champion Sound
4 Jazzanova: Mixing
4 Jazzanova: Blue Note Trip
4 The Je Ne Sais Quoi: Secret Language
4 Jean Grae: The Grae Files
4 Jean Grae: This Week
4 Jedi Mind Tricks: Legacy of Blood
4 Jeff Hanson: Jeff Hanson
4 Jennifer Gentle: Valende
4 Jens Lekman: Oh You�re so Silent Jens
4 Jesse Harris and the Ferdinandos: The Secret Sun
4 Jesu: Jesu
4 Jets to Brazil: Perfecting Lonliness
4 Jim Guthrie: Now, More than Ever
4 Jim Jones: On My Way to Church
4 Jim Yoshii Pile-Up: Picks Us Apart
4 Jimi Hendrix: Stockholm Concert '69
4 Jimmy Eat World: Futures
4 Jimmy Eat World: Stay On My Side Tonight EP
4 Joan of Arc: Joan of Arc, Dick Cheney, Mark Twain
4 Joan of Arc: Presents Guitar Duets
4 The Joggers: Solid Guild
4 The Joggers: With a Cape and a Cane
4 Johann Johannsson: Dis
4 The John and Spencer Booze Explosion: The John and Spencer Booze Explosion
4 John Butler Trio: Living
4 John Cale: BlackAcetate
4 John Digweed: Fabric 20
4 John Doe: Popular Fallacies
4 John Parish: Once Upon a Little Time
4 John Tejada: Logic Memory Center
4 John Vanderslice: Pixel Revolt
4 John Wilkes Booze: Telescopic Eyes Glance the Future Sick
4 Johnny Marr + the Healers: Boomslang
4 Jon Brion: I Heart Huckabees Soundtrack
4 Jonny Lives!: Tabloid Nation
4 Jose Gonzalez: Veneer
4 Josh Rouse: 1972
4 Joy Zipper: American Whip
4 The Juan MacLean: Less Than Human
4 Juelz Santana: From Me to U
4 Jukeboxer: In the Food Chain
4 Just A Fire: Light Up
4 Just Jack: The Outer Marker
4 K-OS: Joyful Rebellion
4 K-OS: Exit
4 Kaiser Chiefs: Employment
4 Kammerflimmer Kollektief: Cicadidae
4 Kanye West: Kon the Louis Vuitton Don
4 Kanye West: The College Dropout
4 Kanye West: Late Registration
4 Kaos: Hello Stranger
4 The Karl Hendricks Trio: The Jerks Win Again
4 The Karminsky Experience Inc.: The Power of Suggestion
4 Karsh Kale: Liberation
4 Kasabian: Kasabian
4 Kate Bush: Aerial
4 Ken Stringfellow: Soft Commands
4 Kenna: New Sacred Cow
4 Keren Ann: Nolita
4 The Kevins: The Kevins
4 Khonnor: Handwriting
4 The Kicks: Hello Hong Kong
4 Kid Dakota: The West is the Future
4 Kid Dynamite: Cheap Shots, Youth Anthems
4 Kid Koala: Some of My Best Friends Are DJs
4 Kid Spatula: Meast
4 Kieth Fullerton Whitman: Playthroughs
4 Kill Me Tomorrow: The Garbageman and the Prostitute
4 Killing Joke: Killing Joke [2003]
4 The Kills: No Wow
4 The Kills: Keep on Your Mean Side
4 Kiln: Sunbox
4 King Geedorah: Take Me to Your Leader
4 King Khan & The BBQ Show: King Khan & The BBQ Show
4 King Missile III: Royal Launch
4 Kings of Convenience: Riot on an Empty Street
4 Kings of Leon: Holy Roller Novocaine EP
4 Kings of Leon: Youth and Young Manhood
4 Kings of Leon: Aha Shake Heartbreak
4 Kinky: Atlas
4 Kinski: Alpine Static
4 Kiss Me Deadly: Misty Medley
4 Kon and Amir: Uncle Junior's Fish Fry: The Cleaning
4 Koop: Waltz for Koop: Alternative Takes
4 Koushik: Be With
4 Kraftwerk: Minimum-Maximum
4 Kristin Hersh: The Grotto
4 KRS-One: Keep Right
4 Kudu: Death of the Party
4 Kurt Rosenwinkel: Heartcore
4 KutMasta Kurt: Redneck Games
4 Lab Waste: Zwarte Achtegrond
4 Lady and Bird: Lady and Bird
4 Lady Sovereign: Vertically Challenged
4 Ladybug Mecca: Trip the Light Fantastic
4 The Ladybug Transistor: The Ladybug Transistor
4 Ladytron: Witching Hour
4 Laguardia: Welcome to the Middle
4 Laibach: Anthems
4 Laika: Wherever I Am I Am What Is Missing
4 Lake Trout: Another One Lost
4 Lake Trout: Not Them, You
4 Lali Puna: Faking the Books
4 Lali Puna: I Thought I Was Over That
4 Lambchop and Hands Off Cuba: CoLAB EP
4 Langhorne Slim: Electric Love Letter EP
4 Languis: The Four Walls
4 Lars Frederiksen and the Bastards: Viking
4 The Last Emperor: Music, Magic, Myth
4 Laura Cantrell: Humming by the Flowered Vine
4 Laura Veirs: Year of Meteors
4 Laurent Garnier: 30
4 Laurent Garnier: The Cloud Making Machine
4 Lazarus: Songs for an Unborn Son
4 Lazy American Workers: Surf Lake Erie
4 LCD Soundsystem: Yr City's a Sucker (single)
4 LCD Soundsystem: LCD Soundsystem
4 Le Tigre: This Island
4 The Legends: Up Against the Legends
4 Leo Kottke/Mike Gordon: Sixty Six Steps
4 Les Sans Culottes: Fixation Orale
4 Les Savy Fav: Inches
4 Liam Lynch: Fake Songs
4 Liars: They Were Wrong, So We Drowned
4 Liars: Fins to Make Us More Fish-like
4 The Libertines: The Libertines
4 The Libertines: Up the Bracket
4 Lightning Bolt: Hypermagic Mountain
4 Lightning Bolt: Wonderful Rainbow
4 Likwit Junkies: Likwit Junkies
4 Lil Jon and the East Side Boyz: Crunk Juice
4 Lil' Kim: The Naked Truth
4 Lil' Wayne: Tha Carter II
4 Lilium: Short Stories
4 Lindsay Lohan: Speak
4 Lion Fever: Lustre
4 Lisa Gerrard/Patrick Cassidy: Immortal Memory
4 Lisa Shaw: Cherry
4 Little Brother: The Minstrel Show
4 Little Brother: The Chitlin Circuit 1.5
4 Living Colour: CollideOscope
4 Living Legends: Classic
4 Living Things: Ahead of the Lions
4 Liz Durrett: Husk
4 Liz Janes: Poison and Snakes
4 Liz Janes & Create (!): Liz Janes & Create (!)
4 Liz Phair: Somebody's Miracle
4 Liz Phair: Liz Phair
4 Lloyd Banks: The Hunger for More
4 The Locust: Follow the Flock, Step in Shit
4 The Locust: Safety Second, Body Last
4 The Locust: Plague Soundscapes
4 Loka: Beginningless
4 Longwave: The Strangest Things
4 Longwave: There's a Fire
4 Loose Fur: Loose Fur
4 Lords of Acid: Greatest Tits
4 Loretta Lynn: Van Lear Rose
4 The Lost Patrol Band: The Lost Patrol Band
4 Lou Barlow: Emoh
4 Loudermilk: The Red Record
4 Louis Logic: Sin-A-Matic
4 Louis XIV: Illegal Tender
4 Love as Laughter: Laughter's Fifth
4 The Lovemakers: Times of Romance
4 The Lovetones: Meditations
4 Low Frequency In Stereo: Traveling Ants Who Got Eaten By Moskus
4 Lucero: Nobody�s Darlings
4 Lucinda Williams: Live at the Fillmore
4 Ludacris: Chicken-n-Beer
4 Ludacris: Red Light District
4 Luna: Rendezvous
4 Lyrics Born: Same !@#$ Different Day
4 The M's: The M's
4 M.I.A.: Arular
4 M.I.A.: Piracy Funds Terrorism Vol. 1
4 M.O.P.: Mash Out Posse
4 M.Sayyid: Outside the Box 12"
4 M.Ward: Transfiguration of Vincent
4 M83: Before the Dawn Heals Us
4 Macha: Forget Tomorrow
4 Madagascar: Forced March
4 Madball: Legacy
4 Madlib: Shades of Blue
4 Madvillain: Madvillainy
4 The Mae Shi: Heartbeeps
4 The Magnetic Fields: On Your Side
4 The Magnetic Fields: i
4 Major Stars: 4
4 Make Believe: Make Believe
4 The Makers: Everybody Rise!
4 Malcolm Middleton: Into the Woods
4 Man Man: The Man in the Blue Turban with a Face
4 Mandarin Movie: Mandarin Movie
4 Mando Diao: Hurricane Bar
4 Mando Diao: Bring 'em In
4 Manitoba: Up in Flames
4 Manual: Azure Vista
4 Marah: If You Didn�t Laugh, You�d Cry
4 Maria Taylor: 11:11
4 The Mark Lanegan Band: Bubblegum
4 Mark Lanegan Band: Here Comes that Weird Chill
4 Markus Wormstorm: Markus Wormstorm EP
4 Mars Black: Folks Music
4 The Mars Volta: De-Loused in the Comatorium
4 The Mars Volta: Frances the Mute
4 The Mars Volta: Scab Dates
4 Martina Topley-Bird: Anything
4 Mary J. Blige: The Breakthrough
4 Mary Timony: Ex Hex
4 Marz: Wir Sind Hier
4 Masha Qrella: Luck/Unsolved Remained
4 Mason Jennings: Use Your Voice
4 Massive Attack: 100th Window
4 Masta Ace: A Long Hot Summer
4 Masta Killa: No Said Date
4 Matchbook Romance: Stories and Alibis
4 Mates of State: Team Boo
4 Mates of State: All Day EP
4 Matmos: The Civil War
4 Matt Elliott: Drinking Songs
4 Matt Elliott: The Mess We Made
4 Matt Pond PA: The Nature of Maps
4 Matt Pond PA: Winter Songs
4 Matt Pond PA: Emblems
4 Matt Sharp: Matt Sharp
4 Matt Suggs: Amigo Row
4 Matthew Dear: Leave Luck to Heaven
4 Matthew Dear: Backstroke
4 Matthew Herbert: Plat du Jour
4 Matthew Shipp: Equilibrium
4 Matthew Shipp: Harmony and Abyss
