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How does the Visitor Find a Featured Agent?

Although Featured Agents sign up by zip code, they are normally found by community searches, not zip code searches. 


How many Featured Agents are allowed?

It depends on the size of the city or community.  If there is only one zip code in a community, only one Featured Agent is allowed. 


Top of the Page

Sponsorship Links are always at the top of the page, listed above members.



Sponsors get a 150x100 pixel photo.


Descriptive Paragraph

Sponsors get a 250 character paragraph where they can describe themselves and their services.


Blue Check

Sponsors get a blue check that is also listed with their regular membership links.



$125 to sponsor a zip code for six months.  $200 for a year.


How "Featured Agent" works

Searches by community - the directory checks to see if your zip code is associated with that community by anyone enrolled in our directory.  If so, your Featured Agent Link appears in the area at the top of the page.

Searches by zip code - your Featured Agent Link will appear at the top of the page -- and no other Featured Agents will appear.

Find a Home - works the same way in the "Find a Home" Directory


Strategic Advantage for Featured Agents

Expanded Coverage - (hint hint) When you choose your four regular links, don't enter the city that is covered by your sponsored zip code (there are exceptions).  This way you get expanded coverage in our directory. 

Featured Agents in Cities with only one zip code  - then you have sponsorship exclusivity in that city.

Featured Agents in Cities with Multiple Zip Codes - then you get spread all over that city, just by sponsoring one zip code.  Of course, there may be other Featured Agents, too - as many as there are zip codes in a city/community.


How to Become a Featured Agent

If you're just signing up, after you complete your profile you will come to a page that allows you to research zip codes, see if your favorite is free, and sign up.

If you are already a member of the directory, then just go to your admin page and look for the Sponsorship link.


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