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Outrage builds over Muhammad cartoons

By DONNA ABU-NASR - Associated Press Writer
AP Photo: Members of the Palestinian militant group Popular Resistance...

BEIRUT, Lebanon — From the burning of its flag to a boycott of its brands of butter and cookies, Denmark is feeling Islamic outrage over newspaper cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.

Angered by the drawings, masked Palestinian gunmen briefly took over a European Union office in Gaza on Monday. Islamists in Bahrain urged street demonstrations, while Syria called for the offenders to be punished. A Saudi company paid thousands of dollars for an ad thanking a business that snubbed Danish products.

The anger is reminiscent of the 1989 wrath that followed publication of "The Satanic Verses," the Salman Rushdie novel that radicals said insulted Islam. Iran's Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini issued a death sentence against the British writer.

The cartoons originally were published nearly four months ago in Denmark and reprinted Jan. 10 by the Norwegian evangelical newspaper Magazinet in the name of defending free expression.

The spasm of vilification in newspapers and mosque sermons, by governments, citizens and radicals appears to have spoken to pent up Muslim anger typically reserved for former colonial powers Britain and France, as well as the United States.

"This will be used by regimes who resent Western pressures to reform to say that the West is waging a war against Muslims and doesn't have their best interests at heart," Sulaiman al-Hattlan, a Dubai-based Saudi writer, told The Associated Press.

The Danish paper Jyllands-Posten first published the 12 cartoons Sept. 30. The drawings included one showing Muhammad wearing a turban shaped as a bomb with a lit fuse. Another portrayed him with a bushy gray beard and holding a sword, his eyes covered by a black rectangle. A third pictured a middle-aged prophet standing in the desert with a walking stick, in front of a donkey and a sunset.

Islamic tradition bars any depiction of the prophet, favorable or otherwise.

Saudi Arabia recalled its ambassador to Denmark and initiated a boycott of Danish goods. It was warned Monday by Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson that the European Union would take WTO action if the boycott persisted.

The newspaper issued an apology Monday to the world's Muslims.

The cartoons "were not in violation of Danish law but have undoubtedly offended many Muslims, which we would like to apologize for," the Jyllands-Posten's editor-in-chief Carsten Juste said in a statement posted on the newspaper's Web site.

On Sunday, the newspaper printed a statement in Arabic addressed to Saudis, who had initiated the boycott. It said the drawings were published as part of a Danish dialogue about freedom of expression but were misinterpreted "as if it were a campaign against Muslims in Denmark and in the Islamic world."

Few were swayed by the explanation.

"In (the West) it is considered freedom of speech if they insult Islam and Muslims," Mohammed al-Shaibani, a columnist, wrote in Kuwait's Al-Qabas daily Monday. "But such freedom becomes racism and a breach of human rights and anti-Semitism if Arabs and Muslims criticize their religion and religious laws."

Emirates Justice and Islamic Affairs Minister Mohammed Al Dhaheri called it "cultural terrorism, not freedom of expression," according to the official WAM news agency. "The repercussions of such irresponsible acts will have adverse impact on international relations."

In Tunisia, the head of the Islamic world's counterpart to UNESCO called the drawings "a form of racism and discrimination that one must counter by all available means."

"It's regrettable to state today, as we are calling for dialogue, that other parties feed animosity and hate and attack sacred symbols of Muslims and of their prophet," said Abdulaziz Othman Altwaijri, president of the Islamic Organization for Education, Science and Culture,

Jordan's largest circulation daily, government-run Al-Rai, said the Danish government must apologize.

In two West Bank towns Sunday, Palestinians burned Danish flags and demanded an apology. Several Islamist groups, including the Palestinian militant Hamas party and Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, called for a worldwide boycott of Danish products.

The same call in several Persian Gulf countries has resulted in supermarkets clearing shelves of Danish cream cheese, butter and cookies. Kuwait's Al-Jahra Cooperative Society said in an ad in the Al-Rai Al-Aam daily that all Danish products have been removed from its shelves.

In Saudi Arabia, the daily Al-Watan refused to publish an ad from Denmark-based dairy group Arla Foods, which has said the boycott of its products was almost total.

