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This webpage is presented as a "cautionary tale"in that hope that potential victims might be more aware ... and less prone to becoming victims.


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Serial Killers in the News


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Portrait of a Killer: Jack the Ripper -- Case Closed Portrait of a Killer: Jack the Ripper-- Case closed In this headline-making work of nonfiction, Patricia Cornwell turns her trademark skills for meticulous research and scientific expertise on one of the most chilling cases of serial murder in the history of crime-the slayings of Jack the Ripper that terrorized 1880s London. With the masterful intuition into the criminal mind that has informed her novels, Cornwell digs deeper into the case than any detective before her-and reveals the true identity of this elusive madman.

"Enlisting the help of forensic experts, Cornwell examines all the physical evidence available: thousands of documents and reports, fingerprints, crime-scene photographs, original etchings and paintings, items of clothing, artists' paraphernalia, and traces of DNA. Her unavoidable conclusion: Jack the Ripper was none other than a respected painter of his day, an artist now collected by some of the world's finest museums."

Visit Patricia Cornwell's Website for the Latest News

For MORE Jack the Ripper and Serial Killer Books CLICK HERE

Jack the Ripper  

Casebook: Jack the Ripper  A BEAUTIFULLY EXECUTED SITE! (no pun intended!) "In the past 110 years, the name 'Jack the Ripper' has become synonymous with evil and misogyny, eliciting images of foggy nights and gas-lit streets in the minds of millions worldwide. The mass media and entertainment industries are largely responsible for the popularity of the subject, but they are also to blame for many of the myths and misconceptions which have crept in among the facts of the case. Sloppy research performed by those motivated by personal dreams of fame and greed has only added to the mire. Though this situation has recently been aided by the valiant efforts of a handful of diligent researchers, the myths persist, the lies are repeated, and the facts of the case remain hidden beneath a cloud of confusion. It is our hope that the information provided by Casebook: Jack the Ripper will help scatter this cloud and, perhaps, finally allow a glimpse into that most elusive aspect of the mystery: the truth...."

Enter the sinister world of Jack the Ripper: A unique 1880's period which takes you into the dark world of fog, gas lamps, alehouse, prostitution  and.... JACK THE RIPPER'S LONDON!  The Mysterious Monster of London's East End......... Between the months of August and November, 1888, the Whitechapel area of London played key witness to a series of horrific murders, which remain to this day unresolved. The unknown assailant, formerly known as "Leather Apron", later to be revered as "Jack the Ripper", stalked the dimly lit, fog blanketed streets of the East End with a single, brutal ambition......MURDER MOST HORRID. With malice aforethought, undercover of darkness he lurked within the shadows, awaiting his prey...."the street women" of Old London Town. The despicable diary of death had begun..............are you up to learning more of the gory facts?....then read on....I dare you!"  CLICK HERE 

Jack the Ripper: from the Crime Library

Jack the Ripper  from Serial Killer Case Files.  Lists victims and suspects.

Some Unsolved Cases

Unsolved Cases "... Serial killers are the scariest of all criminals not simply because they do such appalling things. What also makes them really frightening is that though capable of the most insanely violent acts they are not raving lunatics.  On the contrary, the typical serial killer is a man with an above-average IQ, exceptionally cunning, and an uncanny ability to appear as boringly normal as the next guy.  As a result, serial killers often go undetected for years.  Indeed, some of them have been know to elude capture forever -- leaving a trail of corpses in their wake but no real clues as to their own identities...."  CLICK HERE for more of the story.

Also see Phases: Pattern of a Killing "The step-by-step pattern that the typical serial killer follows-- from the time he first starts brooding on his crime through the inevitable letdown of its aftermath-- has been charted by Dr. Joel Norris, one of the country's leading experts on the subject. According to Norris, the seven "key phases" of serial murder are as follows...." CLICK HERE for the rest of the story.


Serial killers and cannibalism together comprise perhaps the darkest and ugliest darkest part of our shadow selves.

