Super Dollfie FAQ - Other SD-Like Dolls (including Korean Ball-Joint Dolls)

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• Where can I buy other SD-like dolls?

Some SD-like dolls can be bought directly from the seller's websites. For the rest, you will need to use a Shopping Service. Because most of the SD-like dolls are made in Korea, a Japanese shopping service is no good; you must use a Korean shopping service.

You'll find additional information in the Links section ("Where to Buy Korean Dolls")

For a page with more about "other" Asian Ball-Jointed dolls, try Gigglegeek.

If you end up buying a Korean Ball-Joint Doll, you can add icons from this site on your webpage.

Liria is an active member of Den of Angels and is also in close contact with Cerberus Project; she is probably the best person to contact if you are interested in a Luts doll, and she does not charge a buying fee for Luts dolls. She can also get most other Korean SD-like dolls for you, and other SD-like items as well.

Sienna is also a member of Den of Angels, and can also order from Cerberus Project and Luts without charging a fee!

Janet is another active member of Den of Angels who runs a shopping service and can get you most types of Korean SD-like dolls, as well as other SD-like items. She charges a small fee, around 10%. Janet can also visit the Korean Volks store and get Volks items for you, as well as place Full Choice System orders!

Jean and Envy run a shopping service together, and can get most SD-like dolls for you for a small fee, as well as other SD-like items.

There are also other members of Den of Angels who can help you order SD-like dolls and accessories from any of the Korean websites.

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• Where can I find comparison shots of different doll brands?

We have many comparison shots here.(mostly SD currently. ) Also try Karin's comparison shots!

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• Are the wigs, eyes, and shoes of other SD-like dolls interchangeable with SDs?

Yes and no. Many of the other SD-like dolls are made with similar sized heads, eyeholes, and feet, because it makes sense to be able to swap items like wigs, eyes and shoes. However, this is not always the case, so make sure you find out for certain before you buy any items that you like. Eyes are the easiest, as most eye makers conform to the same standards; so if you know your doll uses 18mm eyes, and the shop sells 18mm eyes, then it's no problem. Wigs also generally will fit if they are made for a similar sized doll. But make sure you ask someone before buying shoes, as the feet sizes of some of these dolls seem to differ quite considerably.

Specifically with Cerberus Project-
Cerberus Project girls have feet almost identical in size to SD girls and SD boys. So CP girls can wear SD boy and girl shoes from volks. Also since CustomHouse's girl shoes fit SD girls, they will also fit CP girls.

Cerberus Project boys have feet slightly larger than an SD boy or a CP girl and considerably smaller than SD13 boy. So CP boys can wear some SD boy and girl shoes and some CH girl shoes. CH boy shoes will be too big in the toe for CP boys (or SD13 boys for that matter.)

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• Alchemiclabo (U-Noa Quluts)

Website: Alchemiclabo

The U-Noa Quluts (Lusis and Sist) are MSD sized dolls created by Gentaro Araki, the creator of Volks' U-Noss. They are 43 cm high and have about 13-14 points of articulation. They have an eye mechanism similar to U-Noss which allows you to change the direction the eyes are glancing without opening the doll's head. Also, you can change the "face" of U-Noa without removing the whole head since the face of the doll is like a "face plate". There are optional parts like a sleeping face, cat ears, devil horns, larger bust and also optional hands, and optional feet, etc. These dolls are not made by Volks but are an excellent quality. They are slimmer than MSD, and more the style of U-Noss. They come in unpainted unassembled kits, and also assembled painted by Gentaro Araki dolls. Right now they are only available through Japanese shopping services and only when Alchemiclabo does a "preorder" making them hard to obtain. Preorders only happen a few times a year at most and often it takes a while before you get the dolls.

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• Angel Region (Fair and Little Fair)

Website: Angel Region

Angel Region make the dolls Sora and Ire, etc. Fair dolls are comparable to SD in size, and Little Fair dolls are comparable to Mini-SD in size. They also sell heads and body parts separately, allowing you to build your own doll from parts. They also sell SD and Mini-SD sized wigs, clothes, shoes and accessories. Can take international orders! AngelRegion's resin is lighter than Volks, but still nice.

Angel Region also carries NotDoll.

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• Blue Fairy

A Korean company that creates MSD and Tiny doll sizes. They're well-known for their "Pocket Fairy"s which are 14 cm. Their Tiny Fairy is 43 cm. Both lines have boy and girl dolls.