4 Max Richter: The Blue Notebooks
4 Maximo Park: A Certain Trigger
4 MC Chris: Eating's Not Cheating
4 McEnroe and Birdapres: Nothing is Cool
4 McEnroe and Pip Skid: Disenfranchised 2/Funny Farm 2
4 McLusky: The Difference Between You and Me Is I'm Not On Fire
4 Measels Mumps Rubella: Fountain of Youth
4 MED: Push Comes to Shove
4 Melk: Sports
4 Memphis: I Dreamed We Fell Apart
4 Memphis Bleek: M.A.D.E.
4 Memphis Bleek: 534
4 The Mendoza Line: Full of Light and Fire
4 Meow Meow: Snow Gas Bones
4 Metric: Live It Out
4 Metropolitan: Down For You Is Up
4 MF Doom: MM..Food?
4 MF Grimm: The Downfall of Ibliys: A Ghetto Opera
4 Mice Parade: Obrigado Saudade
4 Mice Parade Bem-Vinda Vontade: Bem-Vinda Vontade
4 Midnight Movies: Midnight Movies
4 Midwest Product: World Series of Love
4 Migala: La Increible Aventura
4 Miguel Migs: Get Salted Vol. 1
4 Mike Boo: Dunhill Drone Committee
4 Mike Doughty: Skittish/Rockity Roll
4 Mike Doughty: Haughty Melodic
4 Mike Ladd: Negrophilia
4 Mike Park: For the Love of Music
4 Millionaire: Outside the Simian Flock
4 Milosh: You Make Me Feel
4 Mind State of the Art: Mind State of the Art
4 The Minders: The Future Is Always Perfect
4 Ministry: Houses of the Mole
4 Minotaur Shock: Maritime
4 Minus the Bear: Menos El Oso
4 Mission of Burma: Onoffon
4 Missy Elliott: The Cookbook
4 Mobb Deep: Free Agents
4 Mobb Deep: Amerikaz Nightmare
4 Mobius Band: The Loving Sound of Static
4 Modest Mouse: Good News for People Who Like Bad News
4 Modey Lemon: The Curious City
4 Mogwai: Happy Songs for Happy People
4 Mogwai: Ten Rapid (Reissue; Orig. release 1997)
4 Mogwai: Government Commissions: BBC Sessions 1996-2003
4 Moistboyz: IV
4 Mojave: Spoon and Rafter
4 Monade: A Few Steps More
4 Monolith: Walking Cloud and Deep Red Sky, Flag Fluttered and the Sun Shined
4 Monolith: Here Comes the Monolith
4 Moore Brothers: Now Is the Time for Love
4 Morningwood: Morningwood
4 Morrissey: You Are the Quarry
4 Morrissey: Irish Blood, English Heart
4 Morrissey: Live at Earls Court
4 Mos Def: The New Danger
4 Most Precious Blood: Merciless
4 The Most Serene Republic: Underwater Cinematographer
4 Motion City Soundtrack: I Am the Movie
4 Motown Remixed: Motown Remixed
4 The Mountain Goats: The Sunset Tree
4 The Mountain Goats: We Shall All Be Healed
4 Mountaineers: Messy Century
4 Mouse on Mars: Radical Connector
4 Mouse on Mars: Live04
4 Moving Units: Dangerous Dreams
4 Mozez: So Still
4 Mr. Scruff: Keep It Solid Steel (Part One)
4 Mr. Scruff: Mrs Cruff
4 Mt. Egypt: Perspectives
4 Mu: Out of Breach (Manchester's Revenge)
4 Mu-Ziq: Bilious Paths
4 Much the Same: Quitters Never Win
4 Mudville: S/T EP
4 Mugison: Mugimama, Is This Monkey Music?
4 Mum: Summer Make Good
4 Mumbles: A Book of Human Beats
4 Murder City Devils: R.I.P. (live)
4 Murs: The End of the Beginning
4 Murs - The 9th Edition: Murs 3:16: The 9th Edition
4 Musiq: Soulstar
4 My Morning Jacket: Z
4 My Morning Jacket: It Still Moves
4 Nada Surf: Let Go
4 Nada Surf: The Weight Is a Gift
4 Napoleon Dynamite Soundtrack: Napoleon Dynamite Soundtrack
4 Nas: Street's Disciple
4 Nas: God's Son
4 Nate Ruth: Whatever It Meant
4 The National: Alligator
4 National Vinyl Association: Straight from the Crates, Vol. 1
4 The Natural History: Beat Beat Heartbeat
4 The Nazz: Open Our Eyes: The Anthology
4 Need New Body: Where's Black Ben
4 Negativland: No Business
4 Neko Case: The Tigers Have Spoken
4 Neko Case: Blacklisted
4 Neon: Neon
4 Neon Blonde: Headlines EP
4 Neotropic: White Rabbits
4 The Neptunes: The Neptunes Present...Clones
4 Neurosis: The Eye of Every Storm
4 Neutrino: Neutrino
4 Neva Dinova: The Hate Yourself Change
4 New Mexican Disaster Squad: New Mexican Disaster Squad
4 The New Pornographers: Twin Cinema
4 The New Pornographers: Electric Version
4 Nice Nice: Chrome
4 Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: Nocturama
4 Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: B-sides and Rarities
4 Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: Abattoir Blues/The Lyre of Orpheus
4 Nick Drake: Made to Love Magic
4 Nickel Creek: Why Should The Fire Die?
4 Nicolay: City Lights 1.5
4 Nightmare of You: Nightmare of You
4 Nine Black Alps: Nine Black Alps EP
4 Nine Horses: Snow Borne Sorrow
4 Ninja High School: Young Adults Against Suicide
4 Nirvana: Sliver: Best of the Box
4 Nitrada: We Don't Know Why But We Do It
4 No-Neck Blues Band: Qvaris
4 Noba: Man With a Briefcase
4 Nobukazu Takemura: Assembler
4 North Mississippi Allstars: Polaris
4 North Mississippi Allstars: Hill Country Review: Live at Bonnaroo
4 Northern State: Dying In Stereo
4 Northstar: Bobby Digital Presents Northstar
4 Nottz Presents DMP: The Teamsta Mixtape
4 Numbers: Ee-Uh!
4 Numbers: In My Mind All the Time
4 Numbers: Death
4 O.C.: Smoke and Mirrors
4 O.C.: Starchild
4 Oasis: Don't Believe the Truth
4 The Occasion: The Occasion
4 Ocean Colour Scene: North Atlantic Drift
4 OCS: 3 and 4
4 The Octopus Project: One Ten Hundred Thousand Million
4 Odd Nosdam: Burner
4 Of Montreal: The Sunlandic Twins
4 Of Montreal: Aldhils Arboretum (Reissue; Originally released in 2001)
4 Oh No: The Disrupt
4 Okkervil River: Black Sheep Boy Appendix
4 Old 97's: Alive & Wired
4 Olympic Hopefuls: The Fuses Refuse to Burn
4 Omar A. Rodriguez-Lopez: A Manual Dexterity: Soundtrack Volume One
4 Omega One: The Lo-Fi Chronicles
4 The One A.M. Radio: A Name Writ in Water
4 The One A.M. Radio: On the Shore of the Wide World
4 One Be Lo: S.O.N.O.G.R.A.M.
4 One Self: Children of Possibilities
4 One Star Hotel: One Star Hotel
4 Oneida: Each One Teach One
4 Oneida: Nice/Splittin' Peaches
4 Oneida: The Wedding
4 Oneida: Heart Like a River
4 OOIOO: Gold and Green
4 The Opus: Breathing Lessons
4 Orange: Welcome to the World Of�
4 Oranger: New Comes and Goes
4 Out Hud: Let Us Never Speak of It Again
4 Out Hud: S.T.R.E.E.T D.A.D.
4 Outerspace: Blood and Ashes
4 OutKast: The Love Below/Speakerboxxx
4 Outputmessage: Oneiros EP
4 P.G. Six: The Well of Memory
4 Paint It Black: Paradise
4 Paint It Black: CVA
4 Palaxy Tracks: Twelve Rooms
4 Paloalto: Heroes and Villians
4 Palomar: Palomar III: Revenge of Palomar
4 Panda Bear: Young Prayer
4 Pansy Division: Total Entertainment
4 Panthers: Things Are Strange
4 Paradise Boys: Your Love/Gonna Make You Mine
4 Parlour: Hives Fives EP
4 Parlour: Googler
4 Pattern Is Movement: The (Im)possibility of Longing
4 Paul Van Dyk: Reflections
4 Paul Van Dyk: Global
4 Paul Wall: The People's Champ
4 Pavement: Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain (reissue)
4 Peaches: Fatherfucker
4 Pearlene: Murder Blues and Prayer
4 Pedro the Lion: Achilles' Heel
4 Pelican: The Fire In Our Throats Will Beckon the Thaw
4 Pennywise: From the Ashes
4 The Peppermints: Jesus Chryst
4 The Perceptionists: Black Dialogue
4 Pernice Brothers: Yours, Mine and Ours
4 Pete Rock: Soul Survivor II
4 Pete Yorn: Day I Forgot
4 Petey Pablo: Still Writing in My Diary, 2nd Entry
4 Petra Haden: Petra Haden Sings: The Who Sell Out
4 Phantom Planet: Phantom Planet
4 Phoenix: Alphabetical
4 Piebald: We are the only friends we have
4 Pilot Balloon: Ghastly Good Cheer
4 Pinback: Summer in Abaddon
4 Pink Grease: This Is for Real
4 Pitbull: Money Is Still a Major Issue
4 PJ Harvey: Uh Huh Her
4 Placebo: Sleeping With Ghosts
4 Placebo: Once More With Feeling
4 Plan A Project: Plan A Project
4 Planet Asia: The Grand Opening
4 The Plastic Constellations: Mazatlan
4 Plastic Little: F.O.I.L. (I Rock) Seven-Inch
4 Plastikman: Closer
4 The Pleased: Don't Make Things
4 Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower: Love in the Fascist Brothel