Serial Killers and Cannibalism

"....When a species is driven to eat their own, all cultural traditions are gone.  In popular culture this is associated with serial killers like Jeff Dahmer and Ed Gein but its true significance can be found with the Donner party.

"In the winter of 1846-47 the Donner party was trapped in the mountains on their way to California.  Two-thirds of the men died.  Single adult men died first. One-third of the children died. The male children having the highest ratio.   One-fourth of the women and most of them toward the end of the ordeal.  Many of the survivors either killed and ate, or ate, the dead.  This group of humans that was brought up with Christian  morals/ethics were reduced to being the animal that we all are.  They were reduced because the culture had failed them.  The culture is suppose to teach them/us the things needed to survive.  It had not, and the last taboo before annihilation was cannibalism...." from Cannibalism: The Last Taboo  

".... Cannibals have something else in common: they smell. Doctors interrogating Chikatilo - who butchered and ate parts of 52 young women, boys and girls after they agreed to go into the woods with him - spoke of the killer's pungent odour. Kusikov has the same animal smell - peculiar, say police, to psychopaths, a goaty smell that comes from an acrid sweat made by a body full of the wrong chemicals...."

The Real Life Hannibal Lecter ".... In the last decade, there has been an unprecedented rise in the number of serial killers in the former Soviet Union. Between 70 and 100 are currently estimated to be on the loose - and more than a dozen of these are cannibals, a group that is more prevalent in the former Soviet Union today than in any other part of the world...."

"He looks at Ivanov: 'You know, I am a nurse of society. I am cleaning up all the rubbish. At work, I swept streets. Now I'm just cleaning up a different kind of rubbish.' He slumps into silence, nervously playing with a packet of Marlboro.

" 'He has invented that excuse, used by many serial killers,' says Ivanov. He believes Kusikov is simply a sadist. 'For a sadist, the most important thing is to have complete control of their victims and they have ultimate control over them when they eat them. That is cannibalism.'

And it is on the increase throughout the former Soviet Union. Recently, a 73-year-old woman from Kaliningrad was arrested after the half-eaten body of her 82-year-old husband was found in her flat. Earlier in the year, two Ukrainian prisoners were found guilty of eating their cell mate.

'Since 1979, we've had nearly 100 people in our centre who fit the criteria of serial killer,' says Andrei Tkachenko, director of the Serbsky Psychiatric Centre in Moscow. 'In the early 1980s, we had between three and five per year. Now it's a steady 10 a year and the rate is growing.'

" 'In Rostov alone, we had five on the loose last year,' says Alexander Bukhanovsky, the psychiatrist whose physiological profile helped to catch Chikatilo. 'Two were caught, but three are still out there. This isn't just a sordid curiosity but probably of enormous social significance.'

"Bukhanovsky believes the recent surge in serial murder and cannibalism in Russia is attributable to a wide range of factors: 'You have the collapse of the family, severe economic difficulties, a wide distribution of pornography, coupled with a lack of sex education.' Also, the cruelty of Russia's recent past, including Stalin's brutal labour camps and the widespread famine caused by collectivisation, created conditions where cannibalism certainly took place'.''

Andrei Chikatilo

Andrei Chikatilo  See Bad Men Do What Good Men Dream  "....In the clearing, Chikatilo pounced on Larisa. He overpowered her easily, with his 6-foot, muscled body. He tore off her clothes and underwear. Larisa's futile struggle only sexually excited him more. To him, it was an aphrodisiac. Her terrified, anguished screams were like a siren's song to Chikatilo, transporting him into an erotic frenzy. This was nothing like the vapid, tiresome, unsatisfying sex that he had experienced with his wife in the privacy of their home. Larisa was prey to be eaten and consumed. She was, to him, no longer a human being with feelings and a life to live. Like a wild beast, he devoured his victim. She was his, totally. He could do anything he pleased with her...."

Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer  A brief "no bullshit" synopsis of one of the most written about and studied serial killers of the 20th century.

Jeffrey Dahmer   "....As a kid, Jeff liked to torture and kill little animals. As an adult he did the same with humans. This Milwaukee chocolate factory worker lured gay, black men to his apartment for sex and drugs and instead killed them and had them for dinner....."

What I Saw at the Dahmer Trial

"....Years later, Eddie provided inspiration for the character of another serial killer, Buffalo Bill in The Silence of the Lambs. Like Eddie, Buffalo Bill treasured women's skin and wore it like clothing in some insane transvestite ritual...."

Ed Gein

Ed Gein  The Serial Killer Superstar  An excerpt from A-Z Encyclopedia of Serial Killers: "Gein was raised by a fanatical, domineering mother who ranted incessantly about the sinful nature of her own sex. When she died in 1945, her son was a thirty-nine-year-old bachelor, still emotionally enslaved to the woman who had tyrannized his life. Boarding up her room, he preserved though it were a shrine. The rest of the house, however, soon degenerated into a madman's shambles.

"When Gein wasn't earning his meager living doing odd jobs for neighbors, he passed his lonely hours poring over lurid magazine pieces about sex-change operations, South Sea headhunters, and Nazi atrocities...." Continued CLICK HERE

Eddie Gein: Crime Library  

"....While the shocked deputies searched through the rubble of Eddie Gein's existence, they realized that the horrible discoveries didn't end at Mrs. Worden's body. They had stumbled into a death farm. 

The funny-looking bowl was a top of a human skull. The lampshades and wastebasket were made from human skin.

A ghoulish inventory began to take shape: an armchair made of human skin, female genitalia kept preserved in a shoebox, a belt made of nipples, a human head, four noses and a heart.

The more the looked through the house, the more ghastly trophies they found. Finally a suit made entirely of human skin...." CLICK HERE for the rest of this multi-chapter e-book.

Ed Gein  "....At least two movies have been based on Ed Gein Psycho and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Gein practiced a strange type of transvestite necrophilia. To become a woman he would carve out the genitalia of females and wear them over his own. Gein has a belt made out of nipples, a skin vest that he wore on special ocasions, mobiles made out of noses, skulls on his bedposts, cranial soup bowls, drums made out of skin...."

Alferd Packer 

America's Favorite Cannibal  "....In downtown Lake City stands the Hinsdale County Museum, which boasts the most extensive collection of Packerabilia known. Included is a skull fragment from one of his victims, a pair of shackles used on Alferd when he was in the Lake City jail, and a number of buttons from the clothes of the five men he eventually ate.... Alferd spent some time in the Colorado Territorial Prison, Canon City. After he was released -- on a technicality -- he became a vegetarian, made a modest living selling autographed photos of himself...."

Albert Fish

"....Fish is said to have practiced:

  • Sadism
  • Masochism
  • Active and Passive flagellation
  • Castration and self-castration
  • Exhibitionism
  • Voyeur Acts
  • Cannibalism
  • Piqueur Acts [sp?]
  • Pedophilia

"Fish claims to have molested over four hundred children, but police charged him with eight but suspect him on fifteen.... He would also stick nails under his finger nails, into his groin, into his scrotum and his anus.... (he) was sentenced to death in the electric chair. Fish was excited about dying in the electric chair because he said that he hadn't tried that one. He was electrocuted on January 16, 1936 at Sing Sing Prison. Supposedly he helped strap himself into the chair and it took two attempts to fry Fish because the needles still left in his body short circuited the chair...."  CLICK HERE for several photos and the rest of the story.

Zodiac Killer

The Zodiac killer "terrorized Northern California in the late 1960s, attacking at least seven young adults and killing five of them. Another slaying in Riverside was attributed to the Zodiac, but that was widely disputed by police.

