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Tue: 01-24-06

Destroyer: "Rubies"
genre: indie rock

Here Destroyer's catalogue is stuffed into nine-and-a-half-minutes: a jumble of Your Blues's Casio grandeur, This Night's ragged rhythms, and the usual crate-load of Dan Bejar's fey, meandering melodies and densely-packed lyrics. He's romantic and self-referential as ever-- "Look I made you this broom, a predicate warning to the sun, this night advances on"-- but rather than adding up to some grand capitulation, the song feels more like Bejar put some old, unfinished demos on playback and whipped the faders back and forth. Drunk on mulled wine and dizzy from reading The Waste Land, one might think "Rubies" goes down smooth. Otherwise, let's say that Bejar pulls off self-pastiche with aplomb. [David Marchese]

Tue: 01-24-06

Spirit Catcher: "Key Generator"
genre: dance

As much as I want to dismiss the square drums and synth arrangement as kitsch or just awfully cheesy, I buy into this. Buried in Ewan Pearson's Sci.Fi.Hi.Fi mix last year, Belgian duo Spirit Catcher (who actually remind me of another Belgian duo I distinctly remember Nick Sylvester talking up in December) play a tune I can almost classify as "space disco," but for the rockishness of it. No guitars, but lots of big, gated snares and kick drums; no gritty vocals, but lots of hammerhead synth riffing and one-chord vamping. I'm thinking this could work well in a Xanadu remake, or hey, at a rave. In the midst of fellow cadets Lindstrom & Prins Thomas, Metro Area, and Putsch 79, Spirit Catcher could certainly fit in at any italo-flavored house party you might want to throw. So what if it's cheesy? So is the moon. [Dominique Leone]

Tue: 01-24-06

Cachicamo with Caspa and Leiko the Dog of the Fifth Dimension: "Imagine"
genre: wtf


This (possibly sincere) attempt to merengueify Lennon's optimistic threat, via lame synth tones, plays like an ethnicity-baiting Andy Kaufman test of an audience's dignity. But such is true of hundreds of oddball or talentless net-only acts languishing in bandwidth backwaters, dreaming perhaps of a one-day booking a gig in a mini-storage unit. I can't trust the nonglish that Google's translator function yields for the bouyant spoken-word interval; it might be a dedication to a woman? Anglo monoglots eager to shush associates who take the Beatles or Caetano Veloso too seriously will relish this campy download, which manages to make a pop prophet's utopia annoying. Lennon's legacy is safe-- for Leiko the Dog of the Fifth Dimension to poop on. [William Bowers]

Mon: 02-06-06

Space Disco
Interview: The National

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Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Gold Lion (Diplo Remix)
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Mon: 02-06-06
Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Gold Lion (Diplo's Optimo Remix) [from the forthcoming Show Your Bones LP]
Three 6 Mafia: Poppin' My Collar [single; from the Most Known Unknown LP]
Defender (Alan Braxe, Fred Falke, & Savage): Defender [12"]

Fri: 02-03-06
Art Brut: These Animal Menswe@r [acoustic, recorded at Planet Claire]
Pretty Girls Make Graves: The Nocturnal House [from the forthcoming �lan Vital LP]
Parts & Labor: A Great Divide [from the forthcoming Stay Afraid LP]

Thu: 02-02-06
T.I.: Bounce Like This [from the forthcoming The King LP]
T-Pain [ft. Mike Jones]: I'm N Luv (Wit A Stripper) [single; from the Rappa Ternt Sanga LP]
Sarah Hepburn: Which Way From Here [from the Stars & Haze LP]

Wed: 02-01-06
The Knife: Still Light [from the forthcoming Silent Shout LP]
Remy Ma: Conceited [single; from the forthcoming There's Something About Remy: Based on a True Story LP]
Lil Vic [ft. DJ Premier]: Microphone Adventure [mixtapes]

Tue: 01-31-06
The Raconteurs: Steady, As She Goes [7" single]
Water Lilly: Dissidance (Tomas Andersson mix) [single]
Casual [ft. E Mac, Too Short, G Stack & Richie Rich]: Oaktown [from the Casual Presents: Smash Rockwell LP]