Luai Mutabakani, senior editor at the paper, told the AP the full-page ad, titled "The Danish government respects Islam," did not carry any apology or reprimand the paper.

In Iraq, thousands denounced the caricatures during Friday prayers.

The Egyptian parliament's Economic Committee refused to discuss a $72.49 million loan from Denmark to Egypt.

President Emile Lahoud of Lebanon condemned the cartoon, saying his country "cannot accept any insult to any religion."

Danish government officials expressed regret for the furor caused by the drawings but refused to become involved, citing freedom of expression. Mindful of the outrage, the government advised its citizens to "show extra vigilance" in the region.

Swedish Foreign Ministry spokesman Claes Jernaeus warned against travel to Gaza and the West Bank.

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smichael888 Click here to see all messages by smichael888 Click here to see member profile (Feb 4 2006 - 21:15)Rate Post
re: "hypocricy"
shibumi Click here to see all messages by shibumi Click here to see member profile (Feb 4 2006 - 21:26)Rate Post
Well no-mad, has any Western media outlet portrayed any Muslem men as the gang-rapists they often are (for one example, see: Darfur, Sudan)?

Many in the American Left media already portray US soldiers as hideous. See this delightful cartoon by "liberal" Ted (Hitler is preferable to Bush) Rall:

I certainly defend the right of any cartoonist to portray US soldiers as "worse than Nazis", just like I support the right for someone to burn the U.S. flag.
It's important to know where people stand.
Monkey Magic:
Derukugi Click here to see all messages by Derukugi Click here to see member profile (Feb 4 2006 - 22:47)Rate Post
[[[An apology is not about caving into terrorism or threats. It is a simple, respectful acknowledgement to the Muslim moderates that we did not fully understand the limits of “public taste”, and that as a collection of free democracies, we have the maturity and humility to admit it.]]]

OK, I would go along with that, but that principle would need some reciprocity. How about the daily virulent anti-semitic and anti-Christian cartoons in Arabic newspapers? How about denying the holocaust and demands that Israel be wiped off the map? How about the Protcols of the Elders of Zion, and Mein Kampf, both on the bestseller list in the Middle East?
Even if all that is fine for the islamic world, a "simple, respectful acknowledgement" towards the non-islamic world would be in order.

What is the point of one-sided "respect" from the West, while there is no such thing on the other side?
wazuka1 Click here to see all messages by wazuka1 Click here to see member profile (Feb 5 2006 - 05:11)Rate Post
Hi freind,
Sometimes we only see one angel of the life around us.
we haev two points here, mainly:

Let's have some open minded and mature and rational look ..
what is freedom ?
- do i have the freedom to deny my kids from elementary school ?
- do i have the freedom to walk 'naked' in the streets ?
- do i have the freedom to marry 5 years old girl (of course i can get her approval) ?
- do i have the freedom to marry ten women ? or ten men ?
- do i have the freedom to park my car anywhere anytime ?
- do i have the freedom to build my home in public garden ?
- do i have the freedom to throw garbage inside my house boarder (inside the fence, till it accumilate and rutin ) ?
- do i have the freedom to make love with my wife/husband in public park ?
- do i have the freedom to hunt any bird or animal i see or comes under my eye or reach ?
- do i have the freedom to sell/buy alcohol to primary schools students (may be giving them specail offer haha ) ?

Where ever you live , whate ver is your religion or your country or your race, pls check the nearest polic station and ask them to give you full list of what they call it " public offense crimes" ..

My freinds, we have freedom to buy Nissan or Toyota ( i love japanese cars :) ), but we don't have freedom to drive it without license .. we don't have freedom to park it anywhere .. we don't have freedom to drive it any direction ..

Let's not fool ourselves .. freedom NEVER during anypoint in history was without limits. pls check any encyclopedia in the nearest library.

well it was PEACFUL reaction since 5 MONTHS (the drawining were pubslished first time in Sep.) and they never showed respect to 1.3 Billion (means 1/5 of earth's people ).
They never said "sorry" .. five letter !
They refused to pubslih a reply on the same newpaper ! which is a right by law ! (where is freedom here ! )
They refused to understand the other point of view !