"The killer appeared to be hunting couples parked in lovers' lanes for sport. He used a different weapon each time and then brazenly called 911. The calls were followed a few days later by coded letters to the police and media, taunting investigators and daring them to catch him. His letters generally began with the words 'This is the Zodiac speaking'."

A Flashback Newspaper Article 

"This is the Zodiac Speaking..." A Definitive Overview and Analysis of the Zodiac Case, 1966-1974  "The Zodiac case is of particular interest because it may have been the most cerebral murder case of all time. The case is full of unknowns. What appears to have been unprovoked catharsis may actually indicate a premeditated, cold-blooded act of instrumental aggression. Or does it? What passes for craziness may really have been a well-planned scheme to accomplish what the killer wanted. Or was it?"  -Dr. Jack Levin, Professor, Sociology & Criminology Northeastern University, Boston, MA

The Zodiac/Manson Connection Offers interesting sounding book for $19.95 that promises "shocking new information that confirms..."

The Unibomber/Zodiac Connection  Shows stylistic comparisons, metamorphosis of modus operandi, promotes a book on CD-RomAlso Mass Murder and Modus Operandi

Redacted: Zodiac Killer Index  "The Zodiac Killer officially began his killing spree on December 20, 1968 when he attacked and killed two teenagers in Vallejo, California. The Zodiac Killer may also have killed a previous victim in Riverside, California, in 1966.

"The killer continued to attack and kill several more victims. The last official victim of the Zodiac Killer was a San Francisco cab driver who was killed in 1969. The Zodiac Killer wrote may letters during his killing spree that were sent to various newspapers and other individuals. Several of the letters also contained coded messages or ciphers.

"The Zodiac Killer has never been caught and as of January 1974 claimed to have killed at least 37 people..."

Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy: The Crime Library  "....all the girls were white, thin, single, wearing slacks at the time of disappearance, had hair that was long and parted in the middle and they all disappeared in the evening. Also around the time of the disappearances, police interviewed college students who told them of a strange man who was seen wearing a cast on either his arm or leg. Supposedly, the stranger seemed to be struggling with books and asking young women nearby for assistance...."  CLICK HERE to read more of this is a multi-chapter online "book"... a complete description of the life and killings of this very attractive serial killer.

Richard Ramirez "The Night Stalker" 

Richard Ramirez "The Night Stalker" 
".... Acquaintances described Ramirez as an ardent Satanist and long-time drug abuser, obsessed with the mock-Satanic rock band AC/ DC. According to reports, Ramirez had adopted one of the group's songs - "Night Prowler" - as his personal anthem, playing it repeatedly, sometimes for hours on end.... Sporting a pentagram on the palm of one hand, Ramirez waved to photographers and shouted "Hail Satan!" during a preliminary court appearance. Back in jail, he told a fellow inmate, "I've killed 20 people, man. I love all that blood."

H. H. Holmes

H. H. Holmes  ".... Dr. Holmes started his criminal career as a medical student by stealing corpses from the University of Michigan. He used them to collect insurance money from policies taken out under fictitious names.

"When he moved to Chicago he started a drugstore empire from which he made a fortune. He built a hundred-room mansion complete with gas chambers, trap doors, acid vats, lime pits, fake walls and secret entrances. During the 1893 World's Fair he rented rooms to visitors. He killed most of his renters and continued his insurance fraud scheme..." 

Pee Wee Gaskins

Pee Wee Gaskins  "....while in Maximum Security, Pee Wee was tagged the "Meanest Man in America" when he killed another inmate. For his little homicidal stunt, he was moved to Death Row. Pee Wee was fried on September 6, 1991. His total hits might well be over two hundred, but law enforcement found it impossible to verify all his claims. In the excellent post-mortem of his life, "FINAL TRUTH," Pee Wee waxes poetic about how he had "a special mind" that gave him 'permission to kill'."

