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  Friday, January 27th
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  02:31 pm
4 Arctic Monkeys mistakenly snub Bowie
  08:43 am
4 Grandaddy disband after 14 years
  08:43 am
4 Nada Surf, Rogue Wave tour together
  08:42 am
4 Chin Up Chin Up sign to Suicide Squeeze
  08:42 am
4 Floetry singer works on solo album with Dre, may work with 50 Cent
  08:40 am
4 Polysics ready tour of U.S., new album
  08:39 am
4 Nettwerk joins fight versus RIAA, pre-loaded iPods causing a stir, Pearls and Brass tour, P.O.S. releases album on Rhymesayers
  08:37 am
4 New BBC musical film retelling last hours of Jesus to feature tracks by Buzzcocks, New Order
  08:32 am
4 Boondocks MLK episode stirs controversy, Cartoon Network stands behind the show
  08:30 am
4 Arctic Monkeys likely to shatter UK chart records
  08:29 am
4 Devo discuss children's group Devo 2.0
  08:27 am
4 Futureheads finish album recorded on farm
  08:26 am
4 Pete Doherty arrested twice in one day
  08:26 am
4 New Vines album out in April
  08:22 am
4 New Pantheon Awards pushed back to March
 Be Your Own Pet
  Let's Get Sandy (Video)

  Pony Part One (Video)

 Arctic Monkeys
  Love Machine (Girls Aloud Cover)

 Graham Coxon
  Standing On My Own Again (Video)

  Slipping Away (Video)

  Live (Video Trailer)

  Waters of Nazareth (Audio)

  Lolita (MP3)

  Sound Mirrors (Album Stream)

 The Subways
  Rock & Roll Queen (Live Video)

 People in Planes
  If You Talk Too Much (MP3)

 Big Tuck
  Tussle (Audio)

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4 A Band of Bees: Free the Bees
4 A Day in Black and White: My Heroes Have Always Killed Cowboys
4 A Frames: Black Forest
4 A Gun Called Tension: A Gun Called Tension
4 A Hawk and a Hacksaw: Darkness at Noon
4 A Tribute to the Ramones: We're a Happy Family
4 A.C. Newman: The Slow Wonder
4 A.D.O.R.: Classic Bangerz Vol. 1
4 A.R.E.Weapons: A.R.E.Weapons
4 Aceyalone: Love and Hate
4 Acid House Kings: Sing Along With Acid House Kings
4 Acid Mothers Temple and the Cosmic Inferno: IAO Chant from the Cosmic Inferno
4 Adam Green: Gemstones
4 Adem: Homesongs
4 Adult: Anxiety Always
4 Adult.: Gimme Trouble
4 The Advantage: The Advantage
4 The Adventures of Jet: Muscle
4 Aereogramme: Pre Release
4 Aereogramme: Sleep and Release
4 Aeroc: Viscous Solid
4 Aesop Rock: Bazooka Tooth
4 Aesop Rock: Fast Cars, Danger, Fire and Knives EP
4 Aesop Rock: Daylight EP
4 AIDS Wolf: Lovvers LP
4 Aimee Mann: The Forgotten Arm
4 Aimee Mann: Lost In Space
4 Air: Talkie Walkie
4 Air: Surfing on a Rocket
4 Air Conditioning: Weakness
4 Airborn Audio: Coming Soon: A Prelude to 'Good Fortune' Mixtape
4 Airborn Audio: Good Fortune
4 AK-Momo: Return to N.Y.
4 Akrobatik: Balance
4 Akron/Family: Akron/Family
4 Akron/Family & Angels of Light: Akron/Family & Angels of Light
4 Akufen, Freeform, and the Rip-Off Artist: Blu TribunL
4 Alarm Will Sound: Alarm Will Sound Performs Aphex Twin: Acoustica
4 Alaska!: Rescue Through Tomahawk
4 Albert King: Talkin' Blues
4 The Album Leaf: In A Safe Place
4 The Alchemist: 1st Infantry
4 All Girl Summer Fun Band: 2
4 All Night Radio: Spirit Stereo Frequency
4 All-American Rejects: Move Along
4 The Allman Brothers Band: One Way Out
4 Aloha: Here Comes Everyone
4 Alpinestars: White Noise
4 Alva Noto and Ryuichi Sakamoto: Insen
4 Amanda Woodward: La Decadence de la Decadence
4 Ambulance Ltd.: Ambulance Ltd. EP
4 Ambulance Ltd.: LP
4 American Analog Set: Set Free
4 American Music Club: Love Songs for Patriots
4 AmmonContact: OneinanInfinityofWays
4 AmmonContact: New Birth
4 Amon Tobin: Out From Out Where
4 Amon Tobin: Solid Steel Presents Amon Tobin: Recorded Live
4 Amon Tobin: Chaos Theory: Splinter Cell 3 Soundtrack
4 Amp Fiddler: Waltz of a Ghetto Fly
4 Amusement Parks on Fire: Amusement Parks on Fire
4 An Albatross: We Are the Lazer Viking EP
4 And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead: Worlds Apart
4 Andrew Bird: Andrew Bird and the Mysterious Production of Eggs
4 Andy Summers: Earth and Sky
4 The Angels of Light: Everything is Good Now/Please Come Home
4 The Angels of Light: The Angels of Light Sing 'Other People'
4 Ani DiFranco: Educated Guess
4 Ani DiFranco: Knuckle Down
4 Animal Collective: Feels
4 Animal Collective feat. Vashti Bunyan: Prospect Hummer
4 Annie: Anniemal
4 Annie: DJ Kicks
4 The Anomoanon: Asleep Many Years in the Wood
4 Antioch Arrow: Gems of Masochism; reissue
4 Antipop Consortium vs. Matthew Shipp: Antipop Consortium vs. Matthew Shipp
4 Antony and the Johnsons: I Am a Bird Now
4 The Apes: Baba's Mountain
4 Apollo Sunshine: Katonah
4 Apostle of Hustle: Folkloric Feel
4 Applied Communications: Africa Baby, Yeak Yeah Yeah
4 Applied Communications: Uhhh Sort Of
4 April March: Triggers
4 Arab on Radar: The Stolen Singles
4 Arab on Radar: Queene Hygiene II / Rough Day at the Orifice
4 Arab Strap: Monday at the Hug and Pint
4 The Arcade Fire: Funeral
4 Architecture in Helsinki: Fingers Crossed
4 Architecture in Helsinki: In Case We Die
4 Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti: Worn Copy
4 Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti: The Doldrums
4 Arthur Russell: World of Echo (reissue)
4 Arto Lindsay: Salt
4 Asheru and Blue Black: 48 Months
4 Asheru and Blue Black: Insomnia Vol. 1
4 Asterisk*: Dogma
4 Asva: Futurists Against the Ocean
4 At A Loss: A Falling Away From
4 At the Drive-In: Anthology: This Station Is Non-Operational
4 Athlete: Tourist
4 Athlete: Vehicles and Animals
4 Atmosphere: Seven's Travels
4 Atmosphere: You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We're Having
4 Atom and His Package: Attention! Blah Blah Blah
4 Atom and His Package: Hair: Debatable
4 The Atomic Missiles: Are Real
4 Audio Bullys: Generation
4 Audio Out Send: ... Or Does It Explode?
4 Auf der Maur: Auf der Maur
4 Augie March: Strange Bird
4 Autolux: Future Perfect
4 The Autumn Defense: Circles
4 Aveo: Battery
4 The Away Team: National Anthem
4 AZ: A.W.O.L.