4 Pole: Pole
4 Pole Position: XO
4 The Polyphonic Spree: The Beginning Stages Of...
4 The Polyphonic Spree: Together We're Heavy
4 Polysics: Neu
4 Ponies in the Surf: A Demonstration
4 Pony Up!: Pony Up! EP
4 The Ponys: Celebration Castle
4 The Ponys: Laced with Romance
4 Portastatic: Bright Ideas
4 Portastatic: The Summer of the Shark
4 The Postal Service: Give Up
4 Praful: One Day Deep
4 The Prefects: Are Amateur Wankers
4 Prefuse 73: Extinguished
4 Prefuse 73: Surrounded by Silence
4 Prefuse 73: One Word Extinguisher
4 Prefuse 73: Prefuse 73 Reads the Books
4 The Presidents of the United States: Love Everybody
4 Preston School of Industry: Monsoon
4 Pretty Girls Make Graves: The New Romance
4 Prince Paul: Politics of the Business
4 Prince Po: Hold Dat (Richard X Mixes) 12"
4 Pro Forma: Self-Titled EP
4 Probot: Probot
4 Prodigal Sunn: The Return of the Prodigal Sunn
4 The Prodigy: Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned
4 Project Blowed: Presents the Good Brothers
4 Prosaics: Aghast Agape
4 Psapp: Tiger, My Friend
4 Pseudo Heroes: Prison of Small Perception
4 Pulley: Matters
4 Pumpkinhead: Orange Moon Over Brooklyn
4 Puppyhertz: Animal Squad
4 Purple City: Road to the Riches: The Best of the Purple City Mixtapes
4 Q and Not U: Power
4 Quasi: Hot Shit
4 Quasimoto: The Further Adventures of Lord Quas
4 Queens of the Stone Age: Lullabies to Paralyze
4 Quincy Jones and Bill Cosby: The New Mixes Vol. 1
4 Quintron: Are You Ready for an Organ Solo?
4 R.A. the Rugged Man: Die, Rugged Man, Die
4 R.E.M.: Out of Time (reissue; orig. released in 1991)
4 R.E.M.: Green; Monster (reissues)
4 Rachel Fuller: Cigarettes and Housework
4 Rachel Goswell: Waves are Universal
4 Rachel Yamagata: Rachel Yamagata EP
4 Rachel Yamagata: Happenstance
4 Rachel's: Systems/Layers
4 Radar Bros.: The Fallen Leaf Pages
4 Radian: Juxtaposition
4 Radio 4: Stealing of a Nation
4 Radioinactive and Antimc: Free Kamal
4 Rahim: Jungles
4 Rainer Maria: Long Knives Drawn
4 Randy: Welfare Problems
4 Rapper Big Pooh: Sleepers
4 The Rapture: Echoes
4 Rasputina: Frustration Plantation
4 Ratatat: Ratatat
4 Ratatat: Remixes, Vol. 1
4 The Raveonettes: Whip It On
4 The Raveonettes: Chain Gang of Love
4 The Raveonettes: Pretty in Black
4 Read Yellow: Read Yellow
4 Read Yellow: The Great Destroyer
4 The Real Tuesday Weld: The Return of the Clerkenwell Kid
4 Recipe for Sunblock: Songs through Screen Doors
4 Red Eyed Legends: The High I Feel When I'm Low EP
4 Red Knife Lottery: So Much Drama
4 Reggie and the Full Effect: Greatest Hits '84-'87 (Reissue)
4 Reggie and the Full Effect: Under the Tray ...
4 Regina Spektor: Soviet Kitsch
4 The Reindeer Section: Son of the Evil Reindeer
4 The Residents: Animal Lover
4 Reubens Accomplice: The Bull, the Balloon, and the Family
4 Reverend Charlie Jackson: God's Got It: The Legendary Booker and Jackson Singles
4 Rhett Miller: The Instigator
4 Ricardo Villalobos: The au Harem d�Archimede
4 Rich Robinson: Paper
4 Richard Devine: Asect:dsect
4 Rilo Kiley: More Adventurous
4 Ris Paul Ric: Purple Blaze
4 RJD2: Deadringer
4 RJD2: The Horror EP
4 RJD2: Since We Last Spoke
4 Rob Da Bank: Fabric 24
4 Rob Swift: Under the Influence
4 Rob Swift: Soulful Fruit
4 Robbers on High Street: Fine Lines EP
4 Robbers on High Street: Tree City
4 Robert Skoro: That These Things Could be Ours
4 The Robot Ate Me: Carousel Waltz
4 The Robot Ate Me: On Vacation (Re-release; originally released in 2004)
4 Rockethouse: Weapons of Mass Distortion
4 Rodney Hunter: The Hunter Files
4 The Rogers Sisters: Purely Evil
4 Rogue Wave: Out of the Shadows
4 Rogue Wave: Descended Like Vultures
4 Romanowski: Party in My Pants
4 Roni Size: Return to the V
4 The Roots: Phrenology
4 The Roots: The Tipping Point
4 Roots Manuva: Awfully Deep
4 The Rosebuds: Make Out
4 The Rosebuds: Birds Make Good Neighbors
4 Roy Ayers: Virgin Ubiquity II: Unreleased Recordings 1976-1981
4 Royce da 5'9": Death is Certain
4 Royksopp: The Understanding
4 Run-DMC: Run-D.M.C. (4.5), King of Rock (2.5), Raising Hell (2.5), Tougher Than Leather (3.0) (reissues)
4 The Rurals: A Rural Life
4 The Russian Futurists: Our Thickness
4 Ruth Ruth: Right About Now
4 Ryan Adams: Love is Hell, Part 2
4 Ryan Adams: 29
4 Ryan Adams and the Cardinals: Jacksonville City Lights
4 Ryan Adams and the Cardinals: Cold Roses
4 The RZA: Birth of a Prince
4 Rza and Keb Darge: The Kings of Funk
4 S.A. Smash: Meltdown
4 S.A. Smash: Smashy Trashy
4 S.E.V.A.: S.E.V.A.
4 S.T.U.N.: Evolution of Energy
4 Sadat X: Experience and Education
4 Sage Francis: A Healthy Distrust
4 Sahara Hotnights: Kiss and Tell
4 Saigon: Warning Shots: Street Classics and Freestyles
4 Saint Etienne: Travel Edition (1990-2005)
4 Samson and Sejour: Rock Rock Y'all
4 Sandy Dillon: Nobody's Sweetheart
4 Sarah Blasko: The Overture and the Underscore
4 Sasha: Fundacion
4 Sasha and John Digweed: Renaissance: The Mix Collection (Reissue: Originally released in 1994)
4 Saturday Looks Good To Me: Every Night
4 Saul Williams: Saul Williams
4 Savath and Savalas: Apropa't
4 Savath and Savalas: Manana
4 Saxon Shore: Luck Will Not Save Us From a Jackpot of Nothing
4 Say Hi To Your Mom: Ferocious Mopes
4 Scharpling and Wurster: Hippy Justice
4 Schneider TM: Reconfigures
4 Scientific American: Strong for the Future
4 Scissor Sisters: Scissor Sisters
4 Scout Niblett: Kidnapped by Neptune
4 Scout Niblett: I Conjure Series
4 Scratch Perverts: FabricLive 22: Scratch Perverts
4 The Sea and Cake: Pressure Chief
4 The Sea and Cake: One Bedroom
4 Seachange: Lay of the Land
4 Sean Paul: The Trinity
4 Sean Price: Monkey Barz
4 Secret Chiefs: Book of Horizons
4 The Secret Machines: The Road Leads Where It's Led EP
4 Secret Mommy: Very Rec
4 Selfmademan: The Daylight Robbery
4 The Selmanaires: Here Come the Selmanaires
4 Senses Fail: Let It Enfold You
4 Seu Jorge: Cru
4 Sharkey: Sharkey's Machine
4 Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings: Naturally
4 The Sharp Things: Here Comes the Sharp Things
4 The Sharp Things: Foxes and Hounds
4 Shikari: 1999-2003
4 The Shins: Chutes Too Narrow
4 The Shins - Fighting in a Sack EP: Fighting in a Sack EP
4 Shipping News: Flies the Fields
4 Short Circuits: The Rebel Sound of Hate and Fucking
4 Shout Out Louds: Howl Howl Gaff Gaff
4 Shrimp Boat: SOmething Grand
4 Shy Child: One With the Sun
4 Shyne: Godfather Buried Alive
4 Sia: Colour the Small One
4 Sightings: Arrived in Gold
4 The Sights: The Sights
4 Sigur Ros: ( )
4 Sigur Ros: Ba Ba Ti Ki Di Do
4 The Silos: When the Telephone Rings
4 Silver Jews: Tanglewood Numbers
4 Singapore Sling: Life is Killing My Rock �N� Roll
4 Single Frame: Body/End/Basement
4 The Six Parts Seven: Lost Notes from Forgotten Songs
4 The Six Parts Seven: Everywhere and Right Here
4 Sixtoo: Body Ache Summer EP
4 Sixty Stories: Anthem Red
4 Skalpel: Skalpel
4 Skalpel: Break Out Remix
4 Skrape: Up the Dose
4 The Slats: Pick It Up
4 Sleater-Kinney: One Beat
4 Sleater-Kinney: The Woods
4 Sleeping People: Sleeping People
4 The Sleepy Jackson: Lovers
4 Sleepytime Gorilla Museum: Of Natural History
4 Slicker: We All Have a Plan
4 Slim Thug: Already Platinum
4 Sloan: A Sides Win: Singles 1992-2005
4 Slow Train Soul: Illegal Cargo
4 Slum Village: Slum Village
4 Slum Village: Detroit Deli (A Taste of Detroit)
4 Slumber Party: 3
4 Smith and Mighty: Retrospective
4 Smog: Supper
4 Smoke and Smoke: Love Suffers Long
4 Smoking Popes: The Party's Over and Tribute
4 Snow Patrol: Final Straw
4 Sofa Surfers: See the Light
4 Soledad Brothers: Live
4 Soledad Brothers: Selling Live Water
4 Soltero: Hell Train
4 Solvent: Elevators and Oscillators
4 Some Girls: All My Friends Are Going Death
4 Son Volt: A Retrospective: 1995-2000
4 Sondre Lerche: Two Way Monologue
4 Sonic Liberation Front: Ashe A Go-Go
4 Sonic Youth: Koncertas Stan Brakhage Prisiminimui (SYR 6)
4 Sonic Youth - Sonic Nurse: Sonic Nurse
4 Sonna: Smile and the World Smiles With You
4 Sons and Daughters: Love the Cup
4 Sons and Daughters: The Repulsion Box
4 Sorry About Dresden: Let It Rest
4 Soul Position: 8 Million Stories
4 Soul-Junk: 1937: Soul-Junk Remixed
4 Sound Providers: An Evening with the Sound Providers
4 The Soundtrack of Our Lives: Origin Vol. 1
4 The Soundtrack of Our Lives: Behind the Music
4 Soundtrak: Soundtrak
4 South: With the Tides
4 Sparta: Wiretap Scars
4 Sparta: Porcelain
4 Spicy Rizzaks: Actually, No...This Is It!
4 The Spooks: Faster Than You Know ...
4 Spoon: Gimme Fiction
4 Spring Heel Jack: The Sweetness of the Water
4 Spring Heel Jack: Amassed
4 Squarepusher: Ultravisitor
4 Ssion: World's Worth
4 Stairwell: The Sounds of Change
4 The Standard: Albatross
4 The Star Spangles: Bazooka!!!
4 Star Strangled Bastards: Whose War Is It?
4 Starflyer 59: Talking Voice Vs. Singing Voice
4 Starlight Mints: Built on Squares
4 Stars: Set Yourself on Fire
4 Stars: Heart
4 Starving Artist Crew: Up Pops the SAC
4 State Property: Chain Gang, Vol. II
4 Statistics: Statistics
4 Statistics: Leave Your Name
4 Stellastarr*: Stellastarr*
4 Stephan Mathieu: On Tape
4 Stephen Malkmus: Face the Truth
4 Stereo Total: Do the Bambi
4 Stereolab: Margerine Eclipse
4 Stereolab: Instant O in the Universe
4 Stereophonics: Language. Sex. Violence. Other?
4 Steve Burns: Songs for Dustmites
4 The Stills: Logic Will Break Your Heart
4 The Stills: Rememberese
4 The Stooges: The Stooges [Deluxe Edition]
4 The Stooges: Fun House [Deluxe Edition]
4 The Streets: Original Pirate Material
4 The Streets: All Got Our Runnins
4 The Streets: A Grand Don't Come For Free
4 Stretch Arm Strong: Free At Last
4 Strike Anywhere: Exit English
4 The Strokes: Room on Fire
4 The Strokes: First Impressions of Earth
4 Subtitle: Young Dangerous Heart
4 Sufjan Stevens: Seven Swans
4 Sufjan Stevens: A Sun Came (2nd Edition)
4 Sufjan Stevens: Illinois
4 Summer Hymns: Clemency
4 Sun Kil Moon: Ghosts of the Great Highway
4 The Sunshine Fix: Green Imagination
4 The Sunshine Fix: Blame it on the Youth
4 Super Furry Animals: Love Kraft
4 Super Furry Animals: Phantom Power
4 Super Numeri: Great Avaries
4 Superchunk: Cup of Sand
4 Superchunk: A Page of Madness
4 Supergrass: Road to Rouen
4 Supernatural: The Lost Freestyle Files
4 Superpitcher: Here Comes Love
4 Supersuckers: Motherfuckers Be Trippin'
4 Supersystem: Always Never Again
4 Super_Collider: Raw Digits
4 Sushirobo: The Light-Fingered Feeling of Sushirobo
4 Susumu Yokota & Rothko: Distant Sounds of Summer
4 Switchfoot: The Beautiful Letdown
4 Swords: Metropolis
4 The Sylmarillion: The Sylmarillion
4 Symbolyc and Illmind: The Art of One Mind
4 System of a Down: Mesmerize
4 T. Raumschmiere: Blitzkrieg Pop
4 T.I.: Urban Legend Chopped and Screwed
4 T.I.: Urban Legend
4 T.I.: Trap Muzik
4 T.Raumschmiere Radio Blackout: Radio Blackout
