Sure Shot
- The pocket sized Sure Shot is the best beer bong on the market. Period. Its ergonomic "L" shape, keeps you from having to crank your head all the way back, trust us, it's more comfy this way. Empties a beer bottle in 2.5 seconds flat. Anything else is for chumps.

-Too lazy to even lift a beer to your lips? That's sad, but problem solved! The Helmetbuzz comes with adjustable holders to put any beverage you like in them. Perfect for keeping your hands free for other simultaneously ramming nachos into your mouth.


- The speedybuzz is designed for one thing only-to funnel fast! Made of high grade plastic, this funnel wastes no time with extra tubing or valves. Just be ready to drink awfully fast!


Megaflow Classic-
The original Megaflow Product. The Megaflow Classic comes with a two quart, yes, two quart funnel. Connected to it is over two feet of one inch diameter high flow tubing. Drink with the best of them!


Megaflow 2000
-The Improved version of the classic desgin! In addition to the two quart funnel and high flow tubing, there is a on/off control valve to keep even your sloppy ass clean.


Beer Checkers
-Although not made by Megaflow, a great product none the less. It's like regular checkers except this is actually fun. The checker "pieces" are shots of beer. Besides, no one has invented beer chess yet.


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