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  Friday, January 27th
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  02:31 pm
4 Arctic Monkeys mistakenly snub Bowie
  08:43 am
4 Grandaddy disband after 14 years
  08:43 am
4 Nada Surf, Rogue Wave tour together
  08:42 am
4 Chin Up Chin Up sign to Suicide Squeeze
  08:42 am
4 Floetry singer works on solo album with Dre, may work with 50 Cent
  08:40 am
4 Polysics ready tour of U.S., new album
  08:39 am
4 Nettwerk joins fight versus RIAA, pre-loaded iPods causing a stir, Pearls and Brass tour, P.O.S. releases album on Rhymesayers
  08:37 am
4 New BBC musical film retelling last hours of Jesus to feature tracks by Buzzcocks, New Order
  08:32 am
4 Boondocks MLK episode stirs controversy, Cartoon Network stands behind the show
  08:30 am
4 Arctic Monkeys likely to shatter UK chart records
  08:29 am
4 Devo discuss children's group Devo 2.0
  08:27 am
4 Futureheads finish album recorded on farm
  08:26 am
4 Pete Doherty arrested twice in one day
  08:26 am
4 New Vines album out in April
  08:22 am
4 New Pantheon Awards pushed back to March
 Be Your Own Pet
  Let's Get Sandy (Video)

  Pony Part One (Video)

 Arctic Monkeys
  Love Machine (Girls Aloud Cover)

 Graham Coxon
  Standing On My Own Again (Video)

  Slipping Away (Video)

  Live (Video Trailer)

  Waters of Nazareth (Audio)

  Lolita (MP3)

  Sound Mirrors (Album Stream)

 The Subways
  Rock & Roll Queen (Live Video)

 People in Planes
  If You Talk Too Much (MP3)

 Big Tuck
  Tussle (Audio)

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4 Earlimart: Treble and Tremble
4 Early Day Miners: The Sonograph EP
4 Early Man: Closing In
4 Earth: Living in the Gleam of an Unsheathed Sword
4 East New York Ensemble De Music: At the Helm (reissue)
4 East River Pipe: Garbageheads on Endless Stun
4 Echo and the Bunnymen: Siberia
4 Ed Harcourt: Strangers
4 Edan: Beauty and the Beat
4 Editors: The Back Room
4 Eels: Blinking Lights and Other Revelations
4 Efterklang: Springer EP
4 El Buzzard: Tranquilizante del Elefante
4 El-P: High Water
4 El-P: Collecting the Kid
4 Elbow: Cast of Thousands
4 The Elected: Me First
4 The Elected: Sun, Sun, Sun
4 Electrelane: The Power Out
4 Electrelane: Axes
4 Electric Six: Fire
4 Elefant: Sunlight Makes Me Paranoid
4 Eleni Mandell: Afternoon
4 Elf Power: Walking With the Beggar Boys
4 Ellen Allien: Thrills
4 Ellen Allien: Berlinette
4 Elliott Smith: From a Basement on the Hill
4 Eluvium: Lambent Material
4 Eluvium: Talk Amongst the Trees
4 Elvis Costello: Cruel Smile
4 Elvis Costello and the Imposters: The Delivery Man
4 Embrace: Out of Nothing
4 Emiliana Torrini: Fisherman's Woman
4 Eminem: Encore
4 Eminem: Curtain Call
4 Emperor X: Tectonic Membrane/Thin Strip on an Edgeless Platform
4 Emperor X: Central Hug/Friendarmy/Fractaldunes
4 Encore: Layover
4 Endless Struggle: 'Till the End
4 Engine Down: Engine Down
4 Enon: Lost Marbles and Exploded Evidence
4 Enon: Hocus Pocus
4 Envy: A Dead Sinking Story
4 Erase Errata: At Crystal Palace
4 Erasure: Other People's Songs
4 Eric Roberson: The Vault: Vol. 1.5
4 Erland Oye: Unrest
4 Erlend Oye: DJ Kicks
4 Error: Error EP
4 Essential Logic: Fanfare in the Garden: An Essential Logic Collection
4 Essex Green: The Long Goodbye
4 Ester Drang: Infinite Keys
4 Esthero: Wikkid Lil' Grrrls
4 Eszter Balint: Mud
4 Europa 51: Abstractions
4 The Evens: The Evens
4 Evergreen: Evergreen
4 The Ex: Singles. Period. The Vinyl Years: 1980-1990
4 Ex Models: Zoo Psychology
4 The Explosion: Black Tape
4 Explosions in the Sky: How Strange, Innocence
4 The Exposures: Lost Recordings 2000-2004
4 Eyeball Skeleton: No. 1
4 Eyedea and Abilities: E and A
4 Eyvind Kang: Virginal Co-Ordinates


4 East Village Radio: Because the regular radio just sucks
4 Edie Sedgwick: Culture/Trash
4 Edo. G: "Some Real Shit": Edo. G states his biz on friends and foes
4 Edo. G: "Some Real Shit": Edo. G states his biz on friends and foes
4 Encore: Redefining 'conscious rapper'
4 Encore: Redefining 'conscious rapper'
4 Erase Errata: Erase Errata challenges listeners to think outside the lines of dance, noise and rock
4 The Evens: Blessed, not lucky.
4 Explosions in the Sky: Infusing moody instrumental post-rock with positivity
4 Explosions in the Sky: Infusing moody instrumental post-rock with positivity
4 Eyedea and Abilities: Another reminder that Minneapolis ain't no joke


4 Empire
4 Elephant
4 Elvis Costello and the Imposters [Club Date: Live in Memphis]


4 Elliott Smith: Elliott Smith
4 ESG: Emerald Sapphire Gold
4 Explosions in the Sky: Explosions in the Sky


4  Early Man: Promo Trailer (Video)
4  Early Man: Death Is the Answer (Video)
4  Echo and the Bunnymen: Stormy Weather (MP3) (Right Click Save As)
4  Eels: Trouble With Dreams (Video)
4  Eels: Jelly Dancers (MP3)
4  Eels: Box Stop Boxer (Live MP3)
4  Elbow: Leaders of the Free World (Video)
4  Elefant: The Clown (MP3)
4  Elefant: Lolita (MP3)
4  Elvis Costello: High Fidelity (Video)
4  Elvis Costello: Radio Radio (Video)
4  Elvis Costello: Veronica (Video)
4  Elvis Costello: Still Miss Someone (DVD Stream)
4  Elvis Costello: Peace Love Understanding (DVD Stream)
4  Elvis Costello: Alison (DVD Stream)
4  Embrace: A Glorious Day (Video)
4  Eminem: When I'm Gone (Video Clip)
4  Engineers: Home (Video)
4  Enon: Daughter in the House of Fools (Video)
4  Eric Clapton: Back Home Player
4  Esthero: We R In Need Of A Musical ReVoLuTioN (Audio)
4  Esthero: We R In Need Of A Musical ReVoLuTioN (Video)
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