February 6, 2006   Issue 48
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Coronation Street is in hot water after one its Asian characters accused another of living like'White Trash'
Lost Star Naveen Andrews has admitted that he fathered a child last year while briefly separated from longtime partner, Barbara Hershey
Star Parminder Nagra will run London marathon after securing role in a Hollywood film on the annual event
Back pain forces Pakistan skipper Inzamam-ul-Haq to re-think position in Rawalpindi Test
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Official statement from Adam Yosef

RE: Complaints of homophobia in the Adam Yosef column

It has come to my attention that members of the LGBT community have expressed concerns about comments made by myself regarding same-sex partnerships. In relation to the comments featured in my Desi Xpress column dated December 9th-15th 2005, Issue 42, in which I presented my own personal opinions on the new civil partnerships, I can assure all Desi Xpress readers and members of the LGBT community that no offence was intended. My remarks were not of a homophobic nature as claimed but rather opinions, which could have equally applied to the heterosexual community. They were not intended as an attack on the LGBT community but rather a genuine observation of domestic relationships, homosexual or heterosexual. However, in light of recent concerns, and to ensure the comments are not misunderstood or responsible for any further offence, I would like to take this opportunity to fully retract the statements made in my column in Issue 42 of Desi Xpress regarding same-sex partnerships and offer a full apology to all of our readers, members of the LGBT community and anyone else who may have been offended by it. As a further note, I would like to state that neither I, nor Desi Xpress as a publication, are in any way homophobic or prejudice and we do not promote, propagate or share a hatred for any community, group or individual based on race, age, ethnicity, belief, sexual orientation, gender or ability. Desi Xpress has regularly featured events and stories of interest and related to the LGBT community including coverage of Birmingham Pride Weekend, LGBT club listings and LGBT personals listings. I hope this statement clears up any misunderstanding regarding the content of my column.

RE: Adam Yosef column 'Hate-filled bigots', Desi Xpress, Issue 45 (6-12 Jan 2006)

There has been a complaint regarding the above-mentioned column from Mr. P Tatchell, who was featured in the said article. The complaint relates to the tone of the article and the belief that it may incite violence against Mr Tatchell. The two extracts believed to be a cause for concern are: "Generally attacks religious institutions and likes getting beat up…" "Needs a good slap in the face to help him figure out what he stands for and whom he represents." Although, both were used as a figure of speech, I would like to stress that in no way are the comments an incitement of violence being instigated against Mr Tatchell. I do not support or promote any such violence. Although Mr Tatchell has been physically attacked in the past, I do not condone or merit such actions. Furthermore, I do not hold a racist view towards Mr Tatchell's Australian origins and my comments relating to him returning there were made to compare the his views with the Islamophobic riots which recently gripped Sydney. I would like to take this opportunity to apologise for any distress the above remarks may have caused. The complete feature also included Nick Griffin of the BNP and Omar Bakri Mohammed of Al-Muhajiroun and all comments relating to them displayed a similar tone. The section of the feature relating to Mr Tatchell was exclusively about Mr Tatchell as a public figure and not in any way an attack on the LGBT community. The article is not and does not intend to be deemed in any way homophobic or xenophobic. The views of individual writers are not necessarily the views of Desi Xpress or Urban Media Ltd. Desi Xpress has a celebrated track record of representing a diverse variety of communities. I hope this statement clears up any misunderstanding regarding the content of my column. Thank you.

Thank you.

Adam Yosef


RE: Adam Yosef's Column 'Civil Partnerships' (December 9th - December 15th Issue 42)

RE: Adam Yosef's Column 'Hate-filled Bigots' (January 6th - January 12th Issue 45)

With regards to the above articles which appeared in DesiXpress, we would like to apologise to Peter Tatchell and the gay community for the offence and distress caused by comments written by Adam Yosef. As a publication we do not have any prejudicial views against the gay community and the comments which appeared were personal opinions of Adam Yosef and do not represent the views of the publication. Saying this, DesiXpress holds editorial control and unfortunately, due to an oversight, these comments passed through our tight editorial guidelines and were subsequently published. For this we sincerely apologise. DesiXpress will now hope to actively work with gay organisations for future features and interviews.
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Official statement from Adam Yosef regarding recent comments about the Adam Yosef column
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