4 Tabula Rasa: The Role of Smith
4 Tajai: The Power Movement
4 Talib Kweli: The Beautiful Mixtape
4 Talib Kweli: Quality
4 Talib Kweli: Right About Now
4 Talib Kweli: The Beautiful Struggle
4 Tangiers: The Family Myth
4 Tanya Donelly: Whiskey Tango Ghosts
4 Tarantula AD: Atlantic
4 Tarentel: We Move Through Weather
4 Tariq L.: Beatz in My Lifetime
4 Teairra Mari: Roc-A-Fella Records Presents Teairra Mari
4 Team Shadetek: Burnerism
4 Team Sleep: Team Sleep
4 Ted Leo: Shake the Sheets
4 Ted Leo: Treble in Trouble (reissue)
4 Teenage Fanclub: Four Thousand Seven Hundred and Sixty-Six Seconds: A Shortcut to Teenage Fanclub
4 Teenage Fanclub: Man-Made
4 Tegan and Sara: So Jealous
4 Teitur: Poetry and Aeroplanes
4 Telefon Tel Aviv: Map of What is Effortless
4 Ten Benson: Benson Burner
4 Ten Grand: This is the Way to Rule
4 Tenement Halls: Knitting Needles and Bicycle Bells
4 Text Adventure: The Golden Portion
4 Thavius Beck (Adlib): Decomposition
4 Thee Shams: Sign the Line
4 Theo Parrish: Parallel Dimensions
4 Theodore Unit: 718
4 The Thermals: Fuckin' A
4 These Arms Are Snakes: Oxeneers or The Lion Sleeps When Its Antelope Go Home
4 Thievery Corporation The Cosmic Game: The Cosmic Game
4 Thievery Corporation The Outernational Sound: The Outernational Sound
4 This Moment in Black History: Midwesterncuttalistick
4 Thomas Fehlmann: Lowflow
4 Thought Riot: Sketches of an Undying Will
4 Thrice: The Artist in the Ambulance
4 The Thrills: Let's Bottle Bohemia
4 Throbbing Gristle: The Taste of TG
4 Throwing Muses: Throwing Muses
4 Thunderbirds Are Now!: Justamustache
4 Tiger Mountain: Analog Heads Gone French
4 Tigerella: Tigerella
4 Tim Berne: The Sublime And
4 Tim Kinsella: Crucifix Swastika
4 Timo Maas: Pictures
4 Tom Brosseau: What I Mean to Say Is Goodbye
4 Tom Vek: We Have Sound
4 Tom Waits: Real Gone
4 Tomahawk: Mit Gas
4 Tommy Guerrero: Soul Food Taqueria
4 Tony Touch: The Piece Maker 2
4 Too Short: What's My Favorite Word
4 Tora! Tora! Torrance!: Get Into It
4 Tori Amos: The Beekeeper
4 Tortoise/Bonnie "Prince" Billy: The Brave and The Bold
4 Tosca: J.A.C.
4 Tracy and the Plastics: Culture for Pigeon
4 Tragedy Khadafi: Still Reportin'
4 Trail of Dead: The Secret of Elena's Tomb
4 Trailer Bride: Hope is a Thing with Feathers
4 Transistor Transistor/Wolves: Split EP
4 Transplants: Transplants
4 Trashcan Sinatras: Weightlifting
4 Trenchmouth: More Motion: A Collection
4 Tresspassers William: Different Stars
4 Trevor Lissauer: Transit Plaza
4 Triosk: Moment Returns
4 Tristeza: A Colores
4 Tristeza: Espuma
4 Troy Gregory: Laura
4 Truth Enola: 6 O'Clock Straight
4 Tsar: Band-Girls-Money
4 Turbonegro: Ass Cobra and Apocalypse Dudes (reissues)
4 Turin Brakes: Ether Song
4 Turin Brakes Jack in a Box: JackInABox
4 Turing Machine: Zwei
4 Tussle: Kling Klang
4 TV on the Radio: Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes
4 Twilight Singers: Blackberry Belle
4 Twilight Singers: She Loves You
4 Twine: Twine
4 Twista: Kamikaze
4 Two Lone Swordsmen: From the Double Gone Chapel
4 U-God: Mr. Xcitement
4 U.S. Bombs: Covert Action
4 U2: How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb
4 Ugly Duckling: Taste the Secret
4 Ulrich Schnauss: A Strangely Isolated Place
4 The UN: UN or U Out
4 The Unicorns: Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone?
4 The Unicorns: 2014 b/w Emasculate the Masculine
4 Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start: Perris, CA
4 Us3: Questions
4 V/A: DFA Compilation No. 1
4 V/A: DFA Compilation No. 2
4 V/A: Eveything Comes and Goes
4 V/A: Spectral Sound Vol. 1
4 V/A: Look At All The Love We Found: A Tribute to Sublime
4 V/A: Impeach the Precedent
4 V/A: My Summer of Love
4 V/A: 80 Records and We're Not Broke (Yet)
4 V/A: Live from Bonnaroo 2004
4 V/A Barsuk Compilation: Treats
4 V/A The Beat Generation: The Beat Generation
4 V/A Buy Indie Music: Buy Indie Music Compilation
4 V/A Camp movie soundtrack: Camp movie soundtrack
4 V/A Channel: Channel 3: A Compilation of Output Recordings
4 V/A Def Jamaica: Red Star Sounds Presents Def Jamaica
4 V/A Def Jux: Definitive Jux Presents 3
4 V/A Jade Tree Sampler: Jade Tree Sampler
4 V/A Mike Nardone: We Came From Beyond Vol. 2
4 V/A Traveler '03: Traveler '03 -- The Year's Best in Global Grooves
4 V/A-28 Days Later: Soundtrack
4 V/A: The Free Design: The Free Design: The Now Sound Redesigned
4 V/A: Impulsive Compilation: Impulsive!
4 V/A: N�o Wave Revisited EP: N�o Wave Revisited EP
4 V/A: New Thing!: New Thing!
4 V/A: NYC Subway: NYC Subway: Songs from the Underground
4 V/A: Run the Road: Run the Road
4 V/A: Six Feet Under Vol. 2: Everything Ends
4 V/A: Think Differently Music: Wu-Tang Meets Indie Culture
4 The Vacancy: The Vacancy EP
4 The VaGiants: Short and Hard
4 Various 5RC Compilation: If the Twenty-First Century Didn't Exist It Would Be Necessary to Invent It
4 Various Anchorman: Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy
4 Various Artists: Supercuts
4 Various Artists: Compulation Volume One: Songs from North Carolina
4 Various Artists: Cradle 2 The Grave Soundtrack
4 Various Artists: World Psychedelic Classics 3: Love's a Real Thing: The Funky Fuzzy Sounds of West Africa
4 Various Artists - The Third Unheard: The Third Unheard: Connecticut Hip-Hop 1979-1983
4 Various Artists Merge Records: Survive and Advance: Vol. 3
4 Various Artists Punk O Rama: Punk O Rama Vol. 8
4 Various Artists Saddle Creek: Saddle Creek 50
4 Various Artists Soul Supreme Compilation: The Saturday Night Agenda
4 Various Artists Temporary Residence: TRR50 Thank You
4 Various Artists Thirsty Ear: The Blue Series Sampler: The Shape of Jazz to Come
4 Various Blue Note Revisited: Blue Note Revisited
4 Various Brazil Remixed: Brazil Remixed
4 Various Charmed Soundtrack: Private Music
4 Various Collateral Soundtrack: Collateral Original Soundtrack
4 Various Confuse Yr Idols: Confuse Yr Idols: A Tribute to Sonic Youth
4 Various Death Before Disco: Death Before Disco
4 Various Give 'Em the Boot IV: Give 'Em the Boot IV
4 Various Grime: Grime 2
4 Various Grime: Grime
4 Various Hip-Hop Senegal: African Underground Vol. 1: Hip-Hop Senegal
4 Various Jawbreaker Tribute: Bad Scene, Everyone's Fault
4 Various The Last Minute Soundtrack: The Last Minute Soundtrack
4 Various The Leaf Label Sampler: Delivery Room
4 Various Left of the Dial: Left of the Dial: Dispatches from the '80s Underground
4 Various Merge Compilation: Old Enough 2 Know Better
4 Various Narnack Records: Narnack Records Is � A Fist-First Sampler of New Music
4 Various The Noise and the City: The Noise and the City
4 Various Roc-a-Fella: The ROC Files Vol. 1
4 Various Secret Crush: Stamp Collecting (for Beginners)
4 Various Sounds Eclectic Vol.: KCRW: Sounds Eclectic Vol. 3
4 Various Stones Throw: Stones Throw 101
4 Various Studio Classics: Studio One Classics
4 Various Susstone Compilation: Where Will We Go?
4 Various Take Action Vol.: Take Action Vol. 3
4 Various Tracks and Fields: Tracks and Fields
4 Various We Came From Beyond Vol.: Mike Nardone Presents We Came From Beyond Vol. 2
4 Various You Don't Know the Half: Halftooth Records Presents: You Don't Know the Half
4 Vast Aire: Look Mom ... No Hands
4 Vast Aire and Mighty Mi: The Best Damn Rap Show
4 Vaz: Dying to Meet You
4 Venetian Snares: Huge Chrome Cylinder Box Unfolding
4 Venomous Concept: Retroactive Abortion
4 Venue: Caught On Film
4 Verbena: La Musica Negra
4 The Verve: This Is Music: The Singles '92-'98
4 Vervein: The Weather Inside
4 Vetiver: Vetiver
4 VHS or Beta: Night on Fire
4 Via Tania: True EP
4 Vic Chesnutt: Ghetto Bells
4 Viktor Vaughn: Vaudeville Villain
4 Vincent and Mr. Green: Vincent and Mr. Green
4 Vinny Miller: On the Block
4 Vitesse: You Win Again Gravity
4 Volebeats: Country Favorites
4 The Von Bondies: Raw and Rare
4 The Von Bondies: Pawn Shoppe Heart
4 Vordul Mega: The Revolution of Yung Havoks
4 The Vowels: In Cahoots with the Vowels
4 Voxtrot: Raised By Wolves
4 Vue: Babies Are for Petting
4 Vue: Down for Whatever
4 Wagon Christ: Sorry I Make You Lush
4 The Waifs: Up All Night
4 The Walkmen: Bows + Arrows
4 The Warlocks: Surgery
4 The Washdown: Yes to Everything
4 Wax Poetic: Nublu Sessions
4 The Waxwings: Let's Make Our Descent
4 We Are Scientists: With Love and Squalor
4 We Are Wolves: Non-Stop Je Te Plie En Deux
4 We Ragazzi: Wolves with Pretty Lips
4 The Weakerthans: Reconstruction Site
4 The Wedding Present: Take Fountain
4 The Wednesdays: You Will Gasp and They Will Breathe
4 Wellwater Conspiracy: Wellwater Conspiracy
4 West Indian Girl: West Indian Girl
4 Wevie Stonder: The Wooden Horse of Troy
4 What Made Milwaukee Famous: Trying Never to Catch Up
4 Wheat: Per second, per second, per second ... every second
4 White Light Motorcade: Thank You, Goodnight
4 The White Stripes: Elephant
4 The White Stripes: Get Behind Me Satan
4 The Whores: Rock Ya 'Til Ya Die
4 Why?: Oaklandazulasylum
4 Why?: Elephant Eyelash
4 Wilco: A Ghost Is Born
4 Wilco: Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
4 Wildchild: Secondary Protocol
4 William Parker Trio: Scrapbook
4 Willie Hightower: Willie Hightower
4 The Willowz: Talk in Circles
4 Willy Mason: Where the Humans Eat
4 Wire: Send
4 Wire - Wire on the Box 979: Wire on the Box: 1979
4 Wise and Foolish BUilders: Sleight of Hand
4 Wolf Colonel: Something/Everything!
4 Wolf Eyes: Burned Mind
4 Wolf Parade: Apologies to the Queen Mary
4 Wolf Parade: Wolf Parade
4 World Leader Pretend: Punches
4 World/Inferno Friendship Society: Hallomas Live at North Six
4 Woven Hand: Consider the Birds
4 Wrangler Brutes: Zulu
4 The Wrens: The Meadowlands
4 Wu-Tang Clan: Legend of the Wu-Tang: Wu-Tang Clan's Greatest Hits
4 X-Ecutioners: Revolutions
4 X27: Your Neu Favorite Band
4 XBXRX: Sixth in Sixes
4 Xiu Xiu: Fag Patrol
4 Xiu Xiu: La Foret
4 Xiu Xiu: Fabulous Muscles
4 Xiu Xiu/Devendra Banhart: The Body Breaks/Support Our Troops Oh!
4 Xzibit: Weapons of Mass Destruction
4 Yeah No: Swell Henry
4 Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Machine EP
4 Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Fever To Tell
4 Year Future: The Hidden Hand
4 Yellow Swans: Bring the Neon War Home
4 Yesterdays New Quintet: Stevie
4 Ying Yang Twins: Me and My Brother
4 Yo La Tengo: Prisoners of Love: A Smattering of Scintillating Senescent Songs, 1985-2003
4 Yo La Tengo: Today is the Day EP
4 Yo La Tengo: Summer Sun
4 You Am I: Deliverance
4 Young Buck: Straight Outta Cashville
4 Young Gunz: Tough Love
4 Young Heart Attack: Mouthful of Love EP
4 Young Jeezy: Let�s Get It: Thug Motivation 101
4 Young People: War Prayers
4 Z-Ro: Let the Truth Be Told
4 Z-Trip: Shifting Gears
4 The Zephyrs: Bright Yellow Flowers on a Dark Double Bed
4 Zero 7: When It Falls
4 Zion I: True and Livin'