Gilles de Rais  

Gilles de Rais  "....Because he was a baron, no one cared about the disappearing children around his castle. A great patron of the arts, Gilles also enjoyed practicing black magic and alchemy. His reign of terror came to an end when the Duke of Brittany dug up the mutilated remains of 50 boys in his castle. He confessed to 140 killings but it is believed that the body count could have been as high as 300. On October 26, 1440, Gilles was simultaneously burned and hanged. His two servant accomplices were simply burned alive....."

Delfina & Maria de Jesus Gonzales

Delfina & Maria de Jesus Gonzales (91+) ".... These two deadly sisters ran the bordello from hell in Guanajuato, Mexico. They recruited their prostitutes through help wanted ads and killed them when they stopped pleasing the clientele...."

David Berkowitz: Son of Sam

"Dad, the world is getting darker now.  I can feel it more and more . . . The girls call me ugly and they bother me the most." from a letter to his Dad by David Berkowitz, a month before the first murder.

David Berkowitz: Son of Sam  "....He confessed to the attacks and went on to blame it all on the 'voices' in his head.  He said he was urged to kill by Sam Carr, his neighbor, who transmitted the messages through his dogs barking.  he also had 'Demon' voices telling him what to do when he was out hunting.  This was obviously an early attempt at an insanity plea, and one which was rejected. Berkowitz pled guilty to all the murders, and was sentenced to 365 years...."  Brief Profile; Case File: David Berkowitz with much information, numerous photos. Also see The Official Homepage of David Berkowitz: Son of Hope  

"....One year after Berkowitz was arrested he held a press conference in prison saying that his story about Sam Carr and demon-possession was a hoax.  He bought the .44 and said that his attacks had been from his disappointments with women.  It will remain unknown if a cult was involved in the Son of Sam attacks.  Berkowitz definitely did commit all or some of the attacks, but one things remains certain, Son of Sam terrorized New York with 6 murders in the space of 12 months...." Case File: David Berkowitz

John Wayne Gacy

John Wayne Gacy  A brief synopsis with photos of Gacy as a clown and some of his art. 

See also Serial Killer Art: "The best known of all serial killer artists was John Wayne Gacy, who began dabbling in oil painting while in prison. Though Gacy painted everything from Disney characters to Michelangelo's Pieta, his trademark subject was Pogo the Clown--the persona he adopted during his prearrest years, when he would occasionally don circus makeup and entertain the kids at the local hospital...." CLICK HERE for more.

John Wayne Gacy Jr.: Crime Library  "....Yet, he was fortunate to be alive. Ringall was one of the few victims of John Wayne Gacy, Jr. to have survived. During a three-year-period, Gacy went on to viciously torture, rape and murder more than thirty other young men, who would later be discovered under the floorboards of his home and in the local river...."

John Wayne Gacy  "....While on death row Gacy painted many pictures of pgo the clown, Hitler, Jeffrey Dahlmer, and his three dwarfs (Schizo, Pathological, and Remorseless) He also made a 900 number (1-900-622-GACY) so people could call for 2 dollars a minute and listen to him talk for 15 minutes about how he was innocent. Fans were even swapping trading cards of their favorite murderers. He was executed fourteen years later by lethal injection in Joliet, Illinois...."

Jack the Ripper has inspired many a lurid pulp fiction novel.

FREE!Serial Killer and Mass Murderer Post Cards   CLICK HERE

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Our fascination with phenomena like serial killers is perhaps a way of vicariously exploring our dark shadow-selves. "....Carl Jung, the Swiss psychiatrist, believed that exploring the shadow, bringing the light of conscious awareness into its dark contents, is one of the primary growth-tasks of the later adult years, and that without it, the process of individuation -- of growing into the full potential that we have, can not be achieved..." Dr. Thomas Pinkson

Mindhunter: Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit By John E. Douglas and Mark Olshaker 

"During his twenty-five year career with the Investigative Support Unit, Special Agent John Douglas became a legendary figure in law enforcement, pursuing some of the most notorious and sadistic serial killers of our time: the man who hunted prostitutes for sport in the woods of Alaska, the Atlanta child murderer, and Seattle's Green River killer, the case that nearly cost Douglas his life.

