Before You Enlist
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You've probably heard the recruiter's sales pitch -- travel, training, money for college. Sounds pretty good, doesn't it? All advertising does. But if military life doesn't live up to the advertising, you can't bring your enlistment agreement back to the recruiter for a refund. You're in for eight years of your life (including inactive reserve duty). You wouldn't buy a car without looking under the hood. Don't enlist before you check out the reality of military life that lies behind the glamorous television ads and glossy brochures. Check it out carefully.

WARNING: Joining the Military is Hazardous To...

  • Your Education, Your Future, People of Color, Women, Your Civil Rights, Your Health, The Environment, Our Lives

Alternatives to Military Enlistment

  • You can stay free of the military and still find money for college, job skills training, travel, adventure and discipline.

Questions Recruiters Don't Want You to Ask

Myths Recruiters Tell You

  • What are the recruiters not telling you about military life?

How We Know About Recruiting

  • Frequently Asked Questions about where our information comes from and who we are.

Getting Out of the Military's Delayed Entry Program

  • Even if you already signed up, we can help get you out of the Delayed Enlistment Program.

AWOL! Youth for Peace and Revolution

  • Our by-youth, for-youth anti-militarist 'zine from the Student Coalition Resisting Enlistment and Militarism.


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