Local Red Car Monuments

Looking North toward Stanton and Los Angeles.
Looking South toward Santa Ana.
This plaque states:

"BIG RED CARS" of the Pacific Electric Railway
      For more than half a century the Pacific Electric Railway served Southern California. The system was established by Henry Huntington in 1865 and linked Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernadino counties with over 1,000 miles of service and up to 2,700 scheduled trolleys daily. Through the years, the trolleys were painted different colors, but the most famous and symbolic of the era were the "Big Red Cars". The electric trolley system carried commuters and sightseers through Southern California cities, fruit groves, beach areas, ranchland, and the Spanish Missions.

      The "Santa Ana" line (1905-1950) extending before you is one remnant of the vast Pacific Electric system. This portion of the corridor diagonally traverses central Orange County from the Los Angeles County line to Santa Ana. It crosses through the cities of La Palma, Cypress, Buena Park, Anaheim, Stanton, Garden Grove, and Santa Ana. To remember this colorful part of Orange County's development, this corridor is dedicated to preserving the history of the "Big Red Cars".

Below is a digitized map from a photo of the plaque.

One day I was driving past this corner and a vacant lot had been turned into a monument to a lost transportation system. I have no idea who created it and how much effort went into building this monument. It really looks nice.
This is a Red Car on display in Seal Beach.
A note in the museum states the cars history:

Built in 1925, Car No. 1734 (our museum) saw service as a "roving machine shop" sent out to troubleshoot problems on the line. Originally the car had a center tower to facilitate work on the overhead lines. This has been removed giving an appearance similar to the freight cars, known as box motors, that traveled the PE Lines.

The brick monolith in the forground holds the following plaque.
This plaque says:

The Pacific Electric Southern District was completed in 1902. In 1903 Phillip A. Stanton organized the Bay City Land Co. which developed the townsite of Bay City. "Red Car" Service began in 1904 transporting tourists and local residents. The town was incorporated in 1915 and renamed Seal Beach.

Historical Monument #10
Orange County Board of Supervisors
Orange County Historical Commission
Placed 1976

The museum has many interesting photos of the area at the turn of the century. It is open the second and fourth Saturdays from 1-4PM.

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