Mon: 01-30-06
Jos� Gonz�lez: Hand on Your Heart [Kylie Minogue cover; from the Stay in the Shade EP]
Shit Robot: Wrong Galaxy [12" single]
Lupe Fiasco: A Bathing Harry [from the Fahrenheit 1/15 Part III: A Rhyming Ape mixtape]

Fri: 01-27-06
Editors: Munich [from the Back Room LP]
Heros Severum: A Sick Dog [from the Plague Dogs LP]
Comet Gain: Just One More Summer Before I Go [from the City Fallen Leaves LP]

Thu: 01-26-06
Oorutaichi: Misen Gymnastics [single]
Janelle Monae: Letting Go [mixtapes]
Slow Runner: Moody Suburban Teenage Love Song [from the forthcoming No Disassemble LP]

Wed: 01-25-06
Saigon: Shot in the Booty [from DJ Drama's Welcome to Saigon mixtape]
Saigon: Hip-Hop (Out in the Dark) [from DJ Drama's Welcome to Saigon mixtape]
Saigon: Contraband, Pt. 2 [from DJ Drama's Welcome to Saigon mixtape]

Tue: 01-24-06
Destroyer: Rubies [from the forthcoming Rubies LP]
Spirit Catcher: Key Generator [single]
Cachicamoconcaspa and Leiko the Dog of the Fifth Dimension: Imagine [John Lennon cover; from the internet-only To Polish The Clasp LP]

Mon: 01-23-06
Raekwon: Range Rover [mixtapes]
Dr. Ragtime: Buckdancer's Choice [Jack Rose alias; from the Buckdancer's Choice 7"]
Hem: So. Central Rain [R.E.M. cover from the forthcoming No Word From Tom LP]

Fri: 01-20-06
Ghostface [ft. Ne-Yo]: Back Like That [single; from the forthcoming Fishscale LP]
Tapes 'n Tapes: Just Drums [from The Loon LP]
Stylofone: Hotstepper [from the Stylofone EP]

Thu: 01-19-06
Cam'ron: You Got It [Jay-Z diss track; mixtapes]
Gnarls Barkley: Untitled 1 [mp3]
The Subways: I Want to Hear What You Have Got to Say [from the Youth for Eternity LP]

Wed: 01-18-06
Consequence [ft. Common]: Caught Up in the Hype [mixtapes]
Kanye West, Consequence, and Little Brother: Nawww [mixtapes]
Kanye West [ft. Cam'Ron & Consequence]: Gone [from the Late Registration LP]

Tue: 01-17-06
Franz Ferdinand: Do You Want To (Max Tundra Remix) [mp3]
Arctic Monkeys: When the Sun Goes Down [single; from the forthcoming Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not LP]
Chicken Lips: White Dwarf (The Juan Maclean Remix) [12"]

Mon: 01-16-06
Built to Spill: Goin' Against Your Mind [single; from the forthcoming You In Reverse LP]
Linus Loves: VH1 [from The Victoria Principle EP]
Maino: Mixtape Luv [mixtapes]

Fri: 01-13-06
Of Montreal: More Noir Blues and Tinnitus [from the forthcoming tour EP]
Mountain Goats: Deserters [mp3]
Japanther: The Whales [from the Yer Living Grave EP]

Thu: 01-12-06
The Flaming Lips: The Wand [from the forthcoming At War With the Mystics LP]
Liars: Let's Not Wrestle Mt. Heart Attack [from the forthcoming Drum's Not Dead LP]
Joe Budden: Three Sides to a Story [mixtapes]

Wed: 01-11-06
Beyonce [ft. Slim Thug]: Check On It [single]
The Boy Least Likely To: Rock Upon a Porch With You ["Be Gentle With Me" B-side]
Amanda Blank [ft. Spankrock]: Blow [from Low Budget & Aaron LaCrate's More Gutter Music LP]

Tue: 01-10-06
Goldfrapp: Slide In (DFA Mix) [12"]
Coil: Fire of the Mind [from The Ape of Naples LP]
Xzibit [ft. Diamond D]: We Dem Niggas [mixtapes]

Mon: 01-09-06
On a Friday: Happy Song [demo mp3 from the band currently known as Radiohead]
Safety Scissors: I Am the Cheese [from the Tainted Lunch LP]
GZA [ft. RZA and Raekwon]: Advanced Pawns [from the Grandmasters LP]

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