"As the model for Jack Crawford in The Silence of the Lambs, Douglas has confronted, interviewed, and studied scores of serial killers and assassins, including Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, and Ed Gein, who dressed himself in his victims' peeled skin...." For more information CLICK HERE

Read an Excerpt   Hear the Excerpt
AU | Real Audio | WAV

John Douglas
delves deep inside the minds of serial killers

Profiling a Killer

Salon Magazine's articles about serial killer.

The Mass Murder Chronicle

Is There a Serial Killer in Your Neighborhood?

Serial Killer Map and Information

Serial Killer Atlas Is there a pattern emerging in your state? The APB Serial Killer Atlas is an attempt to create a database of unsolved serial murders and suspected serial murders across the country -- a database that can help law enforcement and the public recognize significant patterns or establish linkage between incidents.

The Death of Gianni Versace by Serial Killer Cunanon

The Versace Murder: The Story in Pictures  "For nine days, the world focused on South Florida as Miami Beach police and the FBI investigated the dramatic events that began with the July 15 murder of famed Italian designer Gianni Versace on the steps of his South Beach mansion. It ended 40 blocks away on a houseboat in the Intracoastal Waterway 9 days later when the chamelon-like suspect, Andrew Cunanan, took his own life with the same .40 caliber gun that killed Versace and two other men...."

On Cunanan's Trail

General Serial Killer Sites

Dave's Serial Killer Home Page "Serial killers belong to a newly identified class of criminals called serial murderers, motiveless killers, recreational killers, spree killers, or lust murderers whose numbers are increasing at an alarming rate every year. In 1983 alone, according to the FBI, approximately five thousand Americans of both sexes and ages-fifteen people a day and fully 25% of all murder victims-were struck down by murderers who did not know them and killed them for the sheer 'HIGH' of the experience. The FBI calls this class of homicides serial murders and there perpetrators recreational or lust killers. The FBI describes them as most cunning and sinister of all violent people..." CLICK HERE to enter Dave's site.

Bad Men Do What Good Men Dream
Forensic Psychiatrist Illuminates the Darker Side of Human Behavior: "Serial killers tend to be white, heterosexual males in their twenties and thirties who are sexually dysfunctional and have low self-esteem. Their methodical rampages are almost always sexual in nature. Their killings are usually part of an elaborate fantasy that builds to a climax at the moment of their murderous outburst. Serial killers generally murder strangers with cooling off periods between each crime. Many enjoy cannibalism, necrophilia and keep trophy-like body parts as mementos of their work. Serial killers are sadistic in nature. Some return to crime scenes or grave sites of their victims to fantasize about their deeds. Many like to insert themselves in the investigation of their crimes and some enjoy taunting authorities with letters or carefully placed pieces of evidence...."

The Wacky World of Murder: Serial Killers 

The Wacky World of Murder: Mass Murderers

Serial Killers Anonymous Searchable database

Crime Library  Classic Crime Stories; Gangsters, Outlaws and G-Men; Mass and Serial Murderers; Terrorists, Spies and Assassins. Plus Crime News updated daily.

Internet Crime Archives 

The Serial Killer Info Site "No sensationalism, no gore"

Criminal Psychology

"Seven": On the nature of evil

Dark Lady's Killer Quotes  Quotations attributed to various serial killers. "I think that it is high time that you start looking at yourselves, and judging the lie that you live...You can project it back at me...but I am only what lives inside each and every one of you... I am a reflection of you." - Charles Manson

Dark Lady's Killer Jokes

Was Albert DeSalvo the Boston Strangler?

