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Mamantapett is the ancient Algonquin name for 'Wading River'

The name “MGA Links at Mamantapett” was chosen by the Massachusetts Golf Association in April 2003 in order to recognize and preserve the local history of Norton, namely the ancient name for Wading River.

Pronounced, “MAM-an-TAP-ett” this name was ascribed from the ancient Algonquin lexicon to the Wading River in the present town of Norton. The Wading River is adjacent to and runs parallel to hole #10 at the club.

Massasoit was the father of second son Metacomet – otherwise known as King Philip, as named by the English in the 1670s. The local history of Norton is rife with references to King Philip/Metacomet and King Philip's War (1675-1676). Indeed, Metacomet met his death in the Hockomock Swamp (perhaps within the boundaries of present-day Norton itself) and hid out in what is known in Norton as “King Philip's Cave” (in the area of Lake Winnecunnett in south Norton) before his death. Every Norton school child has been entertained with the legend of King Philip's Cave.

Additionally, Massasoit was a great statesman, in his time, and man of aid to the Pilgrims. He was quoted as saying, “The land is our Mother, nourishing all her children…The woods, the streams, everything on it belongs to everybody and is for the use of all.” The Massachusetts Golf Association would like to further that belief by emphasizing the nature of the facility – for the good of the children and for the use of the public.

The staff at MGA Links at Mamantapett is excited to recognize local history and especially a piece of it that is indigenous to only Norton, namely the ancient name for Wading River.