Cobind Desktop merges the reliability of Fedora Core Linux, the speed of a lightweight desktop environment, and the usability of a best-of-breed application suite into a basic, high-performance Linux platform designed with the average user in mind. Using XFce and Nautilus, it offers a Linux distribution that crosses into the mass technology market by giving typical users a fast and familiar desktop experience. Cobind Desktop

Cobind Desktop is now available in a 0.2beta386fix version that includes expanded features and support.

New with Cobind Desktop 0.2beta386fix

  • Cobind Software Manager: A YUM GUI for finding and installing new software over the Internet.
  • mplayer: Audio and video playback fully integrated with Firefox.
  • K3B: Comprehensive CD/DVD burning.
  • Support For SMP Systems: Tested on dual processor systems, including Dell Poweredge 2600.
  • Dialup Support: Simple dialup support with Dialup Wizard. Just enter phone number, userid, and login.
  • Graphical Installer: Installer defaults to graphics instead of text.
  • Firewall: Activated by default in the installer.
  • Simplified File Management: File manager choices in the panel simplified to one: Nautilus.
  • New Settings Popup Menu: All configuration utilities easily accessible from the panel.
  • Simplified Login Screen: User list removed, making login easier and more secure.
  • Compatible with 386, 486, and early generation Pentium systems.

Like the Windows and Macintosh desktops before it, Cobind Desktop's central feature is the simplicity of its core application suite. Where most Linux desktops offer users a dizzying laundry list of email programs, spreadsheets, and web browsers, Cobind Desktop provides single applications that address the core functions typical users require.

The core application suite, culled from the best open source software available, focuses on the essentials every home and office needs. Instead of navigating endless menus or trying to pick from a confusing array of choices, users can finally get down to business - and discover the power of Linux in meeting their everyday computing needs.


  • Mozilla Firefox web browser
  • Mozilla Thunderbird email and newsgroups
  • Gaim instant messaging software (compatible with AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, MSN, IRC, Jabber, and Napster)


  • AbiWord word processor
  • Gnumeric spreadsheet software
  • GnuCash financial software

Installing Cobind Desktop is worry-free, even for novice users.