Albert DeSalvo, The Boston Strangler: The Crime Library

Rail Killer

The Search for the Railroad Killer

"... Finally, the FBI named him to the Ten Most Wanted list. But it wasn't the FBI who got him. It was those badass Texas Rangers who finally put it all to an end. As long as I live, I will be a die-hard fan of the Texas Rangers. Cowboy hats, chewing tobacco, boots, and all. Plus, they had homemade cherry pie and Dr Pepper in their office...." an excerpt from Anne Garofolo's (a free lance producer for America's Most Wanted)  Diary on the capture of the "Railway Killer"

Rail Killer Schizophrenic

Rail Killer Gets Death Sentence

Green River Killer

The Green River killer is thought to be responsible for killing 49 women in the Pacific Northwest between 1982 and 1984. Examine the evidence.

Wayne Williams

Wayne Williams and the Atlanta Child Murders: The Crime Library "....Two black boys were found murdered at the end of July 1979, officially starting one of the most highly publicized murder series in history.  A couple of years later, twenty-nine black youths would be dead and a black man, who many people believe was railroaded by the government, would be imprisoned for life...."

Lucian Staniak "The Red Spider"

Lucian Staniak "The Red Spider"  "From July 1964 to January 1967 a mysterious murderer known as the Red Spider killed 6 or more girls in and around Poland.  He would send anonymous letters to newspaper editors in a poetic style warning that he was going to murder.  The letters were written in a spidery red handwriting from which he earned his name the Red Spider...." More.

Sipho Agmatir Thwala

Sipho Agmatir Thwala  Grisly Details to Emerge in Phoenix Strangler  SIX relatives of the notorious Phoenix serial killer are living in fear at a police station after members of their community burnt down their house and threatened to kill them. SEE STORY 

Bela Kiss

Bela Kiss "Kiss had placed ads in papers, under the name Hoffmann,  wanting to meet with ladies.  The ad read - "lonely widower seeking female companionship." In all, he killed 40 women by strangling, then picked their remains in steel drums.  

Gerald Stano

Gerald Stano A brief synopsis. 

Gustavo Adolpho

Gustavo Adolpho    

Clifford Robert Olson

 Profile of a Serial Killer - The Clifford Robert Olson Story   

Pedro Alonso Lopez   

"....It is widely believed that three hundred hits is a low estimate for this most prolific serial killer...."

Pedro Alonso Lopez  ".... . When he was arrested he told his interrogators the frightening tale of his reign of death. At first authorities were skeptical but all doubts disappeared when he quickly produced more than fifty graves. It is widely believed that three hundred hits is a low estimate for this most prolific serial killer...."

Henry Lee Lucas and Ottis Toole  

Henry Lee Lucas and Ottis Toole  ".... Free again, Henry launched his stellar career as the nation's most notorious random killer.... Henry and Ottis did confess to more than 500 murders. Henry even claimed to have taken the poison to Guyana as a favor for his good friend Jim Jones...."

News about Serial Killers

Northern California Serial Killer Executed at San Quentin

 For a complete listing of serial killers including the following check out Serial Killers A-Z , Dave's Serial Killer Homepage and A Short History on All of the Worst Serial Killers in the World

Luis Alfredo Gavarito

Bruno Ludke

Michael Swango

Anatoly Onoprienko

Ahmad Suradji

Richard "Iceman" Kuklinski

Erszebet Bathory

Moses Sithole

Donald Harvey

Fernando Hernandez Leyva

Vasili Komaroff

Jane Toppan

Gerard John Schaefer

Karl Denke

Micajah & Wiley Harpe

Patrick W. Kearney

Fritz Haarmann

Dean Corll

Bruce Lee

Leonard Lake & Charles Ng

Juan Corona

Marcel Petiot

Helene Jegado

Arnfinn Nesset

Earl Nelson

Norman Afzal Simons

Coral Eugene Watts

Carl Panzram

Thierry Paulin & Jean-Thierry Mathurin

Phoolan Devi

Charles Sobhraj

Sasha & Lyudmila Spesivtsev





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Near Death & Afterlife
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