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Standing in the Way of Control
directed by WyldFyle
high speed

high speed

directed by Corey Smith
high speed
Muppet Face
directed by Chris Cruse
high speed

Our Little Selves
directed by Chivas De Vinck
high speed

The Fists in the Pocket
high speed

This Time It Will
directed by Wyatt McDill
high speed

The Black Pope
directed by Adam Mortimer
high speed


Wrong Time Capsule
directed by Martha Colburn
high speed

Matter of Degrees
directed by Matthew J Clark
high speed/56K

16 Military Wives
The Soldiering Life
56K/high speed

Ghost Boobs

Sweet Revenge
New Scars


01.24.06 THE GOSSIP - Standing in the Way of Control CD/LP - KRS 422

01.24.06 EXCEPTER - Sunbomber CDEP/12"- GER 055

01.24.06 DELTA 5 - Singles & Sessions 1979-81 CD - KRS 415

01.24.06 TARKIO - Omnibus 2CD - KRS 435

















Kathy Acker
The Temple of Eros [mp3] from Redoing Childhood CD - KRS 349

The Advantage
Ninja Gaiden - Mine Shaft [mp3] from s/t CD - GER 028

Amps For Christ
Enids Rant [mp3] from The People At Large CD - GER 032

I Want More [mp3] from Call and Response CDEP - KRS 379, and Mollie's Mix compilation CD - KRS 382
Into You [mp3] from Sweet Revenge CD/LP - KRS 336
Burnout [mp3] from Tiger Beat LP/CD - KRS 294

Is All For Updated [mp3] from Beyond Reinforced Jewelcase CD - GER046

Bikini Kill
New Radio [mp3] from New Radio 7" - KRS 212/ The Singles CD - KRS 298

Bonfire Madigan
Scraps [mp3] from Saddle the Bridge CD - KRS 357
Anthemic Amendments [mp3] from From the Burnpile CD - VVK 13/KRS 299

Born Against
Mt. Dew [mp3] 9 Patriotic Hymns for Children + Battle Hymns of the Race War CD - KRS 394
Movin' On Up [mp3] The Rebel Sound of Shit and Failure CD - KRS 395

Die [mp3] from The Real Janelle LP/CD - KRS 219
Panik [mp3] from Pottymouth LP/CD - KRS 208

C Average
Buckler [mp3] from Second Rekoning CD - KRS 371
Autofac [mp3] from Singles Club 7" (February '98) KRS 304

The Trouble With Public Places [mp3] from Out West CDEP - KRS 362

Casual Dots
Clocks [mp3] from Casual Dots CD- KRS 404

Jim Carroll
It's Too Late [mp3] from Runaway CDEP - KRS 367

Cold Cold Hearts
(You're So Sweet) Baby Donut [mp3] from self-titled LP/CD - KRS 278

Comet Gain
Just One More Summer Before I Go [mp3] from City Fallen Leaves - KRS 439
Why I Try To Look So Bad [mp3] from Réalistes CD - KRS 378
Skinny Wolves [mp3] from Tigertown Pictures CD - KRS 346

The Decemberists
The Engine Driver [mp3] from Picaresque - KRS 425
The Soldiering Life [mp3] from Her Majesty The Decemberists CD - KRS 375
Here I Dreamt I Was An Architect [mp3] from Castaways & Cutouts CD - KRS 397

Deep Lust
Is That a Fact? [mp3] from self-titled CD - KRS 353

Wrong Time Capsule [mp3] from The Runners Four CD - KRS 429/GER 048
Milking [mp3] from Milk Man CD - KRS 406/GER 033
Sealed With A Kiss [mp3] from Apple O' CD - KRS 398 / GER 025
Holy Night Fever [mp3] from Reveille CD - KRS 380/GER 017 (split with 5 Rue Christine)
The Great Car Tomb [mp3] from Holdypaws CD - KRS 343 (split release with 5 Rue Christine)
Gore in Rut [mp3] from The Man, The King, The Girl CD - KRS 4444 (split release with 5 Rue Christine)

