ONTOMathInt: An Ontology for Mathematics International

Version: April 16, 2002

Harold Boley , Markus Perling , Madiagne Diallo

Supported by: Kaiping Zeng, Asitha Kodippili, Babak Mougouie, Joseph Tadjuidje Kamgaing, Brice Kamga, Elina Hotman, Paul Miki Willy

We have developed an ontology for the Mathematics International study program at the University of Kaiserslautern (please read the ACKNOWLEDGEMENT AND DISCLAIMER ). This ontology consists of a taxonomy of sorts (special unary predicates) used to structure logical axioms (Horn logic of relations and functions). Our language for ontologies is RelFun , integrating PROLOG-like relations with generalized functions.

An easy dialog explains RelFun's function syntax for mathematicians(short typed version, long untyped version ).

The aim is to formalize aspects of the Mathint study program, from an ontological point of view, for the following interrelated purposes:

Program Visualization
Depicting the program's partial order of taxonomic relationships via partitioned directed acyclic graphs (DAGs).
Knowledge Validation
Checking for internal consistency and completeness as well as `dense' and `sparse' areas of the program.
Knowledge Sharing
Exchanging/linking the program with/to external complementary international programs.
Question Answering
Enabling fact retrieval and logical inference about the program on the basis of its formalized axioms.
Study Organization
Explaining the program to new students and permitting all students to perceive overlaps, choices, and (further) opportunities in the program.
Our group grew out from ontology research at the Department of Computer Science and the DFKI GmbH , with the help of the Department of Mathematics . More specifically, the first version of the MathInt ontology was built for the course Ontological Enterprise Modeling , to illustrate ontologies via the study program itself. Here a revised version will be presented.

Please have a look at the following principal sublinks of the MathInt ontology:
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