As-Salamu `alaikum, peace be upon you, dear guest!

Welcome to Leyla´s Chayhane, a comfortable little tea house in the old middle east.
This is the place where all kinds of people from the Islamic World come together, they decline on decorated cushions, enjoying a light chat, having deep conversations.
The mystic speeks to the pragmatist, the Sunni to the Shi`i, the African to the Asian.
The philosophers and poets of Islam gather in here, the "ikhwan as-safa" - the enigmatic "brethren of purity" -  as well as the faithful disciples of Omar Khayyam and Hafis i Shirazi.
The tea is served by a mysterious lady.
A strange being, so full of femininity and yet neither man nor woman, an ambiguous person of fine manners.
This is Leyla who brings up questions on the wonderful nature of gender that Allah has created.
Her very being gives rise to new thoughts and speculations,
inspiring her customers with her existence ......... .

Leyla`s Basics:
1. Who is Leyla?
2. The core of Islam
3. What if it is a sin ......
4. Basic muslim transgender terms
Islamic TransGender Laws:
1. The curse of the Prophet?
2.  A place in society!
3.  Basic muslim trans -
and intersex quotes
Cultural Issues:
1. Muslim Hijras in India and Pakistan
2. The "third gender" in African Islam
3. Gender diversity in Indonesian Bugis society
1. Brain gender, the causes for transsexuality and the sayings of noble Prophet Muhammad (s.a.s.)
2. A "transgendered Columbus" - the life of Cheng Ho
3. From party girl to muslim auntie - a tribute to Turkish TS - singer Bülent Ersoy
4. "Look to those ....."  Transgender issues in Jewish and Christian scriptures
5. Beautiful Sufi quotations
6. A western woman chosing Islam - reflections by Jemima Goldsmith
7. Tatar muslims in Poland, Lithuania and Prussia - beginnings of Central European Islam in the 14th century A.C.
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