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You needn't despair!
Governments take half your earnings, and use them to fund goofy orthodoxies that wage war on you. A welfare orthodoxy, an anti-discrimination orthodoxy, a green orthodoxy, an anti-smoking orthodoxy, a feminist orthodoxy, a gun-control orthodoxy. The list seems endless. It should all be labelled your tax dollars at work.
If you expose the goofiness of an orthodoxy, everybody seems to become a knucklehead. They tell you that they're not sure, that you can't be sure, that that's just your opinion, that nobody can know anything.
If you rear up on your hind legs and protest that you're being ruined by these tax eating orthodoxies, everybody seems to become a scold. They tell you to stop being so selfish.
If you propose to rebel, to pay no more taxes, everybody seems to become a thug. They tell you that the government has prisons for guys like you!
The world is full of knuckleheads, scolds and thugs! 
If you're still not an optimist, then you just don't understand the situation! 
Here's what we left out:
Quackgrass activism is the deliberate policy of copying and spreading good ideas.
Quackgrass activism is named after a weed which spreads uncontrollably by means of (grass)roots. 
Quackgrass activism makes ideas spread like quackgrass! They go over, under, through and around every barrier, and pop up in the damnedest places. You needn't persuade knuckleheads, you can go around them!
Quackgrass activism is every orthodoxy's worst nightmare! Orthodox beliefs keep their grip on men's minds by the number, power and influence of their adherents, rather than by truth. Orthodoxy is easy meat for truth propelled by quackgrass activism! 
Quackgrass Press makes your quackgrass activism easy, cheap and fun!
It's easy! We do the hard part for you: we write up potent ideas accurately and clearly. You don't have to join some inbred little club. You don't have to campaign for some no-hope political candidate. All you have to do is decide which ideas to copy and spread! We even suggest how to do it!
It's cheap! We offer generous copyright terms similar to shareware. Copy our articles privately to your heart's content! (If you want to re-print something commercially, make us an offer.) 
It's fun! When you spread our articles, you're bound to annoy the bad guys! We say what "everybody" knows, but "nobody" dares to say. Our articles are spirited, condensed and exhilarating—more like a shot of whisky than a pitcher of warm beer! We love to barbeque sacred cows! And that's a lot of fun! 
Quackgrass Press has plenty for you to discover and to do!
Potent ideas in stand-alone articles. Recruit friends and annoy your enemies: spread 'em. They're free!
Scads of local links! A clicker's paradise.
Links to the works of history's best deep thinkers! An online philosophy library and bookstore.
Outside links to scientists—truthful, and highly unorthodox 
Suggestions galore! How you can spur the new renaissance! That's our thing. It's what we do.
New material and hidden nuggets! You never know whatcha gonna find! 
You can find out:
What's new
Who's doing this, and what new ideas he has to offer
What awards we've won 
What sites are friendly to Quackgrass Press
Or you can plunge right in to our checklist for activists!

Quackgrass activist's checklist
  1. First, thank the activist who told you about us! Praise helps keep activists happy and productive!
  2. Use our materialit's free! Browse our articles and our reports and links, and decide which ideas to spread today!
  3. Bookmark this list, and check back whenever today's goofiness seems too much to bear. We've been told our articles are a breath of fresh air, we're getting better as we go along, and you never know what we'll write about next!
  4. Help activists like yourself to find Quackgrass Press. Many promotion methods are free. Promoting our website is highly leveraged activism, an excellent use of a few spare minutes! 
  5. Get connected to the Quackgrass Roots Network! We'll do our best to keep you informed of important ideas and news that the establishment press ignores. 
  6. Help Quackgrass Press thrive! Rapid growth will require hired help; that will take money. 

  7. e-goldAmount of help (US$)   (E-gold is the fastest growing internet currency: real money for the new renaissance!
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The Good Life. What is the good life? What should you do with your universal means? Obviously, you should use it to improve your life. But in what direction lies improvement? What is to be the purpose of all your actions, of your entire moral code? Your life and values form a positive feedback loop, so there is a simple answer with potent and happy implications! You can thrive! (July 10/00) (Permanent link from Who's doing this

Russian Enlightenment? Ideas go over, under, through and around every barrier, and pop up in the damnedest places. Would you believe Ayn Rand's philosophy in the Kremlin? Atlas Shrugged on Vladimir Putin's bookshelf? Believe it! Russia slept through the first Renaissance, but it may be preparing for the new renaissance. (May 15/00) (Permanent link from Quackgrass Roots

The Philosopher's Stone. The philosopher's stone was not just a figment of medieval imaginations! It was a bold and rational deduction, but alchemists looked for it in the wrong place. You have a universal means! When you know where to look, it's easy to find! (October 31/99) (Permanent link from Who's doing this

E-gold. Make payments in gold worldwide with a few clicks? Yes! Receive payments online, without the hassle and expense of setting up a credit card account? Yes! E-gold exists! It has the potential to grow into an uninflatable gold standard purely through individual choices, and already allows money to chase ideas across the internet. (September 21/99) (Permanent link from Quackgrass Articles.

Seing Red: Intrinsic redshifts, stable universe. Halton Arp's Seeing Red will change your cosmological views, even if you don't think you have cosmological views! Long-ignored astronomical evidence demolishes the Big Bang/expanding universe orthodoxy. Quasars ejected from nearby galaxies! Seeing Red points to radically new physics. (June 8/99) (Permanent link from Quackgrass Roots.) 

Causality, Measurement and Space. What's the story behind that 20th Century staple, curved space? Space is a human construction. If you use rigid units, you construct a flat space; curved spaces result from the use of squidgy units. 20th Century physicists' resort to squidgy units has concealed a physical fact of fathomless importance to man. (April 18/99) (Permanent link from Who's doing this

Focus on existence. You live by your knowledge. You get your knowledge by learning. To learn you must choose to pay attention, and you can't pay attention to everything at once: you must focus. So, what should you choose to focus on--what is important? (April 16/98) (Permanent link from Who's doing this

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