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Comic for January 31, 2006
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Posted On: January 31, 2006

The joys of tardiness on the first day-- ESPECIALLY when the teach knows you...

We attempted to order the pins that was said would accompany certain donations, but I dont know if they have shut down or what is going on-- for those who ARE on our list to get a pin, you will still get SOMETHING, if they completely flake on us, we are looking into making a very limited set of character t-shirts to replace the pins.


Posted On: January 31, 2006

Firstly I think I drew the teacher too well.

Also I should mention that its very likely that the next wallpaper will be a tad late. It's rather... detailed. I should have never decided to draw such a complex background by hand. Next time I'll do it in Photoshop.

And not to get off on a rant, but someone needs to hit the Gillette people in the head with a frying pan. We don't need a razor with 5 blades for godsake, 3 is enough. Or was that 8? Nevermind.