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If you scroll through this list of stories, two things are likely to leap out at you. First off, they are almost all rated NC-17, so if you are hesitant about reading graphic portrayals of all sorts of things – homosexual and heterosexual sex, violence, drug use, rape, profanity, BDSM, you name it – these are not the stories for you. The second thing is, most of them are Snape/Black stories, meaning they contain the suggestion of, and explicit depiction of, a romantic connection between these two characters. Plenty of the stories contain other pairings as well, so there might be something to suit all tastes. But mainly, these stories were written to please mine. If you are wondering why my stories appear so single-minded, or why they are so graphic, click here to hear me blather on some more.

Stories are in the order written, so newest stories are at the bottom.

Epistula Ultima
Snape/Black, NC17:  A letter from Snape helps Sirius Black unravel the tangle of their mutual hatred. But can anything change?

Snape/Black, NC17: After three years, Snape emerges from Azkaban. Who can put him back together?

Clear to the Bone
Snape/Black, NC17: Snape faces the werewolf again. But this time, he has some help.

Eight Times
Snape/Black, NC17:  How many times will it take to undo them both?

A Simple Request
 Snape/Black, PG: Before leaving school, Harry has just one request to make.

Under The Influence
Snape/Black/Lupin, NC17: Sirius, Severus, and Remus light one up. Well, several.

Nates Dulces
Snape/Black, NC17: Sirius and Severus, of course, with a side of Draco. The boys get playful. Possibly not as awful as that sounds. Possibly worse.

Snape/Black, NC17: Severus and Sirius try to get closer. Maybe a little too close. A bond is created, with unintended and unforeseen consequences, and the price may be too high. Warning: Graphic torture, rape, and some bloodplay.

Rats' Alley
Snape/Black, NC17: Snape has a dark secret that Sirius discovers, a secret that threatens to undo them all. To read the brief and fluffy sequel, Other Alleys, click here.
Snape/Black, NC17: This is a take on the old fanfic chestnut, "Snape teaches Harry dueling/dark arts/extracurricular stuff." Harry crushes. But wait! There's another love interest! Hijinks ensue. Darkness looms (naturally.)

Snape/Black, NC17: How Snape and Sirius ended up in a relationship in Misericorde. Although it's chronologically a prequel, it was written as a sequel and should be read after Misericorde.

Stone Cold Sober [novel-length]
Snape/Black, other pairings het, slash, and femslash, NC17: Snape and Sirius come to terms with the idea that their relationship may be physical, and then that it might be rather more. This is the sequel to (the much shorter) Under The Influence, which should be read first.

Dolo Delectare
Snape/Black, NC17: Snape brews a potion. Black helps. Dungeon!Sex ensues. No redeeming value.  Part of the Severus Snape Fuh-Q Fest third wave, three word challenge: absolution, fructify, and suppurate. I have made passing reference to the universe of Chaos Rose, who has made Evan Rosier and Charles Wilkes live for me, and to Isis's interpretation of Regulus Black.

Snape/Black, PG: Having the last laugh isn't always so good.

Snape/Bill Weasley, R: Bill has a lover; Molly wants to have him round.

Snape/Black, NC17: Sirius gets his revenge.  A sequel to Blood For a Parched Tongue by Amanuensis, which is also Snape/Black and NC17, noncon.

First Snow
No particular pairing here, though maybe Snape/Black if you squint. Snape spends some time alone with his memories. PG, perhaps, for some naughty language.

What Really Happened
Sirius/Peter, PG: What could have been the first push down the path of betrayal for a young Peter Pettigrew?

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