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I, like many Americans, have had a deep fascination with the assassination of President Kennedy. I was a product of the Oliver Stone generation, becoming transfixed with the movie 'JFK'. The film sparked an intellectual curiosity that led me to read a lot of books. I started with several of the 'seminal' conspiracy texts by Groden, Livingstone, Garrison and Lane. I was convinced that there had to be a conspiracy. There were too many loose ends that didn't bode well with me. I joined in with the momentum.  
I was convinced Lee Harvey Oswald could not have assassinated President Kennedy. In fact, because of what I had read, there was NO WAY Oswald could've fired a cheap rifle that fast and that accurately. The 'Single Bullet Theory' seemed to be a ridiculous idea borne of necessity instead of fact. One bullet couldn't do all that damage.....or could it? I read some more. I came across Posner, Lattimer and Lambert. I began to wonder if what I had read was true or was it conjecture and speculation set forth as fact? I decided to dig deeper. I bought the full 26 volumes of The Warren Report. I read the witness testimony. Over and over I read about '3 shots'. The only way I was going to come to a conclusion was by seeing whether or not it could be done. I bought an identical gun and scope and started out on my quest for reality. This is the evolution of my research, presented as it evolves.
My Research
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C.S.I.- Crime Scene Investigation or Conspiracy Seeking Insinuations (a critical analysis of Sherry Guiterrez's Blood analysis) 
Nice Shootin', Pardner (my own personal experiences with a Mannlicher-Carcano)
Hollywood, Stone, Costner and other fine performances (How Hollywood can make YOU think)
The Brady Bunch, Rowdy Bunch and Other Famous Bunches (Tackling the "Bunched Coat Theory") 
*New "The Single Bullet Theory"- (What can be learned from the wounds to President Kennedy and the 'Magic Bullet'? 
The Shirt Experiment (Does the location of the holes in President Kennedy's shirt and coat REALLY make a difference? This is how I chose to experiment with that issue.)
Incantations, Speculations, Investigations on Indentations- (A thorough look at the world's most famous 'dent'- CE 543)
*Updated Vertigo, Meniere's Disease and other Disorientations- (A look at the infamous F8, or back of the head, photograph)
The Mysterious U.F.O.- (A closer look at an Unidentified Flying Osseous tissue - also known as bone)
Ammunition Data- (Comparison Study of Italian Military (SMI) and compilation of old and new WCC ammunition)
The Frustrating 14cm Acromion Measurement- (The experts say it is impossible. Is it?)
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