Camelot Galway - City Of The Tribes

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 Camelot Galway - City Of The Tribes

Camelot Galway - City Of The Tribes  $19.95 USD
The adventure tour of a life-time that is set back in time to a real recreated ancient world of Ireland that players of all ages can enjoy.
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Camelot Galway - City Of The Tribes is the adventure tour of a life-time that is set back in time to a real recreated ancient world of Ireland that players of all ages can enjoy. Discover a wealth of knowledge in Galway City that is rich in stories and recover the most famous epic tales of the legendary Irish culture.

Learn about some of the most recognised Irish myths and folklore, aswell as some basic Irish language in Galway City during the time of 1651 AD. Learn Irish words from many objects in the adventure as well as discovering dozens of various real Galway shops located throughout the city!

There are dozens of pages of 8 famous Irish stories that are lost throughout Camelot Galway which most be restored to the Kingdom of Ireland's legends book! There are various mini-games to test your skills such as archery or recovering lost animals that the farmers of Galway have misplaced, plus much more!
Give a helping hand to the people of Galway with many quests during the adventure with hours of easy going game-play that will be enjoyed by kids and adults alike!

Camelot Galway is an enjoyable adventure for all ages of casual gamers, or non-gamers (many tourist elements included), and for the whole family with hours of fun in uncovering this colourful, light-hearted, magical Irish old world.


- Eight famous Irish stories broken down into 55 pages to find & collect!

- Uncover historic information throughout the ages of Galway City!

- Play various mini games and quests throughout the adventure such as archery and many other exciting activities!

- Learn Irish words of dozens of objects in the tour!

- Visit real Galway shops located across the city!

- Recreated street layout of 1651 AD Galway City including real historic landmarks!

- Earn,find, and collect Irish currency to buy pages of the ancient story books!

- Hours of relaxing Game-Play & educational learning

System Requirements

Windows 98/SE/ME/2000/XP
Pentium 4 2.5, 512 MB RAM
OpenGL or DirectX Compatible 3D Graphics Accelerator
DirectX compatible Soundcard

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