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Email Alun Michael
Ask him to make companies responsible for their actions. 
Email Alun Michael, Minister for Industry. Ask him to make UK companies responsible for their actions in the UK and overseas. more >>
Welcome to Pressureworks - direct and fast moving campaigning action for the wired and fired up
Why bother?
Does it change anything?
Children swimming in Lake Kivu Writing letters. Signing petitions. Making banners. Taking to the streets and generally making a nuisance of ourselves... Why do we do it? Does it change anything?
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Demand that the UK returns Nigerian debt
Tell Gordon Brown to give it back!
Gordon Brown Email Gordon Brown, Chancellor of the Exchequer and insist that he hands back the millions he is set to receive as a result of a recent debt deal signed with Nigeria.
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Decisions, decisions...
Choosing a Pressurepoints project
We spend our lives making small, random decisions that end up changing everything.
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We want change
But where do we begin?
A plant struggles for life in an empty cola tin. How poignant. How very poignant. Nearly three billion people go without the basic things we believe everybody has a right to - decent food and clean water, shelter, healthcare and education. This means that day in, day out, half the people of the world are struggling to survive,
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It does the job
Popular protest looks like hard work - but it does the job
Drop the debt demonstration in Whitehall, London. The good thing about campaigning is that it works. Everyone can do it. Think about our history. It is peppered with successful popular protest - ordinary people coming together, taking action to change things they believe are wrong.
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How do we do it?
Put the pressure on
Kofi Annan, UN Secretary-General and Klaus Schwab, Executive Chairman and Founder, World Economic Forum It may sound obvious, but successful campaigning comes from working out exactly what you want, and keeping after it until you get it.
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Everyone can do it
Never give up
Everyone has a part to play in a good campaign. There is something each of us can contribute, and no matter how small the contribution, it makes a difference.
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Why campaign against HIV/AIDS?
Because Poverty will never be History unless we deal with HIV.
Stop AIDS Campaign: eyeballs on the funders In 2005 Make Poverty History raised awareness of some serious problems. Pressureworks takes a look at why and how we should be campaiging against HIV/AIDS in particular.
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