What kind of respect we are talking here !
I draw church or temple or shrine as whores-hub and nuns as prostitutes and i blame people for being angry ! this is completely insane ! what ? do i think that they will give me reward for that !

Do any one have the freedom to burn Buddha statu or Cross or Shik religiouse thigns or cover it with "shitt" (VERY SORRY )on pubic under the claim of "freedom" ! no one will accept that.

Let's learn how to respect each other .. let's learn how to be REALLY cevilized human citizen.

Let's discuss issues NOT insulting others ..

We as human shold have the freedom of discussion .. thinking .. arguying.. but why to insult, humilate and intemidiate others, if you don't agree with them !

in the end of the lat year (Nov. 21st) a cartoon was pubslished on france the embassador gave full and intensive appology to gov of US and UK and Sarkuzy himslef appologized for both queen and bush and the two gov. !

Was not that freedom of expression !
answering YES or NO will put you in trap !
If YES .. then why appology ?
If NO .. then all this talk about the Danish freedom is void !

Let's look to the problem not the consequences.

Let's be rational not emotional.

May be we all hate muslims(as emotional feeling), but if any of us was in their position he/she will react in more violent way. (let's remember Korean reaction to the Bond movie, Thai reactions to the Anna & King movie, Shik general strik in Canada for hemlet law , the list is endless )

After all boycottign is not violent ! it's freedom of
choice :)

Let's live TRULY FREE on this earth .. Free from disrespecting others .. Free from prejudging others .. Free from emotional-biased reaction ..

Friend, let's enjoy the life :)

> As my personal experience with muslims .. they are so much tolerant if you talk and discuss respectfully with them. u can discuss what ever you want as much as you want given that you are "discussing" not "insulting" ..
pasquinade Click here to see all messages by pasquinade Click here to see member profile (Feb 5 2006 - 05:31)Rate Post
The best solution I have read to date suggested that the editor of the Danish paper responsible for all this very predictable Mohammedan outrage travel directly to Saudi Arabia - spiritual center of Mohammedism - and deliver an apology on behalf of Denmark (which has accepted,some might say foolishly,tens of thousands of Moslem immigrants) from any one of the many,many Protestant or Catholic churches there.
And where does it end?
pasquinade Click here to see all messages by pasquinade Click here to see member profile (Feb 5 2006 - 05:40)Rate Post
recall this incident?

Sep 17 2005

"Burger King recalls 'sacrilegious' desserts

"THE fast-food chain, Burger King, is withdrawing its ice-cream cones after the lid of the dessert offended a Muslim.

"The man claimed the design resembled the Arabic inscription for Allah, and branded it sacrilegious, threatening a "jihad".

"The chain is being forced to spend thousands of pounds redesigning the lid with backing from The Muslim Council of Britain. It apologised and said: "The design simply represents a spinning ice-cream cone."

"The offending lid was spotted in a branch in Park Royal last week by business development manager Rashad Akhtar, 27, of High Wycombe.

"He was not satisfied by the decision to withdraw the cones and has called on Muslims to boycott Burger King. He said: "This is my jihad. How can you say it is a spinning swirl? If you spin it one way to the right you are offending Muslims."

"A Muslim Council spokesman said: "We commend the sensitive and prompt action that Burger King has taken."
sabiwabi Click here to see all messages by sabiwabi Click here to see member profile (Feb 5 2006 - 21:43)Rate Post
"To delete whole hunks of history as if they never had happened is performing a very violent act towards society."

No, the truly violent acts are to continually lie and extort money while imprisoning anyone that attempts to debate these lies. Seems you are not very familiar with why Zundel, Rudolf, Irving, and Verbeke have been jailed. If you want to find out, check this out:

Europe does not have freedom of expression!

By the way, who are you talking about when you say "a man that has a goal to kill his neighbours"?
Derukugi Click here to see all messages by Derukugi Click here to see member profile (Feb 6 2006 - 06:35)Rate Post
The Burger swirl "my jihad" was rather funny... at least he did not get physical.