4 A.C. Newman: New Pornographers front man steps out, gorgeously
4 A.C. Newman: New Pornographers front man steps out, gorgeously
4 Adem: �I want to listen to music that hasn�t been made yet�
4 Adem: �I want to listen to music that hasn�t been made yet�
4 Adult.: Electric. Dance. Punk. Noise. Rock.
4 Adult.: Electric. Dance. Punk. Noise. Rock.
4 Aesop Rock: Reluctant Superhero: Part One
4 Aesop Rock: Reluctant Superhero: Part Two
4 Aesop Rock: Reluctant Superhero: Part Three
4 Alexandra Patsavas (O.C.): Music supervisor Alexandra Patsavas discusses The O.C. soundtrack
4 American Analog Set: Show Review (The Knitting Factory, Hollywood)
4 The Anniversary: On the road again
4 The Arcade Fire: Welded in personal experience
4 The Arcade Fire: Welded in personal experience
4 Arctic Monkeys: Aren't fooling around (Part 1 of 2)
4 Arctic Monkeys: Aren't fooling around (Part 2 of 2)
4 The Ataris: The Ataris settle in to a new sound
4 Autolux: Better living through noise
4 Autolux: Better living through noise


4 About Schmidt
4 Adaptation


4 Aesop Rock, Mr. Lif, Facts , Murs, S.A. Smash: Aesop Rock, Mr. Lif, Facts One, Murs, S.A. Smash
4 Architecture in Helsinki Fingers Crossed: Architecture in Helsinki


4  A Band of Bees: Chicken Payback (Video)
4  A.R.E. Weapons: Weakest Ones (Video)
4  Abandoned Pools: Armed To The Teeth (Audio)
4  Adult.: In My Nerves (Video)
4  Against Me!: Touch (Video)
4  Aimee Mann: She Really Wants You (unreleased acoustic track) (MP3)
4  Akon: Pot of Gold (Video Clip)
4  Alpinestars: Reunion (Video)
4  Animal Collective feat. Vashti Bunyan: Grass (Video)
4  Annie: Chewing Gum (Video)
4  Annie: Heartbeat (Video)
4  Anthrax: I Am The Law (Audio)
4  Antony and the Johnsons: You Are My Sister (Video)
4  Apollo Sunshine: Magnolia (MP3) (Right Click Save As)
4  Apollo Sunshine: Today Is the Day (MP3) (Right Click Save As)
4  Arctic Monkeys: I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor (Video)
4  Arctic Monkeys: When the Sun Goes Down (Video)
4  Arctic Monkeys: Love Machine (Girls Aloud Cover)
4  Arizona Amp and Alternator: Bottom of the Barrel (Video)
4  Armand Van Helden: When The Lights Go Down (Video)
4  Armand Van Helden: Into Your Eyes (Video)
4  Armor for Sleep: A Comprehensive Guide To Touring (DVD Trailer)
4  Armor for Sleep: The Truth About Heaven (Video)
4  Athlete: Half-Light (Video)
4  Autolux:
4  Autolux: Plantlife (Jimmy Kimmel Show) (Video)
4  Autolux: Turnstile Blues (Jimmy Kimmel Show) (Video)
4  Avant: You Know What (featuring Lil' Wayne) (Audio)
4  Avant: You Know What feat. Lil Wayne (Video)
4  Avant: 4 Minutes (Audio)
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