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MANUSCRIPTS - There are 700,000 endangered manuscripts in Timbuktu and its surroundings. The manuscripts of Timbuktu are a living testimony of the highly advanced and refined civilization in Sub-Sahara Africa...
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HISTORY - From the elventh century onward, Timbuktu became an important port where goods from West Africa and other parts of the world were traded... Read more

SCHOLARS - The scholars of Timbuktu shared many intellectual and divine qualities...Read more

LIBRARIES - The Manuscripts are housed in both public and private collections...Read more

UNIVERSITY - Around the 12th century, the University of Timbuktu had an attendance of 25, 000 students in a city which had a population of 100, 000 people...Read more

MONUMENTS - In the early 1980's the University of Timbuktu buildings were classified by UNESCO as ancient and historical mud made architectural monuments...Read more

PEOPLE - As a result of its unique geographical position, Timbuktu has been a natural meeting point of Songhai, Wangara, Fulani, Tuareg, and Arabs...Read more

LEADERS - Among the notable historical leaders are Mansa Musa, Abu Bakr, Askia Muhammad, Sonni Ali Ber...(Under Construction)



Resurrect to its rightful place the important contributions of Early African Scholars in the annals of world history...

Timbuktu Educational Foundation, Inc. (TEF) is a non-profit, non-political, educational institution founded for the purpose of preserving, restoring and disseminating the important intellectual contributions of the early African scholars from the famous Timbuktu Universities of Mali, West Africa... Read more

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Preserve-a-Manuscript Campaign
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There are many opportunities to volunteer in our offices, and from a distance. Everyone has unique skills may be relevant to our work. Some areas for volunteering include organizing and promoting events, research, and fund-raising. To explore volunteer opportunities call us at 510-748 9033 or email us musa@timbuktufoundation.org

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Through the list we keep our broader network informed of important upcoming Timbuktu Educational Foundation events, presentations, preformances, trade shows, and media coverage...

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As part of our awareness campaign, we give presentations to schools, college campuses, churches, community events...
For more info, email musa@timbuktufoundation.org

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TIMBUKTU: The Untold Story

A Premier Documentary

Discover original footage of Timbuktu presented along a historical timeline:
- Ancient Manuscripts dating back to the 9th Centry, both from public and family collections
- Historic buildings of the Universty System of Timbuktu: Sankore, Sidi Yahya, & Djingeber
- Interviews with the residing scholars of Timbuktu and professors here in United States on the significance of the Timbuktu Manuscripts...

Visit TimbuktuProductions.com Website for more information



July 1- 14, 2005 "Back to Africa"

Intro letter & Tour Costs
Detailed Itinerary

For more info, contact our Cultural Exchange Program Coordinator Ms Aiesha Bah aiesha@timbuktufoundation.org





The Timbuktu Literacy Program (TLP) is a community based, all encompassing culturally rich literacy program that can benefit the entire community. TLP’s main focus is on bringing together the student, teacher and parents. It is an important resource that can be embedded in training programs, basic instruction in schools and community centers; and provides internship and volunteer opportunities. The main goal of TLP is to improve the overall young individual intellectually, socially, morally and culturally. In addition, the program is focused on increasing the reading and math levels of students at the elementary level.

For more info, email literacy@timbuktufoundation.org



Classical Arabic
4 levels classes taught by Sheik Ayub Haroun from Ghana.... For more information, email Bro Ayub at bunadir@aol.com

West African Languages



"TIMBUKTU: From Young Students to Scholars: Methods of Teaching and Learning"
Feb 21 2004
Allen Temple Baptist Church
Oakland CA

From Detroit to Timbuktu: Education is a priority
Jan 31,2004
Wayne Community College
Detroit, Michigan

Teach Africa
Teacher training event on Saturday, October 11, 2003
Dominican University of California
International Diplomacy Council

Washington D.C.'s Smithsonian Folklife Festival
June/July 2003

Fresno City College Black History Month

Feb 2003

Timbuktu - Islamic African Center of Learning

Muslim Journal Oct 25, 2002 Issue

KPFA 94.1 Berkeley Interview
Africa Today - Walter Turner

“Reviving The Past For Future Success”
by Nimat Shaheed-Jacks
Sep 2002 Rotunda Building Oakland, CA Fundraising dinner

Inaugural Spelman College Africa Forum
Feb 2002 Atlanta, GA



Volume 1 - Issue 1, Fall 2003
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