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OMB Watch is a nonprofit government watchdog organization located in Washington, DC.

Our mission is to promote open government, accountability and citizen participation.

Our Issue Areas:    Federal Budget    Information & Access    Nonprofit Advocacy    Regulatory Policy   

DC Corruption Statement on Ethics and Lobbying Reform Proposals
By Gary D. Bass

Republican congressional leadership has unveiled its ideas for addressing the growing culture of corruption in Washington. Now, the Democrats have provided a set of specific principles to address the problem. The two efforts overlap in key areas, but a closer look reveals the Democrats' principles to be far more comprehensive. Read more >>

Miners Statement on Sago Coal Mine Disaster
By Robert Shull and Gary D. Bass

The deadly mine disaster that took place in Sago, West Virginia represents an enormous tragedy. It is now natural to wonder not just whether the mining company provided adequate protections for workers but also whether the federal government has done enough. If recent history is any guide, those answers are unlikely to be reassuring. Read more >>

Unauthorized Spying Statement on Unauthorized Domestic Spying
By Gary D. Bass, Executive Director

The admission by President Bush that he personally authorized the surveillance of American citizens beyond judicial oversight raises two sets of critical questions, one dealing with whether he followed the letter of the law and the other with the quality of the judgment he exercised. Congress must now concern itself with both these areas. Read more >>

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