Crooked River Lighthouse History

Coast Guard photo showing the lighthouse as it neared completion in 1895. Workman stand in the ironwork.

Crooked River's 103-foot tall tower was built in 1893 to replace Dog Island Light which had been destroyed in 1875. The site on the mainland allowed Crooked River Light to be used as a rear range light for a section of the 20-foot deep channel that lies just west of Dog Island. The tower, two dwellings, oil house and other outbuildings cost $40,000 to build.

The lighthouse was first lit in October 1895. It was equipped with a fourth order lens which revolved on a mercury float. The tower was originally red with a black cupola, but around the turn of the century the lower half of the tower was painted white.

After being electrified in 1933, the lighthouse was automated and unmanned in 1952. Soon after the dwellings were removed from the site.

Aerial view of the lighthouse and dwellings, circa 1965. U.S. Coast Guard photo. Click on photo for larger view.

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