4 13 And God: Doseone discusses his group�s eponymous debut
4 A.C. Newman: New Pornographers front man steps out, gorgeously
4 A.C. Newman: New Pornographers front man steps out, gorgeously
4 Adem: �I want to listen to music that hasn�t been made yet�
4 Adem: �I want to listen to music that hasn�t been made yet�
4 Adult.: Electric. Dance. Punk. Noise. Rock.
4 Adult.: Electric. Dance. Punk. Noise. Rock.
4 Aesop Rock: Reluctant Superhero: Part One
4 Aesop Rock: Reluctant Superhero: Part Two
4 Aesop Rock: Reluctant Superhero: Part Three
4 Alexandra Patsavas (O.C.): Music supervisor Alexandra Patsavas discusses The O.C. soundtrack
4 American Analog Set: Show Review (The Knitting Factory, Hollywood)
4 The Anniversary: On the road again
4 The Arcade Fire: Welded in personal experience
4 The Arcade Fire: Welded in personal experience
4 Arctic Monkeys: Aren't fooling around (Part 1 of 2)
4 Arctic Monkeys: Aren't fooling around (Part 2 of 2)
4 The Ataris: The Ataris settle in to a new sound
4 Autolux: Better living through noise
4 Autolux: Better living through noise
4 The Baldwin Brothers: File TVT Records artist the Baldwin Brothers under 'junktronic'
4 The Bangs: America purges its last ounce of dignity
4 The Best Albums of 2003: A look back at the best albums of the year
4 The Best Albums of 2004: A look back at the best albums of the year
4 The Best Albums of 2005: Staff Picks (Part 1 of 5)
4 The Best Albums of 2005: Staff Picks (Part 2 of 5)
4 The Best Albums of 2005: Staff Picks (Part 3 of 5)
4 The Best Albums of 2005: Staff Picks (Part 4 of 5)
4 The Best Albums of 2005: Staff Picks (Part 5 of 5)
4 The Best Albums of 2005: Picks 50 to 31
4 The Best Albums of 2005: Picks 30 to 11
4 The Best Albums of 2005: Picks 10 to 1
4 The Beta Band: Critical acclaim isn�t everything
4 The Beta Band: Critical acclaim isn�t everything
4 Black Dice: 'A really satisfying mind-fuck'
4 The Black Keys: Bring the rock on 'thickfreakness'
4 Blackalicious: Blackalicious brings it back home
4 Bloc Party: What are you bringing to the party?
4 Bloc Party: What are you bringing to the party?
4 Blockhead: Feeling his way
4 Blockhead: Feeling his way (Part 2 of 2)
4 The Blood Brothers: Seattle's angriest band is not so angry after all
4 The Blood Brothers: Seattle's angriest band is not so angry after all
4 The Breed Love Odyssey: Show Review (B.B. Kings Club, New York)
4 British Sea Power: British Sea Power is on the move
4 British Sea Power: Bigger sound, fewer tree branches
4 Broken Social Scene: The Ontario rock collective has arrived, better late than never
4 Brother Ali: Brother Ali refreshes hip-hop with new perspective
4 C-Rayz Walz: C-Rayz Walz is growing up, and it shows on Ravipops
4 Canyon: Canyon cuts through the D.C. scene with its expansive second album
4 Cave In: Out of their shells and onto the world's stage
4 Clinic: Don�t fear the men in surgical masks
4 Clinic: Don�t fear the men in surgical masks
4 Coachella: An in-depth report from the desert festival
4 Coachella: An in-depth report from the desert festival
4 Coachwhips: Throwing in the sweaty towel
4 Colder: Marc Nuygen Tan's post-punk audio/visual side project
4 Common: Common breaks barriers with Electric Circus
4 Common: Conscious or not, you just gotta be you
4 Common: Conscious or not, you just gotta be you
4 Consequence: From award tours to obscurity, and back
4 Cool Calm Pete: Slowed to an even burn
4 Cursive: On the road to tout their version of 'the Omaha sound'
4 Dabrye: Dabrye confirms that less is more
4 Daedelus: The exquisite producer will drink the new wine.
4 Daedelus: The exquisite producer will drink the new wine.
4 Death from Above 1979: Jesse Keeler and Sebastian Grainger want to keep you dancing
4 The Decemberists: Proving �pop� and �literate� aren�t mutually exclusive
4 The Decemberists: Proving �pop� and �literate� aren�t mutually exclusive
4 Deerhoof: Electroshock, infomercials and the Aztec calendar
4 Del Cielo: Keep Hope Alive
4 Delays: The Southampton quartet is content to find its own voice
4 Delays: The Southampton quartet is content to find its own voice
4 Devin the Dude: Your favorite rapper�s favorite rapper
4 Devin the Dude: Your favorite rapper�s favorite rapper
4 Diplo: Not your average hip-hop instrumentalist
4 East Village Radio: Because the regular radio just sucks
4 Edie Sedgwick: Culture/Trash
4 Edo. G: "Some Real Shit": Edo. G states his biz on friends and foes
4 Edo. G: "Some Real Shit": Edo. G states his biz on friends and foes
4 Encore: Redefining 'conscious rapper'
4 Encore: Redefining 'conscious rapper'
4 Erase Errata: Erase Errata challenges listeners to think outside the lines of dance, noise and rock
4 The Evens: Blessed, not lucky.
4 Explosions in the Sky: Infusing moody instrumental post-rock with positivity
4 Explosions in the Sky: Infusing moody instrumental post-rock with positivity
4 Eyedea and Abilities: Another reminder that Minneapolis ain't no joke
4 The Faint: More rock, more electronica
4 First Look 01.24.06: Heading to the record store? Here's what's new.
4 First Look 01.25.05: Heading to the record store this week? Here�s what�s new.
4 First Look 02.01.05: Heading to the record store? Here�s what�s new this week.
4 First Look 02.08.05: Heading to the record store? Here�s what�s new this week.
4 First Look 02.15.05: Heading to the record store? Here�s what�s new this week.
4 First Look 02.22.05: Heading to the record store? Here�s what�s new this week.
4 First Look 03.01.05: Heading to the record store? Here�s what�s new this week.
4 First Look 03.08.05: Heading to the record store? Here�s what�s new this week.
4 First Look 03.15.05: Heading to the record store? Here�s what�s new this week.
4 First Look 03.22.05: Heading to the record store? Here�s what�s new this week.
4 First Look 03.29.05: Heading to the record store? Here�s what�s new this week.
4 First Look 04.05.05: Heading to the record store? Here�s what�s new this week.
4 First Look 04.12.05: Heading to the record store? Here�s what�s new this week.
4 First Look 04.19.05: Heading to the record store? Here�s what�s new this week.
4 First Look 05.03.05: Heading to the record store? Here�s what�s new this week.
4 First Look 05.10.05: Heading to the record store? Here�s what�s new this week.
4 First Look 05.17.05: Heading to the record store? Here�s what�s new this week.
4 First Look 05.24.05: Heading to the record store? Here�s what�s new this week.
4 First Look 05.31.05: Heading to the record store? Here�s what�s new this week.
4 First Look 06.07.05: Heading to the record store? Here�s what�s new this week.
4 First Look 06.14.05: Heading to the record store? Here�s what�s new this week.
4 First Look 06.21.05: Heading to the record store? Here�s what�s new this week.
4 First Look 06.28.05: Heading to the record store? Here�s what�s new this week.
4 First Look 07.05.05: Heading to the record store? Here�s what�s new this week.
4 First Look 07.19.05: Heading to the record store? Here�s what�s new.
4 First Look 07.26.05: Heading to the record store? Here�s what�s new.
4 First Look 08.02.05: Heading to the record store? Here�s what�s new.
4 First Look 08.09.05: Heading to the record store? Here�s what�s new.
4 First Look 08.16.05: Heading to the record store? Here�s what�s new.
4 First Look 08.23.05: Heading to the record store? Here�s what�s new.
4 First Look 08.30.05: Heading to the record store? Here�s what�s new.
4 First Look 09.06.05: Heading to the record store? Here�s what�s new.
4 First Look 09.13.05: Heading to the record store? Here�s what�s new.
4 First Look 09.20.05: Heading to the record store? Here�s what�s new.
4 First Look 09.27.05: Heading to the record store? Here�s what�s new.
4 First Look 10.25.05: Heading to the record store? Here's what's new.
4 First Look 11.01.05: Heading to the record store? Here's what's new.
4 First Look 11.08.05: Heading to the record store? Here's what's new.
4 First Look 11.15.05: Heading to the record store? Here's what's new.
4 First Look: 10.04.05: Heading to the record store? Here�s what�s new.
4 First Look: 10.11.05: Heading to the record store? Here�s what�s new.
4 First Look: 10.18.05: Heading to the record store? Here's what's new.
4 Fly Pan Am:
4 Frog Holler: Frog Holler takes its small-town roots big time
4 Fruit Bats Mouthfuls: Sound evolution
4 Fruit Bats Mouthfuls: Sound evolution
4 The Futureheads: Challenging the mainstream
4 Gilles Peterson: Scanning the globe, one record at a time (Part 1 of 2)
4 Gilles Peterson: Scanning the globe, one record at a time (Part 2 of 2)
4 The Go! Team: They�ve got spirit
4 Gold Chains: Every track's a killer for San Francisco's Gold Chains
4 The Gossip: Part 2 of Tighe Wall's interview with the Gossip
4 Grandaddy: Jason Lytle made you a mixtape
4 Greg Dulli: St. Gregory returns as the 'Belle' of the ball
4 Greg Dulli: St. Gregory returns as the 'Belle' of the ball
4 Grizzly Bear: Not your average neo-folk band
4 Helen Stellar: Helen Stellar slips 'Below the Radar'
4 Hella: Show Review (The El Rey, Los Angeles)
4 The Hives: Stomping out new sounds, but they still don't play funk
4 The Hold Steady: Hanging in the balance
4 The Hold Steady: Hanging in the balance (Part 2 of 2)
4 Hot Cross: Straddling cacophony and melody
4 Hurricane Katrina Relief:
4 Ikara Colt: Not-So-Quietly Spreading Their Brand of Art-School Punk Rock
4 Immortal Technique: Revolution: Hip-hop
4 Iron and Wine: Part 1 of 2
4 Iron and Wine: Part 2 of 2
4 Iron and Wine: World's Greatest Dad
4 Irving: Southern California pop that makes Keanu Reeves green with envy
4 Irving: Southern California pop that makes Keanu Reeves green with envy
4 Jae Millz: You don't believe in Harlem World?
4 Jae Millz: You don't believe in Harlem World?
4 Jean Grae: She wants to move
4 Jean Grae: She wants to move
4 Jeff Tweedy: Show Review (Tribeca Perf Arts Center, New York)
4 Jin tha MC: Battle Tested
4 Jon Brion: Soundtracks to stardom
4 Jon Brion: Soundtracks to stardom
4 Jurassic 5: Jurassic 5's DJ Numark still sore after mistaken identity
4 KCDC Skateshop:
4 The Kinks: Preservation Society: The Golden Age of Rock�s forgotten album
4 The Kinks: �Cause hell, it can�t all be good
4 The Last Emperor: Despite the hold ups, Music, Magic, Myth isn't compromised
4 The Last Emperor: Despite the hold ups, Music, Magic, Myth isn't compromised
4 Le Tigre: Deconstruction/reconstruction: Raucous trio hits stride
4 Les Savy Fav: Sound Art
4 Les Savy Fav: Sound Art
4 Liars: An interview with guitarist Aaron Hemphill
4 The Libertines: A little volatility doesn�t hurt
4 The Libertines: A little volatility doesn�t hurt
4 Little Brother: More than just 'feel good' hip-hop
4 Living Legends: Legitimate business with Luckyiam.PSC
4 Lyrics Born: Life Is Good
4 Manitoba: Manitoba's a lot hotter than you think
4 Mark Gardener: Show Review (Knitting Factory, Los Angeles)
4 Mates of State: Mates of State asks others to join Team Boo
4 MC Paul Barman: MC Paul Barman: Hip-hop for Neologists
4 Mellowdrone: Caustic wit, fatal irony -- A Demonstration of Intellectual Property
4 MF Doom: Unconventional weaponry
4 Michael T: Michael T still knows how to throw a party
4 Mogwai: Mogwai returns with its visceral brand of cosmic rock
4 Nas: A look at a hip-hop masterpiece, ten years removed
4 National Hip-Hop Political Convention: Newark hosts first-ever National Hip-Hop Political Convention
4 Neva Dinova: Keep your chin up
4 Neva Dinova: Keep your chin up
4 NikeID Studio: Designer/consumer
4 Noise Pop Festival: Redefining 'counterculture' on the corner of Haight and Ashbury
4 Noise Pop Festival: Just your neighborhood music fest
4 Northern State: Three white girls from Long Island redefine hip-hop
4 NYC Free Summer Shows (2004): You're poor or cheap -- you should read this
4 NYC Free Summer Shows (2005): Prefix's summer of '05 free-show guide
4 Ondi Timoner: What�s not to Dig!?
4 Ondi Timoner: What�s not to Dig!?
4 Oxford Collapse: Every tour has a story
4 Oxford Collapse: Every tour has a story: Part Two
4 Oxford Collapse: Every tour has a story: Part Three
4 Oxford Collapse: Every tour has a story
4 Oxford Collapse: Every tour has a story
4 Pedal Steel Transmission: Chicago's Pedal Steel Transmission finds its focus
4 Pinback: Rob Crow doesn't want to fit in
4 Pinback: Rob Crow doesn't want to fit in
4 Planet Asia: � �Cause everybody got to be underground at one point.�
4 Planet Asia: � �Cause everybody got to be underground at one point.�
4 Platinum Pied Pipers: Part 1: Because somebody has to keep this shit alive
4 Platinum Pied Pipers: Part 2: Because somebody has to keep this shit alive
4 The Pleased: San Francisco's the Pleased reluctant to be typecast
4 Prefix Sneaker Vote now.: Scratch our back and we'll sratch yours.
4 Prefixmag Staff Picks:
4 Prefixmag Staff Picks: Part 1
4 Prefixmag Staff Picks: Part 2
4 Prefixmag Staff Picks: Part 3
4 Prefuse 73: Because seventy-three questions sounded like too much work
4 Pretty Girls Make Graves: 'We're sort of in the best place we can be'
4 Pretty Girls Make Graves: 'We're sort of in the best place we can be'
4 Prince Paul: Prince Paul is still making a name for himself: Part 2
4 Q and Not U: The D.C. �sound,� reinvigorated
4 Q and Not U: The D.C. �sound,� reinvigorated
4 Rainer Maria: Lit-rock juggernauts
4 The Realistics: The Realistics rock out -- and almost get arrested
4 Reggie and the Full Effect: James DeWees just wants to have fun
4 Reggie and the Full Effect: James DeWees just wants to have fun
4 Rhian Benson: Globetrotting, piano-playing, style-blending soul singer
4 Rhymefest: A star is born
4 Rich Medina: Keep your nose to the street
4 RJD2: For fans of hip-hop deejays, Rjd2's latest is dead on
4 Rogue Wave: From Shadows to spotlights
4 Roots Manuva: Keep it swinging (Part 1 of 2)
4 Roots Manuva: Keep it swinging (Part 2 of 2)
4 Royce da 5'9": The next big thing in hip-hop ... again?
4 Royce da 5'9": The next big thing in hip-hop ... again?
4 The Russian Futurists: Keep it gangsta
4 Sasha: No rest for the world's last 'rock-star deejay'
4 Saul Williams: Word Power
4 Serj Tankian: Serj Tankian blends rock and culture in Serart
4 Slum Village: Breaking bread with Elzhi
4 Slum Village: Breaking bread with Elzhi
4 The Soledad Brothers: Detroit's Soledad Brothers add faith, passion to the blues-rock revival
4 S�nar Festival: Always another party (again and again�)
4 S�nar Festival: Always another party (again and again�)
4 The Sons: The Sons shine bright on demo
4 Sons and Daughters: One part Scottish folk, one part blues, four parts Johnny Cash
4 Sons and Daughters: One part Scottish folk, one part blues, four parts Johnny Cash
4 Spoon: Dedication and innovation take Spoon to the top
4 Spoon: Show Review (Canes, San Diego)
4 The Standard: An Albatross lands, but will a phoenix rise?
4 Statistics: One-man-band Denver Dalley sets out with wide eyes
4 Stellastarr*: Stellastarr* stirs up New York's rock scene
4 Town and Country: A minimalist approach helps guide band's fifth release
4 Trail of Dead: ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead
4 Twista: Rapid-fire flows spark a rapid rise from obscurity
4 Twista: Rapid-fire flows spark a rapid rise from obscurity
4 The Unicorns: We spent an hour with these dudes and didn't find out dick
4 The Unicorns: We spent an hour with these dudes and didn't find out dick
4 The Unicorns: One-Horned Horses: 1; Prefix Pin-Kickers, 0
4 The Unicorns: One-Horned Horses: 1; Prefix Pin-Kickers, 0
4 Vast Aire: On his solo album, Can Ox emcee is still razor sharp
4 Vast Aire: On his solo album, Can Ox emcee is still razor sharp
4 Venue: Chris May does electro-synth pop, too
4 Verbena: Verbena returns after four years with La Musica Negra
4 The Von Bondies: Sometimes it's best not to hit back
4 The Walkmen: New album, new label. Same old really tall frontman.
4 The Warlocks: Let's get it on
4 We Are Wolves: Sometimes it's (not) all in a name
4 Wolf Parade: 'The hype can drive you crazy'
4 The Wrens: The Meadowlands isn't just the Jersey swamp anymore
4 The Wrens: The Meadowlands isn't just the Jersey swamp anymore
4 Xiu Xiu: (Brutal) Honesty Is Best
4 Xiu Xiu: (Brutal) Honesty Is Best
4 Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Karen O: 1,000,001 questions with Karen O: Part 1 of 2


4 Mark of Kri
4  NFL 2K3 vs. Madden 2003
4 The Getaway
4 NascarThunder 2003 vs. Need for Speed:Hot Pursuit 2
4 Grand Theft Auto: Vice City


4 Narc
4 28 Days Later
4 24 Hour Party People
4 Fruit of the Vine
4 Gerry
4 Laurel Canyon
4 Open Hearts (Elsker dig for Evigt)
4 Raising Victor Vargas
4 Talk To Her (Hable Con Ella)
4 Tears of the Sun
4 Willard
4 About Schmidt
4 Adaptation
4 City of God (Cidade de Deus)
4 Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
4 Daredevil
4 Empire
4 Frida
4 Love Liza
4 Punch-Drunk Love
4 Solaris
4 The Hours
4 The Pianist
4 Lost In Translation
4 Elephant
4 Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: God is in the House
4 The Weather Underground
4 The Office
4 Revenge of the Robots
4 The Work of Director Michel Gondry
4 The Simpsons: Hit and Run
4 Zen TV DVD: A Retrospective of Ninja Tune Videos
4 The United States of Leland
4 Coldplay Live DVD
4 The Work of Director Spike Jonze
4 David Cross: Let America Laugh
4 Buffy the Vampire Slayer
4 Dig!
4 Ween: Live In Chicago
4 Fahrenheit 9/11
4 This Is Circumstantial Evidence
4 Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Tell Me What Rockers to Swallow
4 Pixies DVD
4 Freestyle: The Art of Rhyme
4 Slayer: Still Reigning
4 The White Stripes: Under Blackpool Lights
4 Bob Dylan World Tour 1966: The Home Movies
4 Cat Power: Speaking for Trees
4 Drive by Truckers: Live at the 40 Watt
4 Elvis Costello and the Imposters [Club Date: Live in Memphis]
4 Morrissey: Who Put the 'M' in Manchester
4 Hieroglyphics [Live: Full Circle Tour DVD]
4 Jandek on Corwood
4 KRS Video Fanzine III
4 Pixies Sell Out DVD
4 The Warriors [Ultimate Director�s Cut]