The John Doe Thing
The Unhappy Song [mp3] from For the Rest of Us CD - KRS 290

Willow Weep For Me [mp3] from Justamente Tres CD - KRS 256

Emily's Sassy Lime
Mr. Moneybag$ [mp3] from Desperate, Scared, But Social LP/CD - KRS 254

Essential Logic
Aerosol Burns [mp3] and Wonderful Offer [mp3] from Fanfare in the Garden 2CD - KRS 399

Excuse 17
Watchmaker [mp3] from Such Friends Are Dangerous CD/LP - KRS 237

David & Jad Fair
Loch Ness Monster [mp3] from 26 Monster Songs for Children A-Z - KRS 292

Sue P. Fox
Junky [mp3] from Light Matches, Spark Lives enhanced CD - KRS 302

Free Kitten
Teenie Weenie Boppie [mp3] from Sentimental Education LP/CD - KRS 287

We Don't Wanna Go Home [mp3] from Frumpies Forever 7" - KRS 366
You'll See [mp3] from Eunuch Nights 7" KRS 322 / Frumpie One-Piece CD KRS 335
Be Good [mp3] from Babies and Bunnies 7" KRS 213 / Frumpie One-Piece CD KRS 335

Get Hustle
Bloo Boo [mp3] from Earth Odyssey CD - GER 006 (on 5 Rue Christine)

rad 180 [mp3] from Elephantitus of the Night LP/CD - KRS 242

Godzik Pink
Es Em, Ekel Em [mp3] from Es Em, Ekel Em CD - GER 009 (on 5 Rue Christine)
Praise the Lard [mp3] from Black Broccoli CDEP - GER 013 (on 5 Rue Christine)

Gold Chains & Sue
Shoot Straight [mp3] from When the World Was Our Friend CD - KRS 420

The Gossip
Fire / Sign [mp3] from Movement CD/LP - KRS 391
Ain't It The Truth [mp3] from Arkansas Heat CDEP/10" EP - KRS 384
Sweet Baby [mp3] from thats not what i heard CD/LP - KRS 368

Gravy Train!!!!
Darque Tan [mp3] from Are You Wigglin? LP/CD - KRS 414
Hella Nervous [mp3] from Hello Doctor CD/LP - KRS 389

The Great Unraveling
The Calling Beckons [mp3] from self-titled CD/LP - KRS 277

Sorry [mp3] from Slow Dirty Tears CD - KRS 295

Jeff Hanson
This Time It Will [mp3] from Jeff Hanson - KRS 405
EXCLUSIVE alternate version of Now We Know [mp3]
Just Like Me [mp3] from Son CD - KRS 388, and Mollie's Mix compilation CD - KRS 382
Hiding Behind The Moon [mp3] from Son CD - KRS 388, and Fields and Streams Compilation 2CD - KRS 341

Har Mar Superstar
Cry 4 Help [mp3] from self-titled CD - KRS 365

Mr. Magazine Man [mp3] from Drinking From Puddles: A Radio History Compilation CD - KRS 318

Heavens to Betsy
Terrorist [mp3] from Calculated LP/CD - KRS 222

Madonna Approaches R&B Blonde Wreckages [mp3] from Homeboy CD - GER 044
Cafeteria Bananas [mp3] from Hold Your Horse Is CD - GER018 on 5 Rue Christine)
The Mother Could Be You [mp3] from The Devil Isn't Red - GER 027

Danielle Howle
From The Tops Of Trees [mp3] from Catalog CD - KRS 340, and Jackson's Jukebox Sampler CD - KRS 354

Huggy Bear
No Sleep [mp3] from Taking the Rough With the Smooch CD/10" - KRS 214

John Wilkes Booze
War Drums [mp3] from Telescopic Eyes Glance the Future Sick CD/LP - KRS 430
Sweetback's Gonna Make It [mp3] from Five Pillars of Soul CD/LP - KRS 408

Miranda July
The Arky Girl [mp3] from 10 Million Hours a Mile CD - KRS 281

Ain't You [mp3] and √Čtoile [mp3] from LiLiPUT 2CD - KRS 373

The Legend
I'm Not Like That [mp3] from Tracks and Fields 2CD - KRS 401

The Lies
Safe Distance [mp3] from Underdogs and Infidels CD - KRS 347
A Certain Surround [mp3] from Resigned CD - KRS 376