Checkt his out, yesterday in Copenhagen:

(If you don`t read Danish: Two foreign young man attacked a hot dog vendor with baseball bats, smashing his finger to pulp, shouting: "You Danish pig, you are selling unpure meat".
He was selling pork sausages, of course. Very Un-Halal.

Violating the Sharia is getting dangerous in Europe.
adverts Click here to see all messages by adverts Click here to see member profile (Feb 6 2006 - 06:50)Rate Post
"Violating the Sharia is getting dangerous in Europe."

Is this another conspiracy theory from you?
Derukugi Click here to see all messages by Derukugi Click here to see member profile (Feb 6 2006 - 06:56)Rate Post
where is the peace?
catherine Click here to see all messages by catherine Click here to see member profile (Feb 6 2006 - 11:05)Rate Post
Across the road from a Catholic Church in the city where I live is a Muslim Mosque which has a huge sign on it's front facing the street which says (in English) ISLAM IS PEACE. It seems to mock the Catholic Church across the road, as the Mosque is bigger and their sign is very big also.

Well I have to ask where is this peace?, where is the tolerance? Why is there so much desperate and unfair killings by suicide bombers. Why are they killing the innocent and do they really believe God is approving of all their evil doings.

I think the protesters really should get a grip and quite frankly the more they get upset about it the more people are likely to agravate them (I think). Tolerance and forgiveness are two of the most important virtues of a truly good person and it seems, these protesters have little of it so it would seem.
adverts Click here to see all messages by adverts Click here to see member profile (Feb 6 2006 - 11:10)Rate Post
Well, I don't blame you from backing away from your conspiracy theory on the other thread. AW took the reigns for you but ended up looking a fool. Heh.

Anyway, tell me, what evidence do you have to substantiate your claim that "Violating the Sharia is getting dangerous in Europe"?

Or was it just something you read on a right-wing extremists blog you thought would make you sound good on CrX?
Att.: wazuka1
wuah Click here to see all messages by wuah Click here to see member profile (Feb 6 2006 - 13:04)Rate Post
You wrote:

well it was PEACFUL reaction since 5 MONTHS (the drawining were pubslished first time in Sep.) and they never showed respect to 1.3 Billion (means 1/5 of earth's people ).
They never said "sorry" .. five letter !
They refused to pubslih a reply on the same newpaper ! which is a right by law ! (where is freedom here ! )
They refused to understand the other point of view !


Allthough I DO agree with a lot of your points and views, some of the above statements are simply wrong.

The editor from Jyllands Posten DID indeed use several editorials to regret that muslims were insulted by the cartoons.
And muslims were given space in the newspaper in the form of "letters to the editor". In fact Jyllands Posten has never used that much space in the newspaper on reader-responses as they did in the following weeks after the drawings were published.

On another note: The reactions from the tha Arab World was non-existing untill several Imams from Denmark went to the Middle East in January, with the drawings AND some extra "bonus-drawings" which were NEVER published in any danish newspaper, nor in other danish medias. Theese drawings depicted Muhammed raped by a dog, as a peadofile and as a pig. No one (but the imams in question) knows the origin of theese drawings.

I DO.. - I really do agree with the views on mutual respect between societies and religions, and I also find the original drawings in bad taste (allthough they still are only DRAWINGS people!). BUT I, as many others, am stunned over the reaction and why it comes at this point in time.

I mean... - there are beeing produced lots and lots of anti-christian, anti-jewish cartoons in Gaza-newspapers on a weekly basis. No public outcry is seen on that basis.
Some years ago Muhammed was depicted in such a famous TV-cartoon-series as Southpark. He was a main caricature for an entire show... - no public muslim outcry came from that.
Muhammed has been depicted several and more times during the centuries, but only now do we get this strong reaction.... - and why?

I guess it's because Denmark is a small country and easy to "bully". Also from the Arab nations point of view. The regimes can, with their populations, find a common stronghold together, which most of them are in dire need of, as most of them do not have the public backup. So this incident falls right into their turban (so to speak).

I'm not at all impressed with the reactions from the muslim/arab world. In regards to what I pointed out earlier, I find it hypocrytic. And what is worse... - I think the way the reactions have been in the muslim countries as we see theese days, only hurt themselves... The West is starting to come together now because of the overly violent reaction... - so much for a peaceful religion and respect for other peoples faith (in regard to burning the holy cross in the danish and norwegian flags). I see a double standard here...

