Symposium IPR on software: the road ahead (CWI in Bedrijf 2005)


Symposium IPR on software: the road ahead
Thursday 20 October 2005, 13:30 -16:45
Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica (CWI)
Science Park, Kruislaan 413, Amsterdam

(English spoken)

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) on software

After the recent rejection of the proposed directive on computer-implemented inventions by the European Parliament, the political turmoil and emotions surrounding the subject are cooling down.
At the same time, the fundamental questions about intellectual property rights on software remain unanswered. This is, therefore, the right moment to resume the debate about the fundamentals of a patenting system and to explore the desirability and possibility to establish IPR on software and to consider new systems to do so.
This symposium will contribute to identifying new ways to look at this old problem.

The speakers (abstracts and CVs)

Prof.dr. J. K. Lenstra
is general director of the Centrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica

Prof.dr. P. Klint
is professor of computer science (CWI and Universiteit van Amsterdam)

R. Plotkin, Esq.
is attorney at law (Robert Plotkin, P.C.); lecturer (Boston University School of Law)

Dr. Y. Skulikaris
is director, Department of Examination of computer-implemented inventions (Directorate General Operations, European Patent Office, The Hague)

Dr. R. Orre
is CEO and research director of Neurologic Sweden AB (Stockholm University)

Dr. L.M.C.R. Guibault
is assistant professor of copyright and intellectual property law (Institute for Information Law, Universiteit van Amsterdam)

Prof.dr. J.A. Bergstra
is professor of computer science (Universiteit van Amsterdam, Utrecht University)

Maria Henneman
well known as a tv journalist, is media/communications consultant


Chair:   Maria Henneman 
13.00 ArrivalResearch demonstrations
13.30 OpeningJan Karel Lenstra
13.35IntroductionPaul Klint
13.45Reinventing intellectual property protection for software Robert Plotkin
14.25Computer-implemented inventions:
The EPO legal framework and practice
Yannis Skulikaris
15.00 Tea breakResearch demonstrations
15.20A patented method to fix the patent system (see Chapter 7 of 107 pages)
Roland Orre
15.40DiscussionJan Bergstra, Lucie Guibault, Roland Orre, Robert Plotkin, Yannis Skulikaris
16.30 ClosureJan Karel Lenstra
DrinksResearch demonstrations

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