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* Light Writings *
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Photographs, like everything else we see, are fugitive illusions derived from light. It causes mist to rise, wind to blow, and rain to water the land. Scattering, sunlight makes the sky blue, and striking chlorophyll, it makes green plants grow. Animals harvest its energy as blades and stems and seeds. Gas, oil, coal, plastics, minerals, and metals, all are vibrating particles of light. The atmosphere, the oceans, the very rocks of the planet are the distillate dross of our star.

Slow Down, Take Time, Be Like Water

* Explore Seed Balls*

1. Seed Balls A Preface
2. Masanobu Fukuoka
3. What They Are
4. How To Apply Them
5. Introduction Part A
6. Introduction Part B

The Way Of Nature
7. A Word Of Caution
8. Sources of Materials
9. The Rotary Drum
10. The Seed Ball Video
11. Research & Applications
12. On A Green Mountain

Who Practices Natural Farming?
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Islands of Wildness


Is Agriculture Sustainable ?


Rio Grande Basin

Fresh Water & Islands
Hazelip Synergistic Farming
Amigos Bravos Friends of Rivers
Tundra & Needle Leaf Forests
Forest Guardians Silvery Minnows
Temperate Rain Forests
Rio Grande Water In The West
Deciduous & Wet Tropical Forests
Colorado Water Data
Dry Tropical Forests & Shrublands
New Mexico Water Data
Mountain Forests & Grasslands
Texas Water Data
Cold & Warm Winter Deserts
A Child's Letter For Life
El Camino Real History

The Population "Problem" Is Actually The Solution.
We Humans Will Consume Our Resource Base And Collapse.
We Will Then Never Be Able To Do Such Mischief 
To The Earth Or Each Other Again.  In The Process,
Life Will Select New Ways Of Being In Accord.  Rejoice!
It Has Happened To Other Species Throughout The History
Of This Planet.  Everything You See Alive Today Is The Result 
Of The Few Who Made It Through The Last Great Crisis.
If You Have Trouble With This Reality,
And Want To Try To Do Something In The Meantime,
Look Into Some Of The Ideas Presented Here.
The Most Important Thing Is To Find Compassionate
Joy In The Life You Have Right Now.

* * * 911-PTSD * * *
Blinded By Patriotism

The Tragic Comedy Of Commander And Thief

G. W. Chicknlittle


A Neoconchicknhawk Who Would Be Holy Emperor Of The World,
But Blinded By Towering Greed, Jingo Patriotism, And False Faith,
Ends Up Just Another Crispy Critter!

An Illustrated Fable By © Jaime Huesos

“Run Henny Penny, before it’s too late, and tell the people, the Emperor has no feathers!”

* * * Announcing * * *
* The Seed Ball Story *
* * NOW A DVD-R DISK * *

Learn How To Make And Use Seed Balls
By Hand And In A Von Bachmayr Drum

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* The Von Bachmayr Seed Ball Drum *
A Revolutionary Way To Make Thousands Of Seed Balls Per Hour
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Recent Success With Seed Balls
* Friends Of The Trail - Minnetonka, Minnesota *
Tall Grass Prairie Restoration Success With Seed Balls
Patience and dedication reward volunteers in rehabilitation efforts!

The Pajarito Plateau Watershed Partnership (PPWP)
This Volunteer Task Force is a regionally-based group of citizens and professionals concerned with issues affecting watersheds on the eastern
flank of the Jemez Mountains in northern New Mexico. This area includes
Los Alamos, San Ildefonso Pueblo, Española and the surrounding areas.
The group studies issues of water quality, erosion, and water quantity.

* NPR - Living On Earth * New Mexico Seed Ball Report *
 River Citizens Along The Rio Grande Share Their Seed Ball Experiences

* Forest Fire Open Letter * Restoration I-II-III-IV *
Community Seed Balls In Action By The Rio Grande/Rio Bravo 1996

* Green Belt Southern Europe - Masanobu Fukuoka *
Recent Work In Europe And Around The World By The Winner Of
The 1998 Magsasay Peace Prize (the Nobel peace prize of the far east)
A video about the project "Green Belt South Europe" and about 
Masanobu Fukuoka is available from Crystal Lake Video.

The Synergistic Garden By Emilia Hazelip
An excellent educational video on no-till synergistic gardening that describes the
step-by-step process developed by Emilia Hazelip to create an ecological agriculture.
She became interested in Fukuoka's work in 1978 and this video shows the cultural
and climatological adaptations she has developed in the course of years of research.
Available in Spanish, French, Italian & English.  U.S. $20 plus $4 shipping to any U.S. or
Canadian address.  Send payment to: Permaculture Activist, PO Box 1209,
Black Mountain, NC  28711 USA.  Tel: 828-669-6336

* Food Not Lawns *
Most Lawns Are Toxic Waste Dumps, Learn To Make Them Into Fertile Gardens

* Nondual Ecology *
In Praise Of Wilderness And In Search Of Harmony With Everything That Moves

* Gaia Theory *
The Whole Earth Is An Organism Regulating Itself

* Earth Dance *
A Comprehensive View Of The Interrelated Evolution Of Life

One Half Or More Of All Species Of Life On Earth May
Be Extinct In 100 Years

* Alert - A World Crisis Of Oil And Soil - Alert *
Net Deficit Of Organic Matter Necessary To Feed The World

A Hard Clear Look At The Chances For Human Survival

A Very Old Solution To A Contemporary Problem

* World Human Overpopulation Awareness *
Make World Human Overpopulation A Household Word

* Zero Population Growth/Population Connection *
No Human Endeavor Can Be Sustainable
Without Reducing Human Population To Sustainable Levels

This May Be The Most Humane Thing You Can Do
"Thanks For Not Breeding"


Jim Bones
Photographer & Educator

Experienced in natural light photography
and videography of landscapes, wilderness
and sustainable agriculture sites.  Artist, photographic
workshop instructor, lecturer and wilderness guide.


All Photographs And Text On This Web Site Are Copyright (C) 1996 Jim Bones

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* Light Writings *

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