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Super Bowl XL
- Seattle
Sunday, February 5th, 2006
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Super Bowl XL: Steelers vs. Seahawks
-It's finally here. The best in the AFC, the Pittsburgh Steelers, will collide with the best in the NFC, the Seattle Seahawks. Both teams have been so dominating in the playoffs that it's almost too tough to predict who will come out victorious. The Steelers have pretty much rolled over the Bengals, Colts, and Broncos while the Seahawks have done the same over the Redskins and the Panthers. Jerome Bettis...[More]
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 • Brett Favre Plans on Retiring(ESPN) - 01-30-06
 • Play Games Online at PFC - 01-27-06

- -  • Aikman, Madden Among Hall of Fame - 02-4-06
The new Hall of Fame inductees were introduced Saturday, led by several legends that will go down in...[More]
-  • Chiefs Extend Waters For 6 Years - 02-3-06
The Kansas City Chiefs have extended the contract of starting left guard Brian Waters. He signed a six-year...[More]
-  • Fullback Richie Anderson to Retire - 02-3-06
Fullback Richie Anderson is set to retire, and his final move was to sign with the New York Jets. Anderson...[More]
-  • Troy Polamula Tweaks Ankle - 02-3-06
Pittsburgh Steelers starting safety Troy Polamula tweaked his ankle in practice Thursday and has been...[More]
-  • Edgerrin James Seeking New Team - 02-3-06
At this point in time, Indianapolis Colts RB Edgerrin James is assuming that he will not be resigned...[More]
-  • Steelers' Porter Talks Some Trash - 02-2-06
Let the trash talking begin. The Seahawks started it, and now the Steelers are firing back. After Seahawks...[More]
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- -  • Fans Pick Steelers to Win Super Bowl - 02-5-06
The verdict is in from the Pro Football Critics fans: the Pittsburgh Steelers will defeat the Seattle...[More]
-  • New Poll and News Page Refined - 01-17-06
We have refined our news pages somewhat. When you click on an article, the printer friendly link is now...[More]
-  • NFL Reporters, Columnists Needed - 01-15-06
We are currently looking for anyone that is interested in helping out PFC. With the draft season coming...[More]
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Super Bowl XL: Steelers vs. Seahawks - Who Will Win Super Bowl 40?
NFC Championship - Panthers/Seahawks - Steve Smith and Shaun Alexander collide in one game.
AFC Championship - Steelers/Broncos - Who will advance to the Super Bowl from the AFC?

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