Lois and Brendan
You Love Your Wounds [mp3] from The Union Themes CD - KRS 356

Long Hind Legs
Neutronica Finale [mp3] from Feb. 4th-14th 1998 CD - KRS 316

Mary Lou Lord
Camden Town Rain [mp3] from Stars Kill Rock Compilation CD/LP - KRS 207

Juliana Luecking
17-18-19 Grrrls [mp3] from Big Broad CD - KRS 228

Lung Leg
Butt Sister [mp3] from Hello Sir 10"/CD KRS 259

The Mae Shi
Born For A Short Time [mp3] from Heartbeeps CDEP - GER 049
Vampire Beats [mp3] from Terrorbird CD - GER 034

The Makers
Matter of Degrees [mp3] from Everybody Rise! CD - KRS 428
Hot Kiss [mp3] from Stripped CD - KRS 423

Prick [mp3] from Kitty Finger CD - KRS 270

Mecca Normal
Ice Floes Aweigh [mp3 + video] from The Family Swan CD - KRS 385

Men's Recovery Project
Sexual Pervert [mp3] from The Very Best of Men's Recovery Project - GER026

Caligraphy Zone [mp3] from Victim of Space CD/LP - GER 040

Spot-For-Best-Vision [mp3] from Pro Forma LP/CD - KRS 338, and Jackson's Jukebox Sampler CD - KRS 354

Slim Moon
Legion Of Doom [mp3] from Won't You Dance With This Man CD - KRS 268

Mike "Sport" Murphy
The Night Surrounds [mp3] from Willoughby CD - KRS 342
By The Light [mp3] from Magic Beans CD - KRS 355
Bad Guest [mp3] from Uncle CD - KRS 383

The Natural Night [mp3] from From The Lion's Mouth CD - KRS 424
Begin To Breathe [mp3] from Tracks and Fields 2CD - KRS 401

Nedelle & Thom
In Time It Snows [mp3] from Summerland CD - KRS 421

Need New Body
Eskimo [mp3] from Where's Black Ben CD - GER 041

Nervous Cop
Rice Precipitation [mp3] from Nervous Cop CD- GER 029

The No-Neck Blues Band
The Doon [mp3] from Qvaris - GER 052

Beast Life [mp3] from We're Animals CD- KRS 426

The Old Haunts
Poison Control [mp3] from Fallow Field CD/LP - KRS 431

Right Hand [mp3] from OOIOO CD/LP - KRS 317

Owl & the Pussycat
Blinds [mp3] from the self-titled CD - KRS 390

the pAper chAse
Said the Spider to the Fly [mp3] from god bless your black heart CD - KRS 410

Fine Watch [mp3] from Cup of Glory 7" - KRS 231 / Life CD - KRS 315

Linda Perry
Freeway [mp3] from In Flight CD - KRS 437

Goofyfoot [mp3] from goofyfoot 10"/CD - KRS 233

The Punks
Rock and Roll Punks Rock Rock and Roll [mp3] from Thank You For the Alternative Rock CD - GER 035

Ice Cream Sundae [mp3] from Mortal Mirror CD/LP - KRS 381

The Cyberghetto [mp3] from Slickaphonics LP/CD - GER 005 (on 5 Rue Christine)

The Robot Ate Me
Bad Feelings [mp3] from Carousel Waltz CD- GER 043
On Vacation [mp3] from On Vacation 2CD - GER 042

Julie Ruin
Radical or Pro-Parental [mp3] from Julie Ruin LP/CD - KRS 297

We Think We're Sane [mp3] from self-titled CD/12" - GER 011 (on 5 Rue Christine)

Sean Na Na
Princess and the Pony [mp3] from split CD-EP with Mary Lou Lord - KRS 350 and Jackson's Jukebox Sampler CD - KRS 354

The Seconds
Say Hey [mp3] and The Right Way [mp3] from Y CD - GER 015 (on 5 Rue Christine)

This Place Does Not Exist [mp3] from Wolfcentric CD - GER 030
Resident Genius [mp3] from Resident Genius - GER 019 (on 5 Rue Christine)
The Chase [mp3] from S/T CD - GER 008 (on 5 Rue Christine)