Finally... - The danish government (and other European governments for that matter), CANNOT apologise for theese drawings. Neither can the queen of Denmark nor the king of Norway. They can regret them on behalf of the many hurt muslims, but they have no power over the media as long as the media is reacting within the boundries of the national laws.
Many people in muslim Middle-East countries have great dificulties understanding this, why this situation is in kind of a bind. I guess one can't blame them, since this is so far from what they experience in their daily life. It seems as if many will not get satisfied until the PM sets a torch to the editor on the town hall square of Copenhagen... Well.. - maybe not, but still....

In our European states we have democracy. And our laws are build thereon. If you have a problem or feel violated, you can either take your violator to court and trie your case there, or use your democratic power (use your congressman) to ge a bill passed. Or you can demonstrate (peacefully). If the majority of the pobulation doesn't agree with you, well... - tough! That's the way of a democracy.

I must however stress, that this does NOT hold ANYONE free from the responseability of thinking themselves and respecting other people and their believes...!

Just my 5 cents.. - well maybe it got to be a quarter...
White Hawk of Bokuto Click here to see all messages by White Hawk of Bokuto Click here to see member profile (Feb 6 2006 - 13:49)Rate Post
The Muslims are only doing what they have a right to do - express their will.

How many embassies have been burned? How many dead so far? That's their right?!?!?

By the way, has anyone noticed how Muslim crowds all over the world seem to have Danish flags handy?
att wuah
Mike Wazowski Click here to see all messages by Mike Wazowski Click here to see member profile (Feb 6 2006 - 13:54)Rate Post
I can only support your description of what has actually been the case in Danish media and Jyllandsposten specifically.

Unfortunately a lot of mis-information is being spread in this case. One is that anything has been censored in Danish media and Jyllandsposten; this is simply not true. A LOT of reactions have been brought, pro-freedom of speach, con-cartoons and indeed against JP bringing same. And yes - they have actually regretted the insult - many times!

A standard debate in this country, where everybody, even idiots as some would call JP, can and do express their point of view. Like always, there was a good debate, even fruitful somebody would say, about where the limits are and if there should be any form of self-censorship in the media.

This debate could bring a lot of enlightenment between our cultures, but it has indeed backfired.

Maybe because JP has gone over board, but if that is the matter it is very curious that there has been NO reaction to the Prophet appearing in South Park, in Tintin, in paintings, in really bad contexts with a swastika on his bloody forehead etc.

Maybe because the drawings - DRAWINGS! - have been taken out of context by Danish Immams, and indeed placed next to very obscene drawaings of the prophet. Quotes from a non-governmental right wing party called Danish People's Party has been brought as governmental quotes, and the party has been claimed to be THE governmental party. In a "one party system context" as most Middle Eastern, it is easy to understand the Peoples Party as the leading party, and you can wonder why this mis-information was brought together with drawings that were never in the media.

It is a sad development, and very tragic to whitness in a country like Denmark, that is in real life very VERY far from the picture a bunch of radical and hypocritic extremists are presently painting.

But again... We are a small country. We can be bullied. We even have a cross in our flag. Who is interested in boycotting boycot USA, England, Japan or France.. That would hurt themselves - therefore it is much easier and convenient to go beserk on a people that can never threaten anybody.

5 people are already dead. Because of drawings? No way - because extremists take this to a level where only they can gain anything by creating a world crisis over a pen and a piece of paper.

We disagree on many things. Fortunately. Why not LEARN from each other and stop all this "you did this bad thing to me" finger pointing all the time? Is it not time for the world to be just a bit civilised? Even if it means that you and I can get insulted?

It's 2006 people. If THIS is enough to tear down embassies and burning each others flags, then it's gonna get really bad when the internet gets truly global. Every stupid man can start a war if the reaction is going beserk and not just shaking your head or telling the idiot that he is wrong.

And let me emphasize that I don't like the drawing with the bomb - Fortunately I am free to say that, and free to stop buying that newspaper.

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