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  Friday, January 27th
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  02:31 pm
4 Arctic Monkeys mistakenly snub Bowie
  08:43 am
4 Grandaddy disband after 14 years
  08:43 am
4 Nada Surf, Rogue Wave tour together
  08:42 am
4 Chin Up Chin Up sign to Suicide Squeeze
  08:42 am
4 Floetry singer works on solo album with Dre, may work with 50 Cent
  08:40 am
4 Polysics ready tour of U.S., new album
  08:39 am
4 Nettwerk joins fight versus RIAA, pre-loaded iPods causing a stir, Pearls and Brass tour, P.O.S. releases album on Rhymesayers
  08:37 am
4 New BBC musical film retelling last hours of Jesus to feature tracks by Buzzcocks, New Order
  08:32 am
4 Boondocks MLK episode stirs controversy, Cartoon Network stands behind the show
  08:30 am
4 Arctic Monkeys likely to shatter UK chart records
  08:29 am
4 Devo discuss children's group Devo 2.0
  08:27 am
4 Futureheads finish album recorded on farm
  08:26 am
4 Pete Doherty arrested twice in one day
  08:26 am
4 New Vines album out in April
  08:22 am
4 New Pantheon Awards pushed back to March
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Show Reviews
Danzig and Doyle
Danzig and Doyle @ Blackest of the Black Tour 2005

Show Date: 2005-10-29
Venue : Gibson Amphitheatre, Universal City, CA (Los Angeles)
by Lee Fullington

I got somethin� to say. I saw the Misfits today and it doesn�t matter much to me. Well, yeah it does, actually.


Last year O.C. Doyle joined Glenn Danzig on a few East Coast dates, but this year they�re doing a reunion set in on each stop. OK, it wasn�t quite a reunion (Danzig, despite pleas from his fans, still hasn�t reconciled with his Misfits co-founder, Jerry Only). But as a long-time fan, hearing Misfits songs with Danzig on vocals was monumental. And, based on the crowd�s reaction at the Gibson Amphitheatre, I know I am not alone in this.


As soon as Danzig began his little speech to introduce the Misfits bit of his set, the tension built and built and built (most of us are here, of course, for the Misfits material, not the solo stuff we patiently head-banged through). The anticipation was running high for the promised thirty minutes of utter �all hell breaks loose/ I want your skull/ annihilate the whole fucking race/ too much horror business.� Yeah, we�re ready; the pit�s already brewing. It�s the last night of the tour and it�s Halloween weekend to boot. What could be more fitting than rocking out to Misfits songs with two core members of the band?


His bodybuilder physique sheathed in tight black pants, Misfits sweatbands at his elbows, full-on white makeup and a devilock hanging well below his chin, Doyle stalks across the stage, Frankenstein-stepping in time with the drums. And all hell breaks loose. The pit is a maelstrom of bodies, hands and arms aloft throughout the seats, and it seems like a million voices are singing along with Danzig at all the right spots. We all know the words; it�s like an epiphany with the antichrist.


Danzig informs us that some friends have come out to play, and bikini-clad stiletto-wearing Amazon women come out parading placards that announce each song in hand-lettered Misfits script. At one point, Danzig announces to the bikini-wearing beauty that her sign is �upside down, baby.� He gets a big laugh out of the crowd before the band blazes into �We are 138.� It�s a quick � and exhausting � half hour, spent as if we�d had dirty sex. And I'm sure that was the point. �Mommy, can I go out and kill tonight?� Well, the Misfits killed us, in that oh so good way.  


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Misfits Web site


Danzig Web site

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