4 90 Day Men, Beans, Tortoise: 90 Day Men, Beans, Tortoise
4 Aesop Rock, Mr. Lif, Facts , Murs, S.A. Smash: Aesop Rock, Mr. Lif, Facts One, Murs, S.A. Smash
4 Architecture in Helsinki Fingers Crossed: Architecture in Helsinki
4 The Bad Plus: The Bad Plus
4 Badly Drawn Boy: Badly Badly Drawn Boy
4 Badly Drawn Boy: @ The Showbox, Seattle
4 Beatriz Azevedo: Beatriz Azevedo
4 Beck and the Flaming Lips: Stepping Into Psychedelia
4 Ben Folds: Ben Folds Live
4 Black Dice and LCD Soundsystem: Black Dice and LCD Soundsystem
4 Blackalicious: Blackalicious Makes Davis Feel That Way
4 Bloc Party EP: Bloc Party
4 The Blood Brothers: The Blood Brothers
4 The Books: The Books at the Knitting Factory, Los Angeles
4 The Boredoms: The Boredoms
4 Boys from the Bronx: Boys from the Bronx
4 Bright Eyes/Neva Dinova: Gifted Or...
4 Bright Eyes/Neva Dinova: Bright Eyes
4 British Sea Power: British Sea Power
4 Calla/Cooper Temple Clause: Calla/Cooper Temple Clause
4 The Capitol Years Pussyfootin': The Capitol Years
4 The Cardigans: The Cardigans
4 Clearlake Cedars: Clearlake
4 Clinic: Clinic
4 CMJ Music Marathon Touch and Go Showcase: CMJ Music Marathon: Touch and Go Showcase
4 Coachella: Coachella: A brief look
4 The Coral: the Coral
4 Cyro Baptista's Beat the Donkey: Cyro Baptista's Beat the Donkey
4 Danger Mouse and Jemini: Danger Mouse and Jemini
4 Danzig and Doyle: Danzig and Doyle @ Blackest of the Black Tour 2005
4 David Bowie Stage: David Bowie: Man Who Rocks the World
4 The Decemberists Her Majesty, the Decemberists: The Decemberists
4 Devendra Banhart: Devendra Banhart
4 Doug Martsch: Doug Martsch Spills the Blues
4 Doves and Mercury Rev: Doves and Mercury Rev
4 Dungen: Dungen
4 Elliott Smith: Elliott Smith
4 ESG: Emerald Sapphire Gold
4 Explosions in the Sky: Explosions in the Sky
4 The Faint: The Faint
4 The Futureheads: The Futureheads
4 Gillian Welch: Gillian Welch @ The Fillmore
4 The Gris Gris: The Gris Gris @ Neumos, Seattle
4 Handsome Boy Modeling School: Handsome Boy Modeling School
4 The Hidden Cameras: The Hidden Cameras
4 Hieroglyphics: Live and Direct Tour
4 The Hold Steady: The Hold Steady with Love as Laughter and Sam Champion
4 Hot Hot Heat: Hot Hot Heat
4 Interpol: Reconstructing Interpol
4 Joan of Arc Joan of Arc, Dick Cheney, Mark Twain: Joan of Arc
4 Kings of Convenience: Kings of Convenience
4 Ladytron: Ladytron
4 Le Tigre: Le Tigre
4 Les Savy Fav: Up to Their Usual Hijinks
4 Liquid Liquid: Liquid Liquid Rhythyms
4 Little Brother The Chitlin Circuit .5: Little Brother
4 Liz Phair: Air
4 The Locust: The Locust
4 Lucinda Williams: Lucinda Williams Rocks Red Butte
4 M.I.A. Piracy Funds Terrorism: M.I.A. at the Echo
4 M83, Ulrich Schnauss: M83, Ulrich Schnauss
4 Mahjongg: Mahjongg
4 Matt Pond PA: Short and Very Sweet
4 MC Paul Barman and Whirlwind Heat: It Just Don't Compute
4 MF Doom and Brother Ali: MF Doom and Brother Ali
4 Minus the Bear/Headphones: Minus the Bear/Headphones @ The Casbah, San Diego
4 The Moldy Peaches and Danielson Famile: Moldy but Not Rotten
4 Morrissey: Morrissey
4 Mum: Mum
4 My Morning Jacket: My Morning Jacket @ The Theater of the Living Arts
4 The National: The National, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
4 Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Nocturama: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
4 North by Northeast: North by Northeast
4 Numbers - Death: Numbers. With Animal Collective and Trin Tran
4 Phantom Planet with Superdrag: Phantom Planet with Superdrag
4 Phoenix: Phoenix
4 Piebald, Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, Koufax: Pop-rock and Good Times
4 Prefuse 73 and Rjd2: Prefuse 73 and Rjd2
4 Prince Paul: Prince Paul
4 Q and Not U: Q and Not U
4 Radiohead, Jicks: Radiohead, Jicks
4 Rainer Maria: Like a Kickstand
4 The Rapture: The Rapture
4 Ratatat: Ratatat
4 Reggie and the Full Effect: Reggie and the Full Effect
4 Regina Spektor: Regina Spektor
4 Rocksteady Crew 5th Anniversary (Free Show):
4 Sage Francis: Sage Francis @ Henry Fonda Theater, Los Angeles
4 Saint Etienne and Dot Allison: Electronica from the British Isles
4 Slint: Slint
4 Sonic Youth and Wilco: Sonic Youth and Wilco
4 Spoon: Spoon
4 Stephen Malkmus: Stephen Malkmus
4 The Stooges: The Stooges at Bumbershoot
4 The Streets: The Streets
4 The Strokes and Jimmy Fallon: The Strokes and Jimmy Fallon
4 Suicide: Suicide
4 Tanya Donelly: Tanya Donelly
4 Ted Leo: Ted Leo
4 Tori Amos: Tori Amos
4 Trail of Dead: Trail of Dead
4 Turin Brakes: Brakes at Full Throttle
4 The Unicorns: The Unicorns
4 The Unicorns - Brooklyn, NY (4-14-04): The Unicorns - Brooklyn, NY (4-14-04)
4 Unlimited Sunshine Tour: Unlimited Sunshine Tour
4 V/A Def Jux: Def Jux
4 The Walkmen, with Inouk and the Capitol Years: The Walkmen
4 Zero 7: Zero 7
4 Zwan: Witness to Rebirth


4  !!! (Chk Chk Chk): Hello? Is This Thing On? (Video)
4  "G the Movie": Trailer (Video)
4  9 Lazy 9: Mini-Site
4  9 Lazy 9: The Come Up (prod. by Premier) (Video)
4  A Band of Bees: Chicken Payback (Video)
4  A.R.E. Weapons: Weakest Ones (Video)
4  Abandoned Pools: Armed To The Teeth (Audio)
4  Adult.: In My Nerves (Video)
4  Against Me!: Touch (Video)
4  Aimee Mann: She Really Wants You (unreleased acoustic track) (MP3)
4  Akon: Pot of Gold (Video Clip)
4  Alpinestars: Reunion (Video)
4  Animal Collective feat. Vashti Bunyan: Grass (Video)
4  Annie: Chewing Gum (Video)
4  Annie: Heartbeat (Video)
4  Anthrax: I Am The Law (Audio)
4  Antony and the Johnsons: You Are My Sister (Video)
4  Apollo Sunshine: Magnolia (MP3) (Right Click Save As)
4  Apollo Sunshine: Today Is the Day (MP3) (Right Click Save As)
4  Arctic Monkeys: I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor (Video)
4  Arctic Monkeys: When the Sun Goes Down (Video)
4  Arctic Monkeys: Love Machine (Girls Aloud Cover)
4  Arizona Amp and Alternator: Bottom of the Barrel (Video)
4  Armand Van Helden: When The Lights Go Down (Video)
4  Armand Van Helden: Into Your Eyes (Video)
4  Armor for Sleep: A Comprehensive Guide To Touring (DVD Trailer)
4  Armor for Sleep: The Truth About Heaven (Video)
4  Athlete: Half-Light (Video)
4  Autolux:
4  Autolux: Plantlife (Jimmy Kimmel Show) (Video)
4  Autolux: Turnstile Blues (Jimmy Kimmel Show) (Video)
4  Avant: You Know What (featuring Lil' Wayne) (Audio)
4  Avant: You Know What feat. Lil Wayne (Video)
4  Avant: 4 Minutes (Audio)
4  B.R.M.C.: Ain't No Easy Way (MP3) (Right Click Save As)
4  B.R.M.C.: Ain't No Easy Way (MP3) (Right Click Save As)
4  Babyshambles: Fuck Forever (Video)
4  Babyshambles: Albion (Video)
4  Be Your Own Pet: Let's Get Sandy (Video)
4  Beastie Boys: Brass Monkey (Live from MSG) (Video)
4  Beck: Guerolito (Preview)
4  Beck: Terremoto Tempo (Earthquake Weather, remix by Mario C) (Audio)
4  Beck: Girl (by Octet)
4  Beck: Ghost Range (remix by Homelife) (Audio)
4  Beck: Que Onda Guero (by Islands) (Audio)
4  Belle and Sebastian: Funny Little Frog (Video)
4  Ben Harper: This Bird Has Flown (Documentary Footage) (Video)
4  Beth Orton: Conceived (Video)
4  Beyonce: Check On It feat. Slim Thug (Video)
4  Big Daddy Kane: Hip Hop Honors Pt 2 (VH1) (Video)
4  Big Daddy Kane: Hip Hop Honors Pt 1 (VH1) (Video)
4  Big Tuck: Tussle (Audio)
4  Bizarre: Rockstar
4  Bizzy Bone: Hold Me Down (Audio)
4  Bjork Medulla: Push (Video)
4  Bjork Medulla: I Miss You (Video)
4  Black Heart Procession: Did You Wonder (Video)
4  Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: Ain't No Easy Way (Live Video)
4  Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Take Them On, On Your Own: Ain't No Easy Way (Video)
4  Black Rob: Ready (Audio)
4  Black Rob: Ready (Audio)
4  Black Rob: Star in the Hood (Video)
4  Black Rob: Black Rob Report (Album Stream)
4  Bloc Party: Two More Years (Video)
4  Bloc Party: DVD Trailer (Video)
4  Bloc Party EP: Helicopter (Video)
4  Bloc Party EP: Pioneers (Video)
4  Blood of Abraham: Calling All Citizens (Video)
4  Blood of Abraham: Paranoia Is Awareness (Audio)
4  Bodyrockers: Album Stream (Audio)
4  Bonnie Prince Billy: I Gave You (Video)
4  Bonobo: Live EP (Audio Preview)
4  The Boy Least Likely To: Be Gentle With Me (Video)
4  Brakes: Ring A Ding Ding (Video)
4  Brakes: All Nite Disco Party (Video)
4  Broadcast: Tender Button (Video)
4  Broken Social Scene: Ibi Dreams Of Pavement (Video)
4  Broken Spindles: The Distance is Nearsighted (MP3) (Right Click Save As)
4  Broken Spindles: Inward (MP3) (Right Click Save As)
4  Buck 65 Talkin' Honky Blues: Kennedy Killed the Cat (Video)
4  Bun B: Draped U (Audio)
4  Bun B: Draped Up (Video)
4  Bun B: Draped Up (Remix) (Video)
4  Busta Rhymes: Touch It (Audio)
4  C-Rayz Walz: Blackout feat. The Angel & The Preacher (Video)
4  Calexico: Alone Again Or (Live Video from ACL)
4  Calexico: World Drifts In (Live at the Barbican) (Video)
4  Calla Televise: It Dawned On Me video (Video)
4  The Casual Dots: Rap Game (Audio)
4  The Casual Dots: Say That Then (Audio)
4  Cat Power: The Greatest (MP3)
4  Celebration: War (Video)
4  Celebration: Audio Player
4  Chad VanGaalen: Infiniheart (Video)
4  Chad VanGaalen: Clinically Dead (MP3) (Right Click Save As)
4  The Chalets: No Style (Video)
4  The Chalets: Feel the Machine (Video)
4  Chamillionaire: Turn It Up feat. Lil� Flip (Audio)
4  Chamillionaire: Turn It Up feat. Lil� Flip (Audio)
4  Chariots: Hips Unite (Video)
4  Charlie Wilson: Behind the Scenes EPK (Video)
4  Charlie Wilson: Behind the Scenes EPK (Video)
4  Chris Brown: Run It (Video)
4  Clap Your Hands Say Yeah: In This Home On Ice (Conan O'Brien) (Video)
4  Clem Snide: A Parable (MP3)
4  Clem Snide: Joy To The World (MP3)
4  The Clientele: E.M.P.T.Y. (MP3)
4  Clinton Sparks and Kanye West: Touch The Sky (MP3 Sampler)
4  Coco Rosie: Noah's Ark (Video)
4  Coco Rosie: Noah's Ark (Video)
4  Coldcut: Mr Nichols (Video)
4  Coldcut: Mr Nichols (Video)
4  Coldcut: Everything Is Under Control feat. Mike Ladd and Jon Spencer (Video)
4  Coldcut: Sound Mirrors (Album Stream)
4  Coldplay: Talk (Video)
4  Coldplay A Rush of Blood to the Head: Speed of Sound (Video)
4  Coldplay A Rush of Blood to the Head: X and Y: EPK (Video)
4  Coldplay A Rush of Blood to the Head: Fix You (Video)
4  Constantines: Love in Fear (MP3) (Right Click Save As)
4  The Constantines: Soon Enough (MP3)
4  The Cribs: Mirror Kisses (Video)
4  The Cribs: You're Gonna Lose Us (Video)
4  Criteria: Prevent the World (MP3) (Right Click Save As)
4  Criteria: Run Together (MP3) (Right Click Save As)
4  Cursive The Ugly Organ: A Disruption in the Normal Swing of Things (MP3) (Right Click Save As)
4  Cursive The Ugly Organ: Sucker and Dry (MP3) (Right Click Save As)
4  Cut Copy: Saturdays (Video)
4  Dalek: In Midst of Struggle (Video)
4  Damian "Jr Gong" Marley: Welcome to Jamrock (Audio)
4  Damian "Jr Gong" Marley: Road To Zion feat Nas (Audio Stream)
4  The Dandy Warhols: Smoke It (Video)
4  The Dandy Warhols: All The Money Or The Simple Life Honey (Video)
4  Danger Doom: Aqua Teen Hunger Force (Video)
4  Dar Williams: This Bird Has Flown (Documentary Footage) (Video)
4  The Darkness: One Way Ticket (Audio)
4  The Darkness: One Way Ticket (Video)
4  David Axelrod: The Edge (prod. Egon)
4  David Axelrod: The Smile (Audio Stream)
4  David Banner: Play (Audio)
4  David Banner: Ain't Got Nothing (Audio)
4  David Banner: Gangsta Walk (Audio)
4  David Banner: Touching (Audio)
4  Dead Meadow Shivering King: At Her Open Door (Video)
4  Death Cab for Cutie: Death-Cab-For-Cutie-Soul-Meets-Body-Conan-O-Brien(09.27.05).wmv
4  Death Cab for Cutie Transatlanticism: Plans (Album Stream)
4  Death Cab for Cutie Transatlanticism: Soul Meets Body (Video)
4  Death Cab for Cutie Transatlanticism: Soul Meets Body (Audio)
4  Death From Above 1979: Black History Month (Sammy Danger Remix) (Video)
4  Death From Above 979: Black History Month (video)
4  The Decemberists: 16 Military Wives (Video)
4  Deep Dish: Flashdance (Video)
4  Deerhoof: Remixes (MP3s)
4  Deerhoof: Covers (MP3s)
4  Deerhoof: The Runners Four (Album Stream)
4  Deerhoof: Wrong Time Capsule (Video)
4  Delays: Valentine (Video)
4  Dem Franchize Boyz: Lean Wit It Rock Wit It (Audio)
4  Depeche Mode: Precious (Video)
4  Depeche Mode: A Pain That I'm Used To (Video)
4  Devendra Banhart: Heard Somebody Say (Video)
4  Devics: Come Up (MP3)
