[Athena] [Personnel]

Hugh R. Anderson

Athena Principal Investigator
Senior Research Scientist, SAIC
Affiliate Professor, Geophysics Program, University of Washington.
Phone: (425) 482-3310 or 485-5800
Fax: (425) 485-5566
Email: anderson@nw.saic.com


I was born and went to high school in Iowa City, the home town of the State University of Iowa, where my father was professor of botany. After two years at Iowa State College in Ames I returned to Iowa City to finish a BA and MS in physics at the state university. In 1965 I moved to Pasadena to attend Caltech where I completed a Ph.D. working on cosmic rays during the International Geophysical Year. This work with balloon-borne instruments took me to Greenland and the Antarctic by plane and icebreaker.

While a graduate student I worked part time at the Jet Propulsion Lab and continued there during active duty in the USAF from 1960-62 and as a civilian employee until 1965. This period saw the start of NASA and was a time of unlimited possibility and optimism in the space program. I worked on and built instruments for the early interplanetary spacecraft, Mariners 1-4.

In 1965 I joined the faculty of Rice University's Space Physics Department in Houston, newly formed with NASA help in 1963. While there I continued cosmic ray work, studied the aurora borealis using instrumented sounding rockets, and then added work on particle beams in the laboratory. Seeking higher latitudes and cooler temperatures I resigned a (full) professorship and joined SAIC in 1981 in order to live in Seattle. I started the Space Physics Group there and have continued work in experimental space physics.

Interests, Activities, and Plans

During this odyssey I've graduated from a sliderule to computers and have learned to build instruments and payloads for space. My particular scientific interest has been the space environment with emphasis on ionizing radiation and its effects. I also initiated the Athena project to create instructional material for K-12 based on scientific data sets.

Other Interesting Things

My wife and I live in Woodinville with two children still in Northshore schools, two cats, a dog, and some chickens. A third child is in college. For recreation we camp and hike. We own a Cessna-180 airplane for travel and camping. I also play the violin a little, rather less well than I fly.
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