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Remembering Mary Frann

Loveliest of lovely things are they
On earth that soonest pass away,
The rose that lives its little hour
Is prized beyond the sculptured flower.

William Cullen Bryant,
A Scene on the Banks of the Hudson

By Tina Babcock
Vice President, Women’s Ministries
Los Angeles Mission

The Los Angeles Mission is a Christian, non-profit organization dedicated to alleviating the suffering of hungry and homeless men and women in Skid Row since 1949. The Mission provides hot meals, safe shelter, clean clothing and an 18-month residential rehabilitation program for men and women in crisis.

The women’s outreach at the Los Angeles Mission had a cheerleader, fund raiser, problem solver, advocate and loving friend named Mary Frann.

Mary was a member of the Celebrity Action Council -- a volunteer group of celebrity women who serve the women’s outreach of the Mission -- for seven years. Mary died only hours after attending a meeting where she energetically championed for the needs of the hurting women in our program.

Mary devoted countless hours to identifying challenges that needed facing and countless more finding others to help her face them.

One such example happened shortly after Mary joined the Council. She noticed that many of the ladies in our program were missing their teeth. Some ladies were even ashamed to smile. Mary decided to find someone to repair their broken smiles and restore their confidence, so she asked her dentist to donate his services. She took it a step further, and asked that her friends do the same.

At the time of her death, Mary was working on filling another critical need. She had been touched by the plight of a woman who graduated from our program who is suffering with cancer. Mary wanted her to get the best treatment available, so she set out to find a doctor to provide treatment at no charge to the woman.

You see, Mary looked for things that needed to get done and did them herself. She sought no glory or reward, just the satisfaction of knowing that she was giving back some of the blessing God had given her. Mary Frann was a compassionate friend who gave generously of herself. We will never be quite the same without her.

Make a donation to the L.A. Mission in memory of Mary

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