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Nova is a deadly combination of psychic power and technological enhancements. Trained from birth in the channeling of her psionic energies, she has perfected a host of psionic abilities that she can use to accomplish her goals. These psi powers are learned at various times throughout the game, and each one will prove instrumental to Nova's success throughout her missions. With her psychic powers alone, Nova would be a deadly force, but when combined with her advanced technological equipment and weaponry, she becomes an unstoppable assassin.

Psi Energy: Nova's psi powers require the expenditure of psi energy. Usually, while a psi power is activated, it drains Nova's available psi energy. Once her energy meter is tapped out, the power ends. When Nova isn't using a psi power, her psi energy will slowly trickle back up over time, but she can also take a few moments to actively meditate to refill her energy. There are differences in psi use between multiplayer and single-player games, but in general, using a psi power usually drains Nova of available psi energy.

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