Shoqata e Guidave dhe Scoutėve nė Shqipėri
Association des Guides et des Scouts en Albanie - Association of Guides and Scouts in Albania

Guide from the group of Gurėz, July 1999


Proud of WAGGGS' emblem, Ornela and Erdi in the refugee camp of Kavaje, May 1999



Albania - Belgium, a long history of friendship …
ShGSSh is an Albanian Guide and Scout Association, recognised by the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts as a "Country Working Towards Membership".  The Guides Catholiques de Belgique are one of the privileged partners of ShGSSh and the purpose of this site is to present the Association, as it is seen by the Belgians, as well as showing the various aspects of our co-operation.

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Souvenirs of the "Alba 2002 - to the sound of the ēifteli" project and the new 2003 plans ! (french)

ShGSSh was formed on 20 July 1998. How was this Association created? What were its first steps? Who are its members? What are its greatest challenges? Who are its privileged partners?

Albanian Projects
Things happen in Albania! National projects extend from simple training to facilitated days based on the environment.

The Albania Team
This is a team from GCB who share a knowledge of Italian and the dream of helping you to discover the land of the eagles. What do they do? Would you like to join them?

The Albanian national magazine

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There are 10 Guide & Scout groups in Albania 
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Tirana Durres Kucova Berat Gjirokastra Lushnja Mamuras Gjinar Valona Gurez

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