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TOP 10 Weekly Software Sales (January 23 - January 29, 2006)
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Ranking Platform Title Genre Publisher Release Date MSRP
1 PS2 Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII- ACT Square Enix 2006.01.26 \7,800
2 DS English Training DS ETC Nintendo 2006.01.26 \3,619
3 PS2 Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams ACT Capcom 2006.01.26 \6,980
4 DS Brain Age 2 ETC Nintendo 2005.12.29 \2,667
5 DS Animal Crossing: Wild World ETC Nintendo 2005.11.23 \4,571
6 DS Brain Age ETC Nintendo 2005.05.19 \2,667
7 PS2 Ar tonelico RPG Banpresto 2006.01.26 \6,800
8 DS Bleach DS FTG Sega 2006.01.26 \4,800
9 DS Mario Kart DS RCE Nintendo 2005.12.08 \4,571
10 PS2 World Soccer Winning Eleven 9: Bonus Pack SPT Konami 2006.01.26 \2,800

Sales of the top100 titles totaled 1,777,440 units, 213.65% of last week's total and 125.11% of the weekly average. Twenty new releases took top spots in the top 100, accounting for 62.82% of sales. "Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-" was ranked number one, with sales of approximately 392,000 units, while "English Training DS" and "Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams" also performed strongly, both selling over 100,000 units. The launch of a large number of new titles such as "Ar tonelico" and "Bleach DS" also stimulated the market.

Sales of "English Training DS" were approximately 242,000 units. Although there is a strong educational element to the game, sales have been strong from the very beginning, perhaps due to the large number of people who wish to learn English in a relaxed, informal way. Following on from "Brain Age" and "Gentle Brain Exercises", its performance as a standard title will be closely followed.

DS 60.20%
PSP 17.40%
PS2 13.95%
GBASP 3.37%
GBM 2.07%
GC 1.72%
Xbox360 1.12%
GBA 0.10%
Xbox 0.07%
Total 100.00%

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