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Enhancing my desktop the opensource way.

I discovered a very powerful opensource desktop Enhancing software, that just does it, beyound your imagination. The name of the software is SharpE.

Brains of today's Humans Growing Larger than their Medieval Counterparts

A recent study compared the skulls of modern day people, and older skulls. They came to some unexpected results: the shape of the human skull has changed considerably in the six or seven hundred years between the modern and medieval samples. It would appear that our skulls, and most likely our brains, are getting selectively bigger.

NVIDIA releases new AGP card!

Thought AGP was dead? Think again! NVIDIA have launched the 7800 GS AGP - a knobbled 7800 GT that's still faster than ATI's X850XT. Shame it's so expensive - it's almost cheaper to buy a new mobo and 78GT PCI-E tbh.

Apple Files MORE Patents for Tablet Macs

A search at the US Patent and Trademark Office reveals a number of new Apple patent applications that relate to the long-rumored Apple Tablet based computer. posts photos from the gesture patent depicting a user using gestures on a tablet user interface.

Hooooray! Google Site Overlay is Back!

Finally, the long awaited Google Site Overlay feature is back!

EBay Buyers Want What’s In Your Hard Drive

TechWeb News quoted Garfinkel saying, "I think that many drives sell for more than their market value. He suggested the reason is people are looking for information.

It's about damn time

Its about time someone spoke up and put these lunatics in place.

Space Worms Game

This is an awsomly addictive flash game.

Never used a computer before? The RIAA could care less..

Marie Lindor, a home health aide who has never bought, used, or even turned on a computer in her life, was nevertheless sued by the RIAA in Brooklyn federal court for using an "online distribution system" to "download, distribute, and/or make available for distribution" --- I can't wait to see the RIAA's justification for this suit...

NPR reviews under-the-radar fuel source that may be ideal for US

Switch grass can produce 1000 gallons of fuel per acre. At even $1.50/gallon, that's a gross of $1500/acre. No other crop we grow has that potential.

Consumers to RIAA: Piracy isn't why music sales are down

Ars Technica analyzes an Ipsos survey about music consumption. Music sales are dropping because the quality is bad and the prices are too high, not because of piracy. Every record executive and RIAA member needs to read this. Just give us better music!

30 Boxes, Best... Calender... EVER

Well earlier last week Om Malik said that 30 Boxes would be to calendaring what gmail was to email and I can't agree more. It's this and so much more. I had a chance to demo the software and have written a review. The public beta launches on Sunday and you will definitely want to check this one out.

Apple patents tablet UI

Apple seems to have patented a user interface for a tablet- it uses gestures and a touch sensitive screen to move around the screen

Huge list of Torrent Sites

This was in the forums at niteshdw sci-fi fansite.I have put the list on a new blog so you can view it without signing up.

Digg Rolls Out Three New Features

Owen rolled out a couple new features updates last night: Spy: Stories now start scrolling right away (no initial delay). We have also slowed down the refresh rate slightly. Report stories as 'inaccurate': Digg now allows logged in users to bury stories as 'inaccurate'.