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Ocotillo Online Learning Group
Monthly meeting
Feb 3, 2006

Creating Your Own Learning Objects With SoftChalk
Learning Objects Action Group
Feb 10, 2006

New Faculty Orientation to ePortfolios
Feb 21, 2006

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Now in it's 18th year, Ocotillo since 1987 has served as a faculty-driven catalyst for addressing technology and learning at the Maricopa Community Colleges. Ocotillo takes its name from a plant which is indigenous to the natural Arizona landscape. Like the plant's branches which reach up and out in many directions, Ocotillo's ideas may reach out, grow, and flourish.

Ocotillo is lead by our general faculty chair, John Arle, Biology instructor from Phoenix College. For the 2004-2005 year, we have launched a new structure for Ocotillo, re-inventing itself for the third time in its history. We have returned to a set of topical groups, led by faculty co-chairs. The Action Groups for this year are focussing on Learning Objects, Hybrid Course Structures, ePortfolios, and Emerging Learning Teachnologies.

Each group will be developing its own array of activities, projects, workshops, etc to involve interested faculty and staff from across the Maricopa system. All of the action includes an electronic presence, with each group running its own weblog, wiki, and discussion board, that feed the new Ocotillo Central web site. It is a brand new day for Ocotillo!

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For 2004-2005 you should use this new web site to keep up to date on everything going on with Ocotillo and the new Action Groups. We are using a collection of linked weblogs for each group to publish their activities and news, plus wikis for collaborative resource building, and online discussions.

The main site above is a "dashboard" for all four groups, and it uses RSS technology to dynamically display the latest new items added to each groups online "branches".

These electronic tools are used in conjunction, not in place of, the sctivities each group will coordinate-- Ocotillo will not only discuss hybrid courses, but we will act in a hybrid fashion.

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League of Innovation presentation (1999)
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The "real" Ocotillo
(a desert plant)


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