4  Devin Davis: Giant Spiders (Video)
4  Diamond Nights: Album Player
4  Diamond Nights: The Girls Attractive (Video)
4  Dilated Peoples: Back Again (Video)
4  Diplo: Gold Digger (Final Remix)
4  Director's Label: Trailers 4-7 (Video)
4  Dirty on Purpose: Mind Blindness (Video)
4  Dirty Projectors: I Will Truck (Video)
4  Dirty Projectors: Ponds and Puddles (Video)
4  Dirty Three: Great Waves (featuring Chan Marshall) (Video)
4  DJ Flash: Mixtape of Cesar Comanche's 'Squirrel and The Aces' (Podcast) (Right Click
4  DJ Flash: Mixtape of Cesar Comanche's 'Squirrel and The Aces' (Podcast) (Right Click
4  DJ Kentaro: The Wheels Of Steel (Video)
4  DMX: Pump Ya Fist (Audio)
4  DMX: Give Em What They Want (Audio)
4  DMX: Party Up (Video)
4  The Double: Idiocy (Video)
4  Doves: Sky Starts Falling (Video)
4  Doves and Mercury Rev: Vermillion (MP3) (Right Click Save As)
4  Drums and Tuba: Four Notes of April (MP3) (Right Click Save As)
4  The Duke Spirit: Cut Across the Land (MP3)
4  Dungen: Panda (MP3) (Right Click Save As)
4  Dungen: Panda (Video)
4  Dwele: Ezup (Audio)
4  Dwele: I Think I Love You (Audio)
4  Dwele: I Think I Love You (Audio)
4  Early Man: Promo Trailer (Video)
4  Early Man: Death Is the Answer (Video)
4  Echo and the Bunnymen: Stormy Weather (MP3) (Right Click Save As)
4  Eels: Trouble With Dreams (Video)
4  Eels: Jelly Dancers (MP3)
4  Eels: Box Stop Boxer (Live MP3)
4  Elbow: Leaders of the Free World (Video)
4  The Elected: Not Going Home (MP3)
4  Elefant: The Clown (MP3)
4  Elefant: Lolita (MP3)
4  Elvis Costello: High Fidelity (Video)
4  Elvis Costello: Radio Radio (Video)
4  Elvis Costello: Veronica (Video)
4  Elvis Costello: Still Miss Someone (DVD Stream)
4  Elvis Costello: Peace Love Understanding (DVD Stream)
4  Elvis Costello: Alison (DVD Stream)
4  Embrace: A Glorious Day (Video)
4  Eminem: When I'm Gone (Video Clip)
4  Engineers: Home (Video)
4  Enon: Daughter in the House of Fools (Video)
4  Eric Clapton: Back Home Player
4  Esthero: We R In Need Of A Musical ReVoLuTioN (Audio)
4  Esthero: We R In Need Of A Musical ReVoLuTioN (Video)
4  The Eurythmics: I've Got a Life (Video)
4  The Exit: Don't Push (MP3) (Right Click Save As)
4  The Exit: Soldier (Video / MP3)
4  The Explosion: Weapons for Salvador (MP3) (Right Click Save As)
4  Faith Evans: Mesmerized (Audio)
4  Faith Evans: Mesmerized (Live at Prince's Trust Festival) (Video)
4  Faith Evans: Mesmerized (Video)
4  Feist: Mushaboom (Video)
4  Field Mob: Georgia feat. Ludacris (Audio Stream)
4  Field Mob: Georgia feat. Ludacris (Video)
4  Field Music: If Only the Moon Were Up (Video)
4  The Films: That Kind Of Day (Audio)
4  The Films: Black Shoes (Video)
4  The Films: I Might Have A Problem (MP3)
4  The Films: Black Shoes (MP3)
4  Fischerspooner: I Turn My Camera On (Video)
4  Floetry: SupaStar feat. Common (Audio)
4  Foo Fighters: In Your Honor
4  Foo Fighters: E-Card
4  Four Tet: High Fives (Video)
4  Four Tet and Percee P: A Joy (MP3s)
4  Franz Ferdinand: Walk Away (Video)
4  Franz Ferdinand Franz Ferdinand: Matinee (Glastonbury DVD) (Video)
4  Franz Ferdinand Franz Ferdinand: Do You Want To (Video)
4  Freestyle: Art of Rhyme (DVD Trailer)
4  Fruit Bats Mouthfuls: Lives of Crime (MP3)
4  Fruit Bats Mouthfuls: Spelled in Bones (Album Stream)
4  The Futureheads: First Day (Live Video)
4  The Futureheads: A To B (Live Video)
4  The Futureheads: He Knows (Live Video)
4  The Futureheads: Le Garage (Live Video)
4  The Futureheads: Hounds Of Love (Live Video)
4  The Futureheads: Area (Video)
4  Gabin: Into My Soul (featuring Dee Dee Bridgewater) (Video)
4  Gabin: Mr. Freedom (featuring Edwyn Collins) (Video)
4  Gang of Four: Live (Videos)
4  Garbage: Sex Is Not The Enemy (Video)
4  Gemma Hayes: Happy Sad (Video)
4  General Elektriks: Facing That Void (Video)
4  Ghostface: Biscuits (Video)
4  Ghostface: Live (Video Trailer)
4  Ghosty: Henry Green (Video)
4  Giant Drag: Kevin Is Gay (Audio)
4  Giant Drag: This Isn't It (Audio)
4  Girlyman: Young James Dean (MP3) (Right Click Save As)
4  Glen Brown: Dirty Harry (MP3) (Right Click Save As)
4  The Go! Team: Ladyflash (Video)
4  The Go! Team: Bottle Rocket (Video)
4  Goapele: First Love (Audio)
4  Goblin Cock: Stumped (Video)
4  Golden Republic: You Almost Had It (Video)
4  Goldfrapp: Ooh La La (Video)
4  Gomez: Fill My Cup (Audio)
4  Gomez: Get Miles (Audio)
4  Gorillaz: Dare (Video)
4  Gorillaz: Dirty Harry (Video)
4  Graham Coxon: Standing On My Own Again (Video)
4  Grand Agent: Fascination feat. Liv L'Raynge
4  Gravenhurst: Velvet Cell (Video)
4  Great Lake Swimmers: To Leave It Behind (Video)
4  Green Day: Wake Me Up When September Ends (Video)
4  Green Day: Bullet in a Bible (DVD Trailer) (Video)
4  Green Day: Jesus of Suburbia (Video)
4  The Greenhornes: Pattern Skies (Video)
4  Grizzly Bear: Deep Sea Diver (Video)
4  Grizzly Bear: Fix It (Video)
4  Group Sounds: Things Fall Apart (Video)
4  Gucci Mane: Icy feat. Young Jeezy (Audio)
4  Gucci Mane: That's All (Audio)
4  Hard Fi: Seven Nation Army (Audio)
4  Hard-Fi: Tied Up Too Tight
4  Heather Headley: In My Mind (Audio)
4  The Hives: Tussles in Brussels (DVD Trailer)
4  Holopaw: Curious (Video)
4  Home Video: Shiny Prophet (Video)
4  Hot Chip: Playboy (Video)
4  Hot Hot Heat: Middle of Nowhere (MP3) (Right Click Save As)
4  Hot Hot Heat: Middle of Nowhere (Video)
4  Hurricane Katrina Relief: Don't Trip feat. Lil' Wayne (Video)
4  Ian Brown: All Ablaze (Video)
4  Idlewild: El Capitan (Video)
4  Iggy Pop: Search And Destroy (Audio)
4  Iggy Pop: Interview CBC 1977 (Video)
4  Iggy Pop: Interview CBC 1977 (Video)
4  Imogen Heap: Hide and Seek (Video)
4  Innaway: Threathawk (MP3) (Right Click Save As)
4  Iron and Wine / Calexico: History of Lovers(Late Late Show)(Video)
4  Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan: Ramblin Man (Audio)
4  Isobel Campbell and Mark Lanegan: Ramblin Man (Video)
4  Ja Rule: Exodus (Audio)
4  James Blunt: Goodbye My Lover (Video)
4  James Yorkston and the Athletes: Surf Song
4  Jamie Foxx: EPK (Video)
4  Jamie Lidell: Multiply (Video)
4  Janis Ian: Paris In Your Eyes (MP3) (Right Click Save As)
4  Janis Ian: My Tennessee Hills (MP3) (Right Click Save As)
4  Jason Forrest: Big Outrageous Sound Club (Video)
4  Jason Molina: Come To Mama (Audio)
4  Jazze Pha & Cee-Lo Green: Happy Hour (Video)
4  Jazze Pha & Cee-Lo Green: Happy Hour (Video)
4  Jeff Tweedy: Sugar Baby (Live Video)
4  Jermaine Dupri: Gotta Getcha (Video)
4  Jim Yoshii Pile-Up: Silver Sparkler (Video)
4  Jimmy Kimmel: The Pizza / Trapped In the Closet Part 1 (Video)
4  Jimmy Kimmel: The Pizza / Trapped In the Closet Part 2 (Video)
4  Jimmy Kimmel: The Pizza / Trapped In the Closet Part 3 (Video)
4  Joe Budden: Gangsta Party (Audio)
4  John Cale: Perfect (Video)
4  John Vanderslice: Trance Manual (Audio)
4  John Vanderslice: Trance Manual (MP3) (Right Click Save As)
4  John Vanderslice: Exodus Damage (MP3) (Right Click Save As)
4  Johnny "Guitar" Watson: Superman Lover (Audio)
4  Jose Gonzalez: Stay in the Shade (Video)
4  Jose Gonzalez: Heartbeats (Video)
4  Joseph Arthur: Can't Exist (Video)
4  Josh Rouse: It's The Nighttime (Live Video from ACL)
4  The Juan MacLean: Tito's Way (Video)
4  The Juan MacLean: Give Me Every Little Thing (Video)
4  Juelz Santana: Mic Check (Audio)
4  Juelz Santana: There It Go (Audio)
4  Justice: Waters of Nazareth (Audio)
4  Juvenile: Rodeo (Audio)
4  Juvenile: Rodeo (Audio)
4  Juvenile: Sets Go Up (Audio)
4  Juvenile: Rodeo (Video)
4  K-OS: Man I Used To Be (Video)
4  K-OS: Man I Used To Be (Video)
4  Kaiser Chiefs: Modern Way (Video)
4  Kano: Nite Nite (Video)
4  Kano: Remember Me (Video)
4  Kano: Nobody Don�t Dance No More (Remix) (Audio)
4  Kanye West: Heard 'em Say (Video)
4  Kanye West Kon the Louis Vuitton Don: Gold Digger (Video)
4  Kanye West Kon the Louis Vuitton Don: Calls Out Bush (Video)
4  Kanye West Kon the Louis Vuitton Don: Diamonds (Stream)
4  Kanye West Kon the Louis Vuitton Don: Diamonds (Video)
4  Kasabian: L.S.F. (Video)
4  Kate Bush: King Of The Mountain (Video)
4  Kelley Stoltz: Memory Collector (MP3)
4  Killer Mike: My Chrome (Audio)
4  Kings of Leon Holy Roller Novocaine EP: King of the Rodeo (Video)
4  Kinski: The Wives of Artie Shaw (MP3)
4  Kraftwerk: Computer World (Live)
4  Kraftwerk: Pocket Calculator (Live)
4  Kraftwerk: The Model (Live)
4  Kraftwerk: Tour De France (Live)
4  Kraftwerk: Computer World (Live)
4  Lady Sovereign: 9 to 5 (Ordinary Boys Remix) (Video)
4  Lady Sovereign: Random (Video)
4  Lagwagon: Heartbreaking (Video)
4  Laura Cantrell: Humming by the Flowered Vine (Album Stream)
4  Laura Veirs: Year of Meteors (E-card)
4  Laura Veirs: Galaxies (Video)
4  LCD Soundsystem: Trials and Tribulations (Video)
4  LCD Soundsystem: Disco Infiltrator (Video)
4  LCD Soundsystem: Losing My Edge (Version 2) (Video)
4  Leela James: Music (Video)
4  Levy: On the Dance Floor (Video)
4  Liars: It Fit When I Was A Kid (Video)
4  The Like: What I Say and What I Mean (MP3) (Right Click Save As)
4  Lil Kim: Lighters Up (Video)
4  Lil Kim: Lighters Up (Audio)
4  Lil' Flip: What It Do feat. Mannie Fresh (Audio Stream)
4  Lil' Kim: Shut Up Bitch (Audio)
4  Lil' Wayne: Shooter feat. Robin Thicke (Jay Leno) (Video)
4  Linda Perry: Fill Me Up (Video)
4  Linda Perry: Freeway (Video)
4  Little Brother The Chitlin Circuit .5: Lovin It' (Video)
4  Little Brother The Chitlin Circuit .5: Lovin' It (Audio)
4  Living Things: Bombs Below (Audio)
4  Living Things: Bom Bom Bom (Video) (Right Click Save As)
4  Living Things: Bombs Below (Audio)
4  Liz Phair: Everything to Me (Video)
4  Lonely Island Boys: Chronic(what?)cles of Narnia [Lazy Sunday] (Video)
4  Longwave The Strangest Things: There's A Fire (MP3) (Right Click Save As)
4  Longwave The Strangest Things: There's a Fire (Behind the Scenes Video)
4  Louis XIV: God Killed The Queen (Video)
4  Louis XIV: Pledge Of Allegiance (Video)
4  Love as Laughter: Dirty Lives (Video)
4  The Lovemakers: Prepare for the Fight (Video)
4  M.I.A. Piracy Funds Terrorism: Galang (Dave Kelly feat. Cham Remix) (MP3) (Right Click Save As)
4  M.I.A. Piracy Funds Terrorism: Galang (Serj Tankian Remix) (MP3) (Right Click Save As)
4  M.I.A. Piracy Funds Terrorism: Bucky Done Gun (Video)
4  M.I.A. Piracy Funds Terrorism: Galang (Dave Kelly feat. Cham Remix) (MP3) (Right Click Save As)
4  M.I.A. Piracy Funds Terrorism: Galang (Serj Tankian Remix) (MP3) (Right Click Save As)
4  Mack 0: Like This feat. Nate Dogg (Audio)
4  Mack 0: Like This feat. Nate Dogg (Video)
4  Mack 0: Like This (Audio)
4  The Mae Shi: Born for a Short Time (MP3) (Right Click Save As)
4  The Magic Numbers: Love Me Like You (Video)
4  The Magic Numbers: Love's A Game (Video)
4  The Magic Numbers: Forever Lost (Video)
4  Magnet: Let It Snow (MP3)
4  Magnet: Fall At Your Feet (Video)
4  Magnet: Hold On (MP3)
4  The Marbles: Dracula (MP3)
4  Marjorie Fair: Empty Room (Video)
4  Mark Eitzel: My Pet Rat St Michael (MP3)
4  The Mars Volta: Take the Veil Cerpin Taxt (Live Stream)
4  The Mars Volta: And Ghosted Pouts (Live Stream)
4  The Mars Volta: Scabdates (Album Stream)
4  Mary J. Blige: Be Without You (Audio)
4  Maspyke: Step (Audio)
4  Matt Pond PA: Closest (Look Out) (Video)
4  Maximo Park: Signal and Sign (Live MP3) (Right Click Save As)
4  Maximo Park: Graffiti (Live MP3) (Right Click Save As)
4  Maximo Park: Apply Some Pressure (Video)
4  Mayday: Pelf Help (MP3) (Right Click Save As)
4  Mellowdrone: Fashionably Uninvited (MP3)
4  Mellowdrone: Oh My (MP3)
4  Metric: Monster Hospital (Video)
4  Mike Doughty: Looking at the World from the Bottom of a Well (Video)
4  Minotaur Shock: Virtual Desktop
4  Minus the Bear: The Game Needed Me (Video)
4  Miri Ben-Ari: Jump and Spread Out (Audio)
4  Missy Elliott: Teary Eyed (Video)
4  Missy Elliott: Lose Control feat. Fatman Scoop and Ciara (Video)
4  Missy Elliott: Teary Eyed (Video)
4  Mixel Pixel: Body Automatic (Video)
4  The Mizell Brothers: NR Time (Audio)
4  The Mizell Brothers: Funked Up (Audio)
4  The Mizell Brothers: Wind Parade (Audio)
4  Mobb Deep: Have a Party feat. 50 Cent (Video)
4  Moby: Slipping Away (Video)
4  Mommy and Daddy: Franconia Road (Video)
4  Morcheeba: Lighten Up (MP3) (Right Click Save As)
4  Morcheeba: Lighten Up (Video)
