The Martin Luther King Jr. Plagiarism page

In response to the University of Nebraska's proposal to make Martin Luther King's birthday an official University holiday, we here present the MLK plagiarism page, on which we'll be documenting MLK's long career of misrepresenting other writers' work as his own.

The page is still under construction. When it is complete, it will compare in detail excerpts of King's works with those of previous authors, showing how King lifted sentences, phrases and entire paragraphs from texts like Paul Ramsey's 'Basic Christian Ethics' (sheesh!). It will show how whole chunks of MLK's doctoral thesis were copied from the thesis of another student, and from the works of eminent theologians. It will show how his early graduate and even undergraduate student papers were filched, and how King's plagiarism extended into his later career, and the works he wrote after he became famous.

A chronology of the discovery of King's plagiarism

King's plagiarized works

  1. Student essays
  2. Dissertation
  3. Books
  4. Sermons, speeches and miscellania
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