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We have Holland Lops, Rex, New Zealand and Hotots for pets.


The Holland Lops are 3 to 4 lbs. and are lovely pets that potty train very easily.  ($10.00ea)


The Rex rabbits are 4 to 5 lbs.  Their fur fells like plush velvet.



The New Zealand is a larger breed that average 5 to 15 lbs.

The all white one's have pink eyes.  However we have gray, black, brown, and white with gray stripes.  ($10.00ea)


We do not have any Hotots for sale at this time.  If you have any Hotot does for sale please give us a call.  We would like to obtain 3 or 4 small does.


We can deliver in the Southwest, MO area at an additional cost. 



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