The Sick Lipstick - Teenage Robots [mp3] If the Twentieth Century Didn't Exist, It Would Be Necessary to Invent It CD - GER 020 (on 5 Rue Christine)

Oh! [mp3] from One Beat CD/LP - KRS 387, and Mollie's Mix compilation CD - KRS 382
All Hands on the Bad One [mp3] from All Hands on the Bad One CD/LP
You're No Rock n' Roll Fun video [Quicktime download] from All Hands on the Bad One CD/LP - KRS 360 and "You're No Rock n' Roll Fun" 7" - KRS 364 and "Video Fanzine #2" compilation video - KRS 300
Burn, Don't Freeze [mp3] from The Hot Rock LP/CD - KRS 321

Slumber Party
Air [mp3] from 3 CD - KRS 386
I Don't Mind [mp3] from Self-Titled CD - KRS 363
Soldier [mp3] from Psychedelicate CD - KRS 377

Elliott Smith
Between the Bars [mp3] from either/or LP/CD - KRS 269
Some Song [mp3] from Needle in the Hay 7" - KRS 239 and Some Songs Compilation CD - KRS 276

Jean Smith
(untitled) [mp3] from Self-titled CD - KRS 361

Star Pimp
Blood on the Mountain [mp3] from Docudrama LP/CD - KRS 265

Stereo Total
I Am Naked [mp3] from Do the Bambi - KRS 409
LA, CA, USA [mp3] from Monokini CD - KRS 402
C'est la Mort [mp3] from Oh Ah - KRS 403
L'Amour À 3 [mp3] from Musique Automatique CD - KRS 392

Tender Trap
That Girl [mp3] from Fields and Streams Compilation 2CD - KRS 341

The Planet The
You Absorb My Vision [mp3] from You Absorb My Vision CD - GER 049

Oracle (a dream) [mp3] from Jackson's Jukebox Compilation Sampler CD - KRS 354

Tight Bro's From Way Back When
Nose in the Corner [mp3] from Lend You A Hand CD/LP - KRS 370
Hurricane [mp3] from Runnin' Thru My Bones LP/CD - KRS 339

Edwin Torres
Untitled Eternity [mp3] from Holy Kid CD - KRS 293

Two Ton Boa
Comin' Up From Behind [mp3] from Self-Titled CD-EP - KRS 351

Universal Order of Armaggedon
Switch is Down [mp3] from Discography CD / Switch is Down 12" EP - KRS 224

Caterpillar [mp3] from A Single History CD/LP - KRS 345 also appears on Caterpillar + 2 7" - KRS 203
Corpse Pose [mp3] from Repetition LP/CD/CS - KRS 261, and Corpse Pose/Everything is Weird 7" KRS 262 (alternate mix)
December [mp3] from Leaves Turn Inside You 2CD/2LP - KRS 369
Scarlette (external link - video) from Leaves Turn Inside You enhanced 2CD - KRS 369

White World of Death [mp3] If the Twentieth Century Didn't Exist, It Would Be Necessary to Invent It CD - GER 020 (on 5 Rue Christine)

Bad Circulation [mp3] from Mixed Metaphor 7" - KRS 220 / Some Songs Compilation CD - KRS 276
Epistemology [mp3] from Public Works CD - GER 010 (on 5 Rue Christine)

Wooden Wand & the Vanishing Voice
I Am the One I Am and He is the Caretaker of My Heart [mp3] from Buck Dharma - GER 051

Wrangler Brutes
Shit Search [mp3] from Zulu CD - KRS 418

Proffecior [mp3] from Bon Voyage CD - KRS 282

Track 2 [mp3] from Gop Ist Minee CD - GER 012 (on 5 Rue Christine)

Xiu Xiu
Bog People [mp3] from La Forêt CD- GER 045
Clowne Towne [mp3] from Fabulous Muscles CD - GER 031
I Broke Up (SJ) [mp3] from Knife Play CD - GER 016 (on 5 Rue Christine)

Young People
Collection [mp3] from self-titled CD - GER 021 (on 5 Rue Christine)