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• Cerberus Project/Luts/Delf

Website: Cerberus Project (IdeaHobby), Luts online shopping site

Luts also carries Konjidoll, ElfDoll, Peakswoods doll, IpleHouse Doll, Dollshe and NotDoll.

Measurements for CP Delf: (Thanks very much to Sienna for measurement information!)

Adult Boy Body Size (Chiwoo, Shiwoo and El)
Height 60.5 cm
Head 24.8 cm (9.7 inch)
Neck 12 cm
Shoulders 12 cm
Bust 23.5 cm
Waist 20 cm
Hip 25.5 cm
Thigh(girth) 16 cm
Arm 20 cm
Leg 33 cm
Foot 7.8 cm
Eyes 18 mm
Child Boy Body Size (Ttory and Woori)
Height 42.5 cm
Head 19 cm (7.5 inch)
Neck 7.9 cm
Shoulders 8.5 cm
Waist 15 cm
Hip 19 cm
Thigh(girth) 11 cm
Arm 12.8 cm
Wrist 4.7 cm
Ankle 7 cm
Foot 5.7 cm
Eyes 16 mm
Adult Girl Body Size (Soo and Ari )
Height 57 cm
Head 24 cm
Shoulders 11 cm
Bust 22 cm
Waist 17.5 cm
Hip 26.5 cm
Thigh(girth) 14.7 cm
Leg 28 cm
Arm 17 cm
Wrist 6 cm
Ankle 7 cm
Foot 6.7 cm
Eyes 20 mm
Adult Girl Large Bust Body Size - (Lishe)
Height 57 cm
Head 24 cm
Shoulders 11.5 cm
Bust 23 cm
Waist 17.5 cm
Hip 26.5 cm
Thigh(girth) 14.7 cm
Leg 28 cm
Arm 17 cm
Wrist 6 cm
Ankle 7 cm
Foot 6.7 cm
Eyes 16 mm

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• Customhouse (Ai)

Website: Customhouse

Customhouse make a range of dolls called 'Ai', including Choa, Sia, Sram and others. They also have recently released smaller sized dolls called 'Petit Ai' , 'Junior Ai' and Little Juniors (the smallest). They also sell SD sized wigs, eyes, clothes, shoes and accessories. The Ai dolls have bodies that are slightly smaller than Volks SD but their heads are about the same size. Their materials seem to be of a similar quality to Volks SD. (ie very good quality.) They take international online credit card based orders. They will also take paypal payments if you email them first to ask.

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• Dollshe

Website: Yentown and Dollshe., Luts online shopping site

Yentown makes dolls called "Dollshe". The most well known is a tall lanky ball jointed doll called Bermann. He is 68 cm tall and has many joints (more than normal SD-type dolls). He is limited though and probably will be sold out soon. They also make female dolls Dodosha, Mong and Agaci. A Korean shopping service can also be used to order from them. Yentown also carries Cerberus Project dolls.

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• Dollstown

Website: , English Order Board

Produced by Ozdoll (the same maker as K-Doll) Dollstown makes mini and SD sized dolls (46 cm and 60 cm.) You can buy just the head, or the whole doll. They make Bandi, Estella, Susie, Yeondu, Triste, and Seola. The resin is rough to make it easier to paint. Owners of Bandi and Estella have said that they find the dolls hard to stand, but easy to sit. You may be able to fix this with sueding or wiring.

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• Dream of Doll

Website: Dream of Doll

Dream of Doll make the dolls Pits, Twingkey, Zen, Yen, etc. Most Dream of Doll dolls are comparable to Mini-SD in size, but they are also releasing larger scale dolls (Shall, Lahoo, Camine ). Chesca does many designs for their limited dolls. They sell Mini-SD sized clothes, wigs, shoes and accessories. You can order from them internationally and direct with credit card.

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• ElfDoll

Website:, Luts

Elfdoll are about 14 cm making them Pocket Fairy sized. They have little child and fairy dolls as well as a cat doll.

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• HappyDolls

Website: HappyDolls

HappyDolls make the dolls Ein, Hanna, Berry, etc. They also now sell a new type of 'elf' doll, which is much smaller body-wise compared to an SD, but has approximately the same sized head. They also sell SD and Mini-SD sized wigs, eyes, clothes, shoes, accessories, and furniture. Their English site has recently opened so they now take international orders.