4  Morcheeba: Everybody Loves A Loser (Video)
4  Morningwood: Jetsetter (Video)
4  The Mountain Goats: This Year (Video)
4  Mr. Pookie: Don't Test Us featuring Mr Lucci and Mr Montis (Audio)
4  Ms. Dynamite: Father (Video)
4  Murs: Hustle (Video)
4  My Morning Jacket: Off The Record (Video)
4  My Morning Jacket It Still Moves: 'Z' EPK
4  Mylo: Destroy Rock & Roll (E-Card)
4  Nada Surf Let Go: Always Love (Video)
4  Nada Surf Let Go: Do It Again (MP3)
4  The National: Abel (Video)
4  The National: Lit Up (Video)
4  Need New Body: Eskimo (MP3) (Right Click Save As)
4  Neil Young: Prarie Wind Player
4  Nelly: Grillz feat. Paul Wall (Audio)
4  The New Pornographers: Use It (Video)
4  The New Pornographers: Ain't No Tellin (MP3) (Right Click Save As)
4  The New Year: Disease (Video)
4  Nine Black Alps: Cosmopolitan (Audio)
4  Nine Inch Nails: Only (Video)
4  Nirvana: Blandest (Demo) (Audio)
4  Nirvana: Do Re Mi (Solo Acoustic) (Audio)
4  Nirvana: Sappy (Audio)
4  No Use for a Name: For Fiona (Video)
4  Notorious B.I.G.: Hold Ya Head feat. Bob Marley (Audio)
4  Notorious B.I.G.: Hold Ya Head feat. Bob Marley (Audio)
4  Notorious B.I.G.: Spit Your Game feat. Twista & Bone Thugs N Harmony (Audio)
4  Notorious B.I.G.: Breaking Old Habits feat. T.I. & Slim Thug (Audio)
4  Notorious B.I.G.: (Duets) Nasty Girl feat. Diddy, Nelly, Jagged Edge, and Avery Storm (Audio)
4  Notorious B.I.G.: Hold Ya Head feat. Bob Marley (Video)
4  Notorious B.I.G.: Nasty Girl feat. Diddy, Nelly, Jagged Edge & Avery Storm (Video)
4  Oasis: The Importance Of Being Idle (Video)
4  Oasis: Let There Be Love (Video)
4  Obie Trice: Wanna Know (MP3)
4  Odiorne: Sirocco (Heavy Wish) (MP3) (Right Click Save As)
4  Of Montreal: Wraith Pinned to the Mist and other Games (Video)
4  Of Montreal: Requiem for O.M.M. 2 (Video)
4  Of Montreal Aldhils Arboretum: Wraith Pinned To the Mist (and Other Games) (Video)
4  OK Go: A Million Ways (Video)
4  OK Go: A Million Ways (Audio)
4  OK Go: Do What You Want (Video)
4  Okkervil River: For Real (Video)
4  Olivia: So Sexy (Audio)
4  One Self: Bluebird (Video)
4  OOIOO: Grow Sound Tree (Video)
4  Oranger: Crooked In The Weird Of The Catacombs (MP3) (Right Click Save As)
4  Oranger: Crones(MP3) (Right Click Save As)
4  Orenda Fink: Bloodline (Video)
4  Orenda Fink: Bloodline (MP3) (Right Click Save As)
4  Orenda Fink: No Evolution (MP3) (Right Click Save As)
4  P$C: I'm A King (Remix) feat. T.I. and Lil' Scrappy (Video)
4  Paris to Purple City: The French Connection (Audio)
4  Paris to Purple City: Rap Is All Around the World (Audio)
4  Paris to Purple City: Rap Is All Around the World (Video)
4  Paul Wall: Sittin Sidewayz (Video)
4  Paul Wall: People's Champ E-card
4  Paul Wall: They Don't Know ft. Mike Jones & Bun B (Video)
4  People in Planes: If You Talk Too Much (MP3)
4  The Peppermints: Rabid Frogs (Video)
4  The Perishers: Still Here (Live MP3) (Right Click Save As)
4  The Perishers: Sway (Live MP3) (Right Click Save As)
4  The Perishers: Going Out (MP3)
4  Pest: EPK (Video)
4  Pharrell: Media Player
4  Pharrell: Angel (Video)
4  Pharrell Williams: Can I Have It Like That feat. Gwen Stefani (Video)
4  Pinback: AFK (Video)
4  The Pipettes: Dirty Mind (Video)
4  The Planet: You Absorb My Vision (MP3)
4  Planet Asia: Breathe Me (Video)
4  The Pogues: Fairytale Of New York (Video)
4  Portastatic The Summer of the Shark: I Wanna Know Girls (MP3) (Right Click Save As)
4  The Postal Service: Grow Old With Me (MP3)
4  Prince: Te Amo Corazon (Audio)
4  Prince Paul: A Current Affair feat Maggie Horn (MP3)
4  Princess: Osama (Video)
4  Princess Superstar: Perfect (Video)
4  Purple Ribbon All-Stars: Kryptonite (Video)
4  Purple Ribbon All-Stars: Got Purp, Vol. 2 (Album Stream)
4  Quasimoto: Bullyshit (Video)
4  Queens of the Stone Age: DVD Trailer (Video)
4  Queens of the Stone Age: Burn the Witch (Video)
4  The Rakes: 22 Grand Job (Video)
4  Ras Kass: Last Laugh (MP3) (Right Click Save As)
4  Ras Kass: Jackin (MP3) (Right Click Save As)
4  Rasputina: Hunter's Kiss (MP3) (Right Click Save As)
4  Rasputina: Saline the Salt Lake Queen (MP3) (Right Click Save As)
4  Ray Davies: Thanksgiving Day (Alternate Mix) (Audio)
4  Ray Davies: Thanksgiving Day (Audio)
4  Redman: Rush Da Security (Audio)
4  Regina Spektor: Media Player
4  Regina Spektor: Us (Video)
4  Rev Run: Mind On the Road (Audio)
4  Rhymefest: Brand New feat. Kanye West (Video)
4  Rhymefest: Brand New (feat. Kayne West)
4  Rhymefest: Chicago Killaz (Audio)
4  Rhymefest: Dynomite (Audio)
4  Richard Ashcroft: Break the Night With Colour (Video)
4  Richard Ashcroft: Break The Night With Colour (Video)
4  Rick James: Super Freak (Video)
4  Rick James: Mary Jane (Video)
4  Rob Swift: A Scratch Is A Musical Note (Audio Stream)
4  Rob Swift: A Turntable Xperience (Audio Stream)
4  Robert Pollard: Love Is Stronger Than Witchcraft (MP3)
4  Rogue Wave: 10:1 (MP3) (Right Click Save As)
4  The Rolling Stones: Rain Fall Down (Video)
4  The Roots: Pass The Popcorn (Audio Stream)
4  The Roots: The Lesson Part III (Audio Stream)
4  The Roots: No Hometro / Proceed 2 (feat. Roy Ayers) (Audio Stream)
4  Royksopp: Only This Moment (Video)
4  Royksopp: Only This Moment (Audio)
4  Royksopp: What Else Is There (Video)
4  Royksopp: 49 Percent (Video)
4  Royksopp: What Else Is There? (Video)
4  The Russian Futurists: Paul Simon (Video)
4  Sabertooth Tiger: Argentina (Video)
4  Saddle Creek Records: Lagniappe (Hurricaine Katrina Benefit) (Album Stream)
4  Saint Etienne: Side Streets (Video)
4  Sam Champion: TV Fever (Video)
4  Saul Williams: Black Stacey (Video)
4  Saul Williams: Black Stacey (Remix) feat. Nas (MP3)
4  Scarface: I Never Snitch (MP3)
4  Scarface: Pimp Hard feat. Z-RO, Scarface, Juvenile & Petey Pablo (MP3)
4  Scarface: Never Snitch feat. The Game, Beanie Sigel (MP3) (Right Click Save As)
4  Sean Paul: Temperature (Video)
4  She Wants Revenge: Sister (Video)
4  Shout Out Louds: The Comeback (Remix)
4  Shout Out Louds: Very Loud (Video)
4  Shout Out Louds: The Comeback (Video)
4  Shout Out Louds: The Comeback (Live Tonight Show) (Video)
4  The Sights: Circus (Video)
4  Sigur Ros: S�gl�pur (Audio)
4  Sigur Ros: Gl�s�li (Video)
4  Sigur Ros: Hopp�polla (Video)
4  Silver Jews: How Can I Love You If You Won't Lie Down (Video)
4  Silversun Pickups: Kissing Families (MP3) (Right Click Save As)
4  Silversun Pickups: Kissing Families (Video)
4  Sinead O'Connor: Special Cases feat. Massive Attack (Audio)
4  Single Frame: Remixes (MP3s)
4  Slim Thug: Diamonds (Remix) (Audio)
4  Slim Thug: I Ain�t Heard of That (Remix feat. Bun B of UGK) (Video)
4  Slim Thug: Diamonds feat. Young Jeezy (Audio)
4  Slum Village: Ez Up (Audio)
4  Smog: I Feel Like the Mother of The World (Video)
4  Smog: Rock Bottom (Video)
4  Smoosh: La Pump (Video)
4  Smoosh: Rad (Video)
4  Snoop Dogg: Real Soon feat. Nate Dogg, Kurupt and Daz (Video)
4  Sons and Daughters Love the Cup: Taste The Last Girl (Video)
4  Sons and Daughters Love the Cup: Dance Me In (Video)
4  Space Mtn: Oh (Video)
4  Speech: Braided Hair featuring Neneh Cherry (Audio)
4  Speech: Gone Away (Audio)
4  The Spinto Band: Mountains - Brown Boxes (Video)
4  Spoon: Sister Jack (Video)
4  Spoon: The Two Sides of Monsieur Valentine (Video)
4  Stars: Your Ex-Lover Is Dead (Video)
4  Starsailor: This Time (Video)
4  Stellastarr*: Sweet Troubled Star (Video)
4  Stellastarr*: Sweet Troubled Soul (Audio)
4  Stephen Malkmus: Baby C'mon (Video)
4  Stevie Wonder: From The Bottom Of My Heart (Audio)
4  The Stones Throw Singers: Rain of Earth (Video)
4  The Strokes: Juice Box (Audio Streams)
4  The Strokes: Juice Box (Video)
4  The Subways: Rock and Roll Queen (Audio)
4  The Subways: Rock and Roll Queen (Video)
4  The Subways: Rock and Roll Queen (Audio)
4  The Subways: Rock and Roll Queen (Video)
4  The Subways: No Goodbyes (Video)
4  The Subways: No Goodbyes (Video)
4  The Subways: Rock & Roll Queen (Live Video)
4  SunN.Y.: Soul of a Hustler (Video)
4  SunN.Y.: EPK (Video)
4  SunN.Y.: Soul of a Hustler (Video)
4  SunN.Y.: EPK (Video)
4  The Sunshine Fix: Pavement Jive (Video)
4  Super Furry Animals: Lazer Beam (Video)
4  Super Furry Animals Phantom Power: Lazer Beam (Video)
4  Supergrass: St. Petersburg (Video)
4  Supergrass: St Petersburg (Video)
4  Supergrass: St. Petersburg (Jay Leno Video)
4  Supergrass: Low C (Video)
4  Sway and Tech: Enough Beef feat. Common, Chino XL and Royce Da 5'9
4  Sway and Tech: Watch Closer feat. Chino XL
4  Sway and Tech: Enough Beef feat. Common, Chino XL and Royce Da 5'9
4  T. Raumschmiere: A Very Loud Lullaby feat. Sharon Berkal (Video)
4  T.I. Trap Muzik: ASAP (Video)
4  Talib Kweli: Who Got It (Audio)
4  Talib Kweli: Fly That Knot (Audio) feat. MF Doom
4  Tape vs. RQM: Rainy Summer (Video)
4  Tarantula A.D.: Who Took Berlin (Part I) (MP3) (Right Click Save As)
4  Team Sleep: Ever "Video)
4  Ted Leo: This Bird Has Flown (Documentary Footage) (Video)
4  Telepopmusik: Into Everything (Video)
4  Tenement Halls: Plenty Is Never Enough (MP3) (Right Click Save As)
4  Test Icicles: Circle. Square. Triangle. (Video)
4  Test Icicles: Catch It (Live Video)
4  Test Icicles: Circle Square Triangle (Live Video)
4  Test Icicles: Dancing on Pegs (Live Video)
4  Test Icicles: What's Your Damage (Video)
4  Three 6 Mafia: Stay Fly feat. Eightball and MJG with Young Buck (Audio)
4  Three 6 Mafia: Stay Fly feat. Eightball and MJG and Young Buck
4  Three 6 Mafia: Stay Fly feat. Eightball and MJG and Young Buck
4  Timo Maas: First Day (Video)
4  Tom Green: Fat Burger feat. Bushwick Bill (Video)
4  Tom Vek: I Ain't Saying My Goodbyes (Video)
4  Tom Vek: Nothing But Green Lights (Video)
4  Tony Yayo: Curious feat. Joe
4  Toshi Reagon: 22 Hours (MP3) (Right Click Save As)
4  Tracey Bonham: Something Beautiful (Audio)
4  Transplants: Gangsters and Thugs (Chopped and Screwed by Paul Wall)
4  Trick Trick: Welcome 2 Detroit feat. Eminem (Audio)
4  Trillville: I'm Pimpin' (Audio)
4  Tristeza: A Colores (Album Stream)
4  Tsar: Band-Girls-Money (MP3) (Right Click Save As)
4  Tupac: So Many Tears (Live Video)
4  Tupac: How Do You Want It (Live Video)
4  Turbonegro: High on Crime (Video)
4  TV on the Radio: Dry Drunk Emperor (MP3)
4  Twista: Girl Tonite feat. Trey Songz
4  Twista: Girl Tonight feat. Trey Songz (Video)
4  Twista: Hit the Floor feat. Pitbull (Video)
4  Two Gallants: Las Cruces (MP3)
4  The Velvet Underground: I Heard Her Call My Name (Video)
4  The Velvet Underground: Venus In Furs (Video)
4  Verve Remixed: Fever (Adam Freeland) (Video)
4  Vitalic: Pony Part One (Video)
4  The Warlocks: Come Save Us (Video)
4  The Warlocks: Just Like Surgery (Video)
4  We Are Scientists: Great Escape (Video)
4  We Are Scientists: Nobody Move, Nobody Gets Hurt (Video)
4  We Are Scientists: It's A Hit (Video)
4  Webbie: Give Me That feat. Bun B (Video)
4  Webbie: Savage Life (DVD Trailer) (Video)
4  Weezer: We Are All on Drugs (Video)
4  West Indian Girl: What Are You Afraid Of (Video)
4  West Indian Girl: What Are You Afraid Of (Video)
4  The White Stripes: Walking With A Ghost (Audio Stream)
4  The White Stripes: Denial Twist (Video)
4  The White Stripes Elephant: My Doorbell (Video)
4  The White Stripes Elephant: Blue Orchid (Video)
4  The White Stripes Elephant: Get Behind Me Satan (Audio Stream)
4  Why?: Rubber Traits (Video)
4  Wilco: Kicking Television (Live Video)
4  Without Gravity: Beautiful Son (Video)
4  Wolf Parade: Shine A Light (Live Video)
4  Wolf Parade: New Song (Live Video)
4  Wolf Parade: This Heart's on Fire (Late Night TV) (Video)
4  Wolf Parade: Shine a Light (Video)
4  Wolf Parade Wolf Parade EP: You are a Runner and I Am My Fathers Son (MP3)
4  Wolfmother: Dimension (Audio)
4  World Leader Pretend: Big Bang Theory (Video)
4  Xiu Xiu Fag Patrol: Bog People (MP3) (Right Click Save As)
4  Xiu Xiu Fag Patrol: Muppet Face (Video)
4  XTC: Spiral (MP3)
4  Ying Yang Twins: Badd feat. Mike Jones (Audio)
4  Young Buck: T.I.P. (Media Player)
4  Young City: Lil' Daddy Remix feat. Lil' Wayne, Jody Breeze (Video)
4  Young Jeezy: And Then What (Audio)
4  Youth Group: Forever Young (Audio)
4  The Zincs: Moment Is Now! (Version 2)
4  The Zincs: Moment Is Now! (Version 1)
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