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• Hypermaniac Dolls

Website: Hypermaniac

Hypermaniac make the dolls Eliot, Lavinia, Marie, Demian, K, Dong-Ha, Ru, Lacrima, Omiclon, Ksy, Choyanbi and Hahanbi, etc. Omiclon and Ksy are larger than SD13 dolls by a few inches (about 2 or 3). Some of the other dolls are more MSD sized. Hypermaniac has great love for the dolls they make and they want you to "adopt" their dolls and not resell them, so think carefully about them before you buy. They have opened an english part of their site, so that you can order internationally. You can only order during the preorder period, as they only make the dolls that people order (there is no surplus.)

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• K-Doll


Produced by Ozdoll, heads only. They make Kill-U, Kian and Kayan.

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• Leeke

Website:, ,

Leekeworld dolls are 26 cm (making them about Yo-SD sized.)

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• Not Doll

Website: Not Doll, Luts online shopping site, AngelRegion

Little vampire (and some non-vampire) looking bjds. Also they have 10 cm super tiny nari-pons. The resin is lighter than Volks but still very nice.

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• Obitsu/Azone

Website:, ,

They are 60 cm size and are vinyl (like Volks 1/6 dolls, Dollfie Dream, or Barbie for instance.) Some are blank optional heads (either rooted or unrooted) and others are 60 cm versions of popular 1/6 dolls like Lycee and Sahra. You can find them in some anime stores and hobby stores too.
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• Rasendo

Website: Rasendo

Rasendo are a Japanese company that makes a line of 22" polyresin customizable dolls. The material appears to be the same as or very similar to Volks SD, and like Volks, the dolls come in white and normal color, and can be bought assembled or by the piece. Rasendo's original sculpts -- including an elf, a mermaid, and a cat girl -- have something of an anime quality. Reviewers find them to be overall less delicately sculpted than Volks SD -- more abstract. The dolls are comparable in price to Volks standard SD. They do not currently take international orders so you will have to use a Japanese shopping service to order one. The also sell some clothes, wigs, shoes and accessories.
Caveat: there has been one reported instance of a Rasendo doll arriving with two different sized legs. Please have your buyer make sure the figure seems to be in order before mailing.

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• Real Missing Link


RML is a japanese company making only heads. They are most popular for their MSD
sized heads, but they also make DD and SD/13 sizes (including elves).
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•Soul Doll

Website: Soul Doll

Ships internationally. "Soul Doll" are bjds about 57 cm to 60 cm in size. Some of the Soul Dolls are Dit Saint, Ashuly Woodelf, Ash Grove and Jenu Glen, etc... Also has eyes, wigs and outfits and shoes. Often their limited dolls have elaborate costumes, and even some of the outfits in their shop available for separate sale are very elaborate. The girl shoes are SD sized. (Soul Doll have the same size foot.) Soul Doll themselves come as regular dolls or special limited and themed dolls.

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•Undine Doll

Website: Undine Doll

Carries the doll, Oscar.

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• Yumia (Forever)

Made in China by Yumia, Forever Dolls appeared to be a less expensive alternative to Volks. However, the sellers of Forever dolls were later arrested for copyright violation, for using molds of Volks SD to create their own, cheaper line of dolls. As a result, Forever dolls are no longer available on the market and it is almost impossible to come by one now.
Forever dolls are made from a different material than Volks SD -- they are both heavier and more fragile. Unlike Super Dollfie, Forever dolls are made of a pinkish polyresin, and then painted, and come with their bodies blushed. Some customizers have attempted to remove the surface paint, and report that this can be challenging, and that the parts underneath the paint can vary considerably in color. Although Yumia listed them as being the same sizes as SD, Forever dolls are actually somewhat smaller. (One owner described her Yumia doll as a little brother to her standard SD.)
Caveat: Due to the delicacy of the material, these dolls most often arrive in a chipped condition.(sometimes even with multiple missing fingers!)
Warning: There have been reported instances of allergic reaction to the factory dust on Forever Dolls. In all cases so far, thorough washing has eliminated this effect. And of course, as with any polyresin product, including Super Dollfie and Rasendo, care should be taken not to breathe the gasses and dust produced with sanding.
Legal/moral issue: In photo comparisons and eyewitness accounts, it's also quite apparent to us that many of these dolls (if not all) are molded from original Volks SD, with some minor additions and changes. We mention this in case you have misgivings about buying something that may involve copyright infringement. As artists, protective our own work, this is something we would want